ServiceNow Knowledge15 Highlights

When it was announced that we were going to send a team to Las Vegas for the ServiceNow Knowledge15 conference we all jumped at the opportunity. Not only was everyone excited to go to Las Vegas, but we were also eager to experience all that is ServiceNow.

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In the Interview: Tips & Advice

The job interview is the time you need to be on your game. Be prepared and follow these tips from the pros to ensure you have the best chance of winning the job. In a previous blog posting “What to do Before the Big Interview” we highlighted pre-interview preparation ideas and suggestions:

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Service-Oriented Architecture: What is It, and What Can It Do For Me?


Software developers have always struggled with the problem of creating software that is easy to maintain, extend, and integrate with other systems. But what if there was a way to seamlessly piece them together without gratuitous amounts of code? SOAs are the answer.

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What to Do Before the Big Interview

Congratulations, you've worked hard on your resume, applied to several job postings, and finally got the interview you deserve! What now? Follow these interview preparation tips and they'll help you land the perfect job that'll turn into a career.

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Does Your Website Fit Your Needs? The V-Soft Solution.

A company’s website should reflect their personal branding and contain messaging targeted toward their intended audiences. Getting this just right can be a daunting task. With more and more people accessing the internet, it is important to ensure your business has a well-kept website that truly mirrors the message you are wanting consumers to receive. To avoid mishaps or loose-ends, many companies outsource their website design and development to ensure that a professional and capable partner can meet all their requirements. When architecting and building a web presence, the overall success and professionalism is a direct function of the capabilities and experience of your technology partner. At the other end of the spectrum, having a poorly made website can damage a company’s credibility and confuse prospects and customers. It is important to trust and have a sufficient understanding of your technology partner for this reason.

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Getting the Interview:  What Does it Take to Impress a Recruiter?

How to write a good resume

Being on the job hunt can be stressful. You have to get a new suit (or dry clean your existing one), conjure up a resume, and pitch your abilities out to potentially hundreds of judging eyes. The worst part? You aren’t the only one trying to compete for the same person’s attention. This is why your resume really has to shine, as otherwise they’ll just be glossed over. How do you make sure you stand out in the crowd?

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Yes, you can have user friendly mobile apps... and we can help!

Look around you right now. Count the number of people with their heads buried in their electronic devices. Do you wonder what they are viewing? Would you like them to be browsing your site?

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A New Solution Brings New Heights – Remote Workforce Part II

There is a common stigma associated with remote jobs. It is perceived that they are easier and have a smaller workload. This isn’t necessarily the case. Working from home isn’t exactly the picnic it sounds like – reclining in your pajamas with a laptop sprawled across your lap, a Big Gulp in one hand, bag of Doritos in the other, streaming YouTube videos on a separate window (though your boss would never know as long as everything is done on time) -- but it does afford some distinct advantages.

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Open Source Projects: Don’t Miss Out

In the past, we’ve noted that open source projects are a great way to spice up your resume.

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A New Solution Brings New Heights- Remote Workforce Part I: Clients

A remote workforce provides a host of relevant benefits and can significantly increase productivity while decreasing overhead costs of nearly any vertical. While it has many names – “work from home,” telecommuting, virtual or e- workers, and mobile professional – the ultimate definition is the same. A remote worker is one that doesn’t report to a brick and mortar location. Remote workers generally stay connected via the Internet and access software, the latter which will vary by occupation.

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