What the Heck is SOA?

After several years, the IT industry is still buzzing with SOA (Service-Oriented Architectures). With the adoption of “The Cloud”, SOA is being positioned as the way to implement your applications into The Cloud. As with all technological fashions SOA promises to deliver better, faster, and cheaper IT support than was previously possible. All of the hype has resulted in a great deal of confusion around what SOA is, and what it isn’t. Is it a generation of middleware based on web services and the WS-* (Web service) family of standards? Is it a new generation of process modeling tools based on BPEL(Business Process Execution Language)? Is it something to do with enterprise architecture? Or is it another over hyped technology?

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What on Earth is Windows Azure?

This post attempts to explain the Windows Azure platform to someone who would like to have a quick overview with a little detail to whet their appetite for the platform.

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