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What is Blue Prism Decipher IDP?

What is Blue Prism Decipher IDP

The Blue Prism Decipher IDP, also known as Decipher Intelligent Document Processing, focuses on automating the extraction and processing of data from various types of documents, such as invoices, forms, contracts, and emails.

This technology utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to understand and interpret the content of documents. It can recognize key data fields, extract relevant information, and feed it into downstream systems or processes within an organization.

Decipher IDP provides existing customers easy access to document processing so they can automate more processes.

How Decipher IDP works?

Top Benefits of Decipher IDP

  • Increased data accuracy – Customize form templates to validate, format and organize the data entering your systems.
  • Robust validation– Add confidence thresholds for data fields, and if those thresholds aren’t met, involve a human-in-the loop for validation.
  • Reduce manual intervention– Over time, the validation engine will learn from the human-in-the-loop, so fewer referrals are made.
  • Seamless Processing- Process a broad range of structured and semi-structured documents, including invoices, passports and driving licenses.
  • Easy to use – The intuitive UI was built with business users in mind, so no complex coding is required.
  • Ease of integration – Decipher IDP ensures seamless integration with other platforms, so setup takes hours rather than days.

Configure Decipher IDP

Ensure you have installed the prerequisites before installing Blue Prism Decipher IDP.

  1. Configure SQL Permissions for Decipher IDP.01

  2. Configure Windows Authentication for Decipher IDP.02

  3. Configure Connection Parameters for Decipher IDP.03

  4. Activate sites and check services for Decipher IDP.04

  5. Log into Decipher IDP and Create Shortcut05

Fuel Your Automations Through Intelligent Document Processing-IDP!

  • Data fuels your automations

    The path to digital transformation can be full of obstacles that require the right tools to overcome . Automation plays a crucial role in digital transformation, revolutionizing how we work and deliver value to customers. However, the scope of your automation can be severely limited if your data is locked within piles of documents, both physical and digital.

    For example, without a way to process the data in your invoices quickly and accurately, you’ll be forced to partially automate that process. Your employees will continue to manually perform a repetitive task that’s slow and prone to errors. A reality no one desires, least of all your people.

  • Unlock limitless automation opportunities by intelligently extracting and validating data from documents

    Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions are difficult to integrate and complex to use. However, some organizations persist with these solutions. It creates bottlenecks for development teams that support the business with the initial setup and ongoing maintenance. Decipher IDP provides easy access to a fast and accurate document processing solution, with native integration to the Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) for simple setup.

  • Process documents with ease and maintain data quality.

    A Decipher IDP efficiently processes structured, unstructured, and semi-structured documents such as invoices, purchase orders and application forms, eliminating the need for other IDP solutions. IDP Solution uses optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning (ML) to classify document types and then extract, format, and organize the data, making it ready for validation, and improving the overall processing speeds.

    Customizable form templates allow you to specify fields that require additional validation, so only the most accurate data is entered into your system. For example, ensuring the invoice total is the sum of each line item. If Decipher IDP is unable to validate these data points according to the thresholds you’ve outlined, you can add a person to the process for maximum diligence. Over time, Decipher IDP’s validation engine learns based on the person’s input, so fewer referrals are made, and your employees can remain focused on the tasks that matter most.

Product Specialization

The following minimum setup is required to run Decipher IDP on a standalone deployment.

  • Administrator access to the devices installed on SS&C Blue Prism’s IAP.
  • CPU: Intel i7 3rd generation or above.
  • RAM: 6 GB (1 GB for the application server at a load of 10,000 pages per day, plus 3 GB for SQL Server, plus 2 GB for Windows).
  • Hard drive space for image storage. The average file size is 1 MB per page and 1 TB per 1 million pages.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Plugin

The NLP plugin is an optional Decipher IDP component and has the following minimum requirements:
  • A graphics card with an Nvidia Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on it — is installed on the same machine as the Decipher automated client.
  • 8 GB of RAM per GPU.
  • The version of the GPU driver must be 418.0 or later.

 Operating System

  • Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 or later.

Supported Browsers

Decipher IDP requires Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to be set as the default browser. Decipher IDP does not currently support any other browsers.

 SS&C Blue Prism Version

  • BluePrism6.7.0_x64.msi or BluePrism6.7.0_x86.msi or later.


Decipher IDP enables the validation and extraction of data from both structured and semi-structured documents, including invoices and purchase orders. This ensures intelligent enterprise automation and improved productivity. Contact us to learn more about Blue Prism Decipher IDP and how V-Soft Consulting helps organizations enhance operational efficiency by automating tasks.



Siva Mutukuri, a seasoned professional with over 7 years of experience as a Blue Prism developer. With a robust foundation in Blue Prism, he holds an array of certifications, including AD01, Implementation Specialist, and Application Developer. Beyond Blue Prism, Siva's skill set extends to UiPath and SQL, reflecting his attention to detail and innovative solutions, which have consistently driven successful outcomes.

Topics: AI, RPA Implementation

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