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How Businesses Benefit From the Dell Boomi Platform

Dell Boomi

Digital disruption is a must for businesses of any scale. But the biggest roadblock to businesses in this process is lack of solutions to connect and integrate previously separated business systems smoothly, while ensuring better data management. Dell Boomi fosters businesses efforts with robust integration and connectivity solutions. 

What is the Dell Boomi Platform?

Businesses of all sizes are turning to Dell Boomi to completely transform their operations by connecting and utilizing data sources to run a more efficient business. 

Dell Boomi provides a comprehensive solution to move, manage, govern and orchestrate data across applications, on-premise or in the cloud. As a unified, cloud-native platform as a service, Boomi accelerates your ability to integrate every part of your connected business."


What Problems Does Dell Boomi Solve?

Among many business issues that Dell Boomi solves, here are some key issues that are most common:

Completing Total Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation isn't a choice anymore. In this organizational journey,  if not handled, legacy systems can harm your business and can evolve as the biggest roadblocks to the modernization process. The difficulty is understanding and establishing interconnectivity of data pertaining to discrete business applications and systems. Though business teams have been working hard, this process isn’t just  a laborious, time-consuming and costly affair, it  can demotivate your digital transformation team. 

Storing and Utilizing Data 

In the age of information, personalized devices (voice assistants and wearable tech) have increased the rush of information. Though this sounds great for businesses in the era experience-as-a-service economies, businesses aren’t fully equipped enough with robust infrastructure to handle and extract wide-varieties of data torrents. Thereby allowing data to build up in databases or silos passively. In addition to this, another problem is the lack of proper integration mechanisms to smoothly integrate these systems with the business systems, while ensuring secured flow of information without any discrepancies in the service/data delivery flows. Here comes the need for Application Programming Interface (API). 

Maintaining New Infrastructure

Use of on-premise tools demand additional infrastructure to host, license and maintain. As well as adding more cost. Also, it mandates businesses to upgrade the systems regularly.

How Dell Boomi Solves Business Challenges

To solve the above issues, the Dell Boomi platform provides a multi-purpose integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) cloud application platform. This IPaaS cloud platform delivers applications to users over the internet as services.  

Overview of Dell Boomi IPaaS Platform

Figure: Overview of Dell Boomi Platform

The Dell Boomi platform provides a unified view of data management with its robust automation solutions. This way it enables businesses to transparently view the entire data movement between the various organizational systems and applications without having to worry about the overhead from external applications or extra coding efforts.

This platform enables businesses to quantify and categorize the data and databases to enable the business teams to build and explore new and associated business applications and service areas. This also permits the diverse business systems to communicate with the data in the databases in a more secured and strategic way. This approach is what makes Dell Boomi a robust platform to handle legacy system data, which in turn opens up opportunities to explore new innovations and additional income streams. The enhanced data transparency facilitates better business decisions. This increased visibility into data have  created a significant rise in work efficiency and thereby reducing time-to-market.

Dell Boomi’s integration strength comes with its full-bodied API life cycle. This API toolkit enables the businesses to create, publish and manage their APIs transparently and effectively. The beauty of this integrated solution is that it doesn’t treat the integration process as a mere application, rather it is thought as an integration strategy and overall as a lone platform- permitting all sorts of various applications like IoT, cloud, endpoints, wearables, mobile devices and so on.

A strong API strategy (avoids writing of custom codes and third-party programs) is another reason that enables businesses to modernize legacy systems, so that legacy applications can either share or access the data of any business systems with greater ease without having to necessarily replace entire legacy systems. Here, to ensure safe, secure and robust integration, Dell Boomi offers a new-age connectivity and integration solutions. This way, Dell Boomi has been a successful enabler of the enterprise digital transformation journey.

If you are intending to learn more about Dell Boomi, feel free to connect with Dell Boomi experts...                                                                                                          Software App Development Consulting


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