Employee Spotlight: Don Eiling, Sr. Business Development Manager

v soft senior business development manager

Don Eiling is our Sr. Business Development Manager. Don connects clients with quality resources and solutions. One of his main goals is helping the organizations we partner with achieve their business goals.

What is your experience in? What brought you to V-Soft?

I have been in sales since 1990.  I started in the copier/fax industry before the digital/software age. Later in my career at Xerox, Ricoh and FedEx virtually everything we sold has a software component.

What brought me to V-Soft was one summer afternoon in 2014 I was driving down the highway and I got a call from the recruiting manager at the time.  What I thought would be a five-minute conversation turned into 45. I then came in for an interview and met the local Madison leadership, learned more about the company and its direction. I felt it was a place I could not only exceed, but add value to the organization.

What do you consider a fulfilling workday?

Helping clients, which isn’t always easy. I feel once a client or prospective client really hears our story and learns how we can help them achieve their goals (as well as complete strategic projects,) then it becomes a win/win situation. That’s a great feeling.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

My goal is to be with V-Soft and have moved on from an individual contributor to a regionally based sales manager/coach.  I think our growth path certainly sets up for that to be a possibility.

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What is the best thing about V-Soft?

People is the obvious answer.  However, the growth opportunity over the next few years is exciting and you don’t always have a chance to work for a fast-growing company such as V-Soft.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I don’t have any exotic hobbies. My interests range from watching our local Wisconsin sports teams and having an evening out with friends to visiting family. As well as, during down time, binge-watching the latest craze or a really good movie.  I’m trying to plan a vacation outside the U.S., but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  Stay tuned…

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I bought a car over the internet in 1995. I embraced the internet early on as a possible alternative buying channel. Did a lot of researched and got connected to a dealer in Des Moines, IA who had the forethought at the time to create an Internet Manager. I started off negotiating by email and phone, got a trade number for my vehicle sight unseen and settled on a price. The dealer then met me halfway between Madison and Des Moines and we signed the papers on the hood of the car in a hotel parking lot.

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