Building Your Resume

The purpose of a resume is to sell you to an employer. It is important to include all your contact information on your resume so that employers can easily get in touch with you. Include your full name, city, state, and zip, home phone, cell phone, and email address.

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The How To, For an Interview: "Tell me about yourself?"

In every interview that I have ever conducted or been a participant in, the question that always comes up is. Tell me about yourself? Remember an interview is really sales call and how you differentiate yourself sets you apart from everyone else.

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How to Turn Your Good Interview Into a Great Interview!

With each Job interview you are meeting new people who think differently and challenge you to sell yourself and your skills. Proper preparations can help diminish some of the stress involved in job interviews. Let’s discuss how to prepare for the interview.

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Notes to Candidates: How to stand out

Persistence is the key to finding any job. I love it when a candidate constantly follows up with me. It shows perseverance, and it shows that someone truly wants that job. This is what separates a good candidate from a great candidate. A great candidate knows that they need to take any edge they have to outdo the competition and little things like following up and writing thank you notes can make a world of difference.

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The V-Soft Tech Exec Forum: Think Twice Before Diving into That Mobile App Project

I recently had the pleasure of hosting our Tech Exec Forum at the Hyatt Regency in Louisville, KY. This first in a series of Tech Exec Forum’s provided an excellent setting for sharing cutting-edge industry news and tips, and it also gave us an opportunity to introduce our refreshed branding, the “new” V-Soft:

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Big Data, What is it?

This article attempts to define “Big Data” and provide an understanding of what it is, why do we have it, and where does it come from. My next article will describe in more detail why “Big Data” does not lend itself to be analyzed in a relational database.

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What the Heck is Team Foundation Server? (TFS)

As an industry, Information Technology has helped other areas of the business become more reliable, efficient and targeted. Yet in many respects we have neglected to do this for the software development organization. Other parts of the business, such as marketing, have had the ability to measure the success and failure of their efforts for some time and it’s high time that we were able to do this for software development.

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What the Heck is SOA?

After several years, the IT industry is still buzzing with SOA (Service-Oriented Architectures). With the adoption of “The Cloud”, SOA is being positioned as the way to implement your applications into The Cloud. As with all technological fashions SOA promises to deliver better, faster, and cheaper IT support than was previously possible. All of the hype has resulted in a great deal of confusion around what SOA is, and what it isn’t. Is it a generation of middleware based on web services and the WS-* (Web service) family of standards? Is it a new generation of process modeling tools based on BPEL(Business Process Execution Language)? Is it something to do with enterprise architecture? Or is it another over hyped technology?

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What on Earth is Windows Azure?

This post attempts to explain the Windows Azure platform to someone who would like to have a quick overview with a little detail to whet their appetite for the platform.

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