Why Do I Need a Mobile App for My Event?

It sounds like you're putting together a great conference or event: You've lined out the food, sponsors, and you’re looking at strong attendance numbers, but something is missing.

Engagement, real time communication, and schedules (that are always changing) are what takes your event from good to great, but it can be costly. An event app can do more than you think and the price can meet most any budget.

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Employee Spotlight: Manoj Iragavarapu, Practice Head – Mobile Solutions

This month we have chosen to highlight Manoj, our practice head for mobile solutions. He is the liaison between onshore business development and offshore execution and makes sure everyone stays on track for all mobile projects. He has an interesting story to tell: read on to learn more.

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5 Common Misconceptions About IT Staffing

IT staffing companies provide their customers and employees with learning experience and connections. However, there are still many myths surrounding IT staffing companies and this could influence job seekers who could potentially want to enter the field. Here are 5 common misconceptions that are associated with IT staffing.

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How to Maximize IT Funding in Today’s Higher Education Environment

One of the most common complaints I hear from CIOs is about the difficulty in obtaining the proper level of funding. It hasn’t helped that there has been continuing pressure to reduce the cost of higher education, making IT’s cut of the pie (at times a shrinking pie) more difficult. In this post, I outline a model for objective and transparent presentation of IT service costs and project proposals to promote a positive funding decision with the institutional governance.

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5 Signs Your Work Environment is Toxic

At first glance you may think to yourself, "I really don’t need 5 signs to know if I work in a toxic environment." The truth is, a lot of environments don’t start out that way. When you came on board everything was great - culture was king and everyone was rowing in the same direction eating the same free snacks. But that was last month.

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What's Better: Mobile Apps or Responsive Websites?

The internet can now be accessed by various devices ranging from smart phones to tablets, and even some refrigerators. This creates new opportunities for companies to market themselves through their website or even a mobile app. So, what types of opportunities are created through responsive websites and mobile apps? More importantly, what's the difference?

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Knowledge16 Highlights

V-Soft was a bronze sponsor at ServiceNow’s Knowledge16 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in May. While we were there we learned quite a lot about the ServiceNow platform and made many great connections during the week. Here are a few things that we wanted to highlight from the experience.

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Employee Spotlight: Jessica Gassler, Marketing Assistant

This month we are highlighting Jessica from the Marketing Department. With a history in both graphic design and marketing, she helps advertise and maintain V-Soft's branding and imaging. Here is what she had to say.

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ServiceNow's Knowledge16:  V-Soft Consulting


To say we're excited about the opportunity to engage with the amazing attendees at ServiceNow's Knowledge Conference (A.K.A. Knowledge16) this year is an understatement. In this article you'll meet our ServiceNow team attending and what you can expect from V-Soft. Oh, yeah -- you could win a stainless steel Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2 just for letting us scan your badge.  

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Twice the Wins: Introducing Eric Kelty and George Ellis, the South’s Higher Ed Team

V-Soft couldn’t be more proud to introduce Eric Kelty and George Ellis, two of our senior consultants. Both of them specialize in higher education. Together they are an unstoppable force in higher education IT. Learn some of the challenges of higher education and how they plan to resolve them today.

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