Want to Build Enterprise Applications With ServiceNow? Here's How

servicenow enterprise apps

Have you been curious about what it takes to become a ServiceNow® Developer and create your own enterprise apps for the ServiceNow platform? It's simpler thank you think.

ServiceNow Developer Platform

 The first stop for all ServiceNow Developers is the Developer Platform. This is where you can sign up to develop apps and upload them to ServiceNow's Marketplace. The Developer Platform allows you:

  • Your own personal ServiceNow Developer instance
  • A technical library full of information about APIs, documentation, and tutorials
  • Online training that matches your skill level and interest
  • Special events, both online and in-person
  • A community for developers

Registration is completely free, and support is provided through the ServiceNow Community. Just keep in mind that you need to stay active or your Developer instance of ServiceNow will be deleted -- 10 days of no activity and you'll have to sign up for a new one!

ServiceNow Application Creation Class

If you're one of the people that prefers to have a more formal, hands-on training, ServiceNow does offer their own Application Creation class. In this three-day workshop you will learn the ins and outs of the ServiceNow Developer Platform and how to create an application. It does require you to be a Certified ServiceNow Administrator before you can apply, however. Learn more about the Application Creation Class here.

ServiceNow User Groups (SNUGs)

Not a fan of classes? Not to worry, there are hundreds of User Groups available around the US (and the world). A ServiceNow User Group is a community of people that use ServiceNow in a specific region of the world. There are groups for most large cities in the US (such as Atlanta or Las Vegas), and several others in many other countries. 

Typically, SNUGs will meet once a month over a meal and discuss trends, new findings, or even issues they may be experiencing with their iterations. It is a large collaboration of many different skill levels.  

Interested in joining a SNUG? Official User Groups can be found at this link here.

servicenow knowledge

ServiceNow's KNOWLEDGE

KNOWLEDGE is ServiceNow's flagship event held in the US every year. It is a conference that boasts over 15,000 attendees for the five-day event and offers over 300 training classes and labs. Along with the conference itself it offers CreatorCon, often referred to as "the Developer Hub". CreatorCon is three days of learning, playing, and even competing against other teams to create the best apps for ServiceNow. 

V-Soft Consulting has attended the conference every year since 2015 and those of our employees that have gone all agree: it gets better every year. You can read about our experience at KNOWLEDGE in 2016 here.

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