Strategy Failures No More: The TTTA Approach

Many companies have become confused into the ideas that motivational slogans and wishful thinking are the same thing as a strategy. Because of this, we don’t get the intended results. Instead, we get a bunch of wishy-washy attempts at making the company “win” in ways it was never designed to complete. In my many years of experience, I have yet to find a set of principles for a company’s leadership strategy that are as successful as what I am about to share. Are you ready for it?

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How to Win at ServiceNow's Knowledge16

To say Knowledge16 is the event of the century might be an overstatement, but we still think it's pretty amazing. The service transformation is in full swing. Even as we reach 10 years into the Knowledge conferences, building everything as a service continues to be ServiceNow's mantra.  We've compiled this go-to list in hopes that it helps you find your way around Knowledge16, even if you just want to participate from your office.

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Welcome V-Soft’s New Executive VP of Sales, Nick Reddin

V-Soft has been growing exponentially over the past few years, and even more so since the start of 2016. We’ve been able to share many exciting announcements such as our merger with Safe Bridge Solutions, the addition of several new regional assets, and our expansion of offerings. We are proud to announce another addition to our V-Soft Family: our new Executive VP of Sales, Nick Reddin.

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10 of the Best FREE Mobile Apps for Your Business

Free is always nice, right? Especially when it comes to helping your business thrive. There are a lot of apps available on the market these days, but not often do people highlight only those that don’t cost a penny (unless you choose to upgrade). From project management tools to one-touch dialing into conference calls and everwhere in between, here is our top 10 list of free mobile apps for your business.

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Top 10 IT Staffing Challenges

Although the recession ended over five years ago, many companies report that they're still feeling as if they are caught inside of a recession of their own. Learn about the top 10 challenges that IT hiring managers are still facing in this post.

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5 Complaints About EPIC Systems


For a company that is notorious for its lack of media interaction, Epic Systems often finds itself in headlines, for better or for worse. Learn more about some of those "Epic" pitfalls in this post.

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Introducing Los Angeles IT Solutions Specialist, Steve Wright

V-Soft Consulting continues to answer the demand of Enterprise seeking a technology company that brings innovative solutions by rapidly growing in every area of the country. Senior Business Performance Specialist, Steve Wright, is ready to help you solve your IT challenges in the Los Angeles and the southern California region. Learn about Steve’s specialties and how V-Soft is able to help you solve your challenges in this blog post.

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BYOD in the Workplace: The Difference Between MDM and MAM

The option to bring your own personal device to work is very convenient. You have access to your own comforts, don’t have to learn a new system, and you are able to choose what it is that you want to utilize. However, your company will still need to protect sensitive data. Here are a few examples of ways a company is able to allow their employees to use their own devices while still maintaining high levels of security.

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Fusion 2016 in Madison Wisconsin

We were doing a little office cleaning recently and came across the brochures for the last few Fusion conferences in the bookcase. This made us quickly check our calendar to see that Fusion 2016 is right around the corner. With it being so close, we wanted to share some past insights and resources for this year's Fusion 2016 Symposium.

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Employee Spotlight - Lisa Hintz, HR Manager

Lisa Hintz is V-Soft’s HR Manager (direct), based in our Madison, Wisconsin office. This month we chose to highlight her, asking her to share what it is that brought her to V-Soft as well as learning more about her. One thing that we see that she excels in: She takes her job seriously!

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