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how to get promoted

The day you start a new job you should begin planning for you next job. Today employees must create and manage their own career paths, as promotions are not given. The impact of technology and globalization have changed the paradigm of progressing along specific career paths. Keep in mind that a promotion is not always an upward path—in today’s business environment, you may find yourself making a lateral move to position yourself for a move to the top.

We all know that just showing up to work isn’t enough to push career advancement. To become successful you must show and prove.  The average successful person earned their position by proving their assets to the team. Gain the respect, attention and standing out in the crowd by impressing your boss. Step outside of the box.

Establish Mentoring Relationships

Mentors can be excellent sources for career guidance. Studies have found that 80 percent of promotions were advocated by those who had a mentoring relationship with someone higher up in the company-- their credibility allows incredible words to be put in about your candidacy. Although some companies are equipped with formal mentoring programs, there are plenty of ways to develop valuable relationships.

Support Your Co-Workers

In some industries getting ahead at work may seem impossible, especially with a large team.  You may feel like you have to knock someone else down just to get up in your job, but being an advocate to others can get you just as far. Helping others and being a team player is a key characteristic that not only employers look for in their employees, but also a characteristic that impresses bosses. It is a trait that almost every good boss cares about: demonstrating that you care about lifting the team higher, not just yourself.

Affirm Self-Promotion

If no one knows how great you are you won’t get ahead. So, practice self-promotion! When you’re at a job, sell yourself the same way that you would on a resume or during an interview – let it been known that you’re aiming for a promotion. Keep record of your performance to review and have on hand to reference yourself and your credibility. Make sure people know of your accomplishments in the work place, especially the ones in charge of promoting.

People don't get promoted doing their jobs really well. They get promoted by demonstrating their potential to do more.”

  -Tara Jaye Frank


Establish a Relationship with your Boss

Thinking of your boss as a Gatekeeper may be beneficial to accomplishing your ultimate goal—s/he may hold the key to keep you stagnant or to start your engine and send you off to your next position. Utilize your resources and professional environment to pursue counsel and establish longevity within the company. Discuss potential roadblocks to a promotion and brainstorm ways that you can overcome them. The goal is to have your boss become your main supporter on the road to your promotion – with their support your promotion can be more attainable.

Appreciate Feedback

We all like to think we have the answers, but there always comes a time when we don’t.  Take projects, for example; you work really hard on a project but you’re not seeing the results that you were hoping for. Taking constructive feedback can improve the outcome of your project, but it also shows that you can take advice without leaving open wounds. Being able to appreciate feedback without a chip on your shoulder is critical. Being able to do so is a major part of getting ahead.

Expand Your Knowledge and Skills

Expanding your knowledge and skill sets are always a plus in any industry promotion.  As society and technology are ever changing, it’s almost an unwritten rule to continue educating yourself to perform beyond expectations and to remain marketable.  Stay in the loop of trends and events in and outside of your market and remain up-to-date with industry news. If you do not grow, neither can your career.

Take On More Responsibility

There’s always plenty to do – volunteering in your downtime to help out other departments or teams expands your value within the company. It demonstrates that you’re willing to do more than what is asked, spotlights your leadership qualities, and your desire to assist in reaching company goals.

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