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Strategy Failures No More: The TTTA Approach

Many companies have become confused into the ideas that motivational slogans and wishful thinking are the same thing as a strategy. Because of this, we don’t get the intended results. Instead, we get a bunch of wishy-washy attempts at making the company “win” in ways it was never designed to complete. In my many years of experience, I have yet to find a set of principles for a company’s leadership strategy that are as successful as what I am about to share. Are you ready for it?

That process is called the TTTA approach. Now, what’s so great about a company that is dedicated to using the TTTA principles for its primary leadership strategy? Well, everything, of course!

What Does TTTA Stand For?

TTTA is a process, a strategy, and a formula for success. Simply put, the four letters of the “three-Ts-and-an-A” approach are:

  • Teamwork
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

Answer me honestly: how many times have you seen one or more of these terms used in a company’s brochure? A few, right? One or two of these words are typically peppered in their documents when explaining their leadership strategy to clients and employees. But be sure to note this: rarely do you see all of them listed together.

I am very fortunate to say that the TTTA approach is V-Soft’s Leadership Strategy. We have learned through this approach that all of these offerings must be working in harmony before you can provide the customer service that your customers expect. Here are some examples.


How to Build Trust

While working with my clients, I have found that building and earning their Trust is probably the most important piece of this approach, but it can also be the most difficult. Even one faux pas can take down years of work to attaining that perfect client. So how do you ensure that you can gain the needed trust in order to get that contract, that sale, or that vendor?

  • Be consistent. If you say you are going to do something, make sure you follow up on it.
  • Keep an open mind. Be open to the idea that your prospect might be better served elsewhere. In turn, customers will sense that you've got their best interests at heart.
  • Be professional. This one is important! Always remain professional when interacting with your prospect.
  • Be truthful. Never promise what you can’t deliver, and be sure to always keep your word—no matter what.

Transparency in the Workplace

Is it difficult for the leadership to share their "vision" of the goals needed for success? There may be a lack of transparency. Without Transparency, Trust is difficult to attain and maintain.

You need to be honest and never sugar coat the truth, no matter how painful it may be. If you have bad news, be sure to treat everyone like adults. If you have good news, praise appropriately. If there is ever a change in the organization, such as a big move or an organizational realignment, let your employees and clients know as soon as possible. There are multiple ways to keep everyone informed, ranging from newsletters, to blog posts, and even forums. Choose whichever works best for you, and most importantly, stick to it.

"Transparency is not the same as looking straight through a building: It's not just a physical idea; it's also an intellectual one." --Helmut Jahn

Holding Your Team Accountable

Do you keep hearing this overused phrase: "Sorry, but it is what it is"? Are we dreaming up elaborate excuses for not being able to produce what is needed and expected? That means that your team may have a lack of accountability.

If Accountability is weak, both Teamwork and Trust will suffer. Unfortunately, this can also be a sticky subject. Many people associate accountability with punishment. This isn’t always the case. It can be something as simple as reiterating deadlines (“I look forward to seeing your finalized report by next Tuesday.”). If you have a team member that doesn’t seem to be taking the accountability seriously, there are ways to check up on them without sounding like a drill sergeant. If deadlines are rapidly approaching and you haven’t heard anything from them, consider either sitting down with them or sending them an email asking them if they need help. Still not working? There are several other suggestions that can help.


The Importance of Teamwork

Of course, as long as you follow the other three principles, Teamwork will follow naturally. Having an environment that encourages teamwork is beneficial in so many ways. It will help you to blend complementary strengths, teaches everyone important conflict resolution skills, and helps you support the rest of your organization. It helps your industry not only in the short term, but well into the future as well.

We all hope for the best in our business, and some of us are already living some of these key principal strategies. However, these 4 principles rely heavily on each other to work properly. If one or two principles is weak or missing, it may be indicative of a problem with following the leadership provided. Pay close attention to these above mentioned points and you will be on your way with winning clients using the TTTA process.

(To know ways automation solutions can help you to decode the ways to ensure a better workplace environment, click here)


 About the Author

Eric_Kelty__222-526691-edited.jpgEric Kelty is V-Soft’s Higher Education Engagement Manager and Business Development Manager based out of Sarasota, FL. With more than 14 years of experience in technical recruiting, having previously owned his own successful construction company, and having worked for the University of Florida for a number of years, Eric knows what it’s like from both sides of the business. When he is not at work, he attends HEUG meetups and enjoys spending time with his family. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn today.

Topics: Staffing, Consultants, Higher Education and IT, IT Staffing, Higher Education, Trust, Accountability, Teamwork, Transparency, Florida

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