Why is Having an RCDD So Important for Your Business?


Cabling distribution systems are complicated and require knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully install large cabling distribution systems. This is where Registered Communication Distribution Designers step in. Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) specialize in the design, integration, and implementation of ICT, related designs and designing cabling systems for new buildings or changes to existing infrastructure. But why is having an RCDD so important? We have your answer! 

RCDDs are known for their prestigious perceptive knowledge and skillset. By the time RCDDs are well into their first certification year, they are an essential part of every stage of the building project- from start to finish. Their certification guarantees that your systematic cabling design will be completed by the best in the industry.

From Project Start to Finish

  • The beginning. The RCDD makes a secure and precise cabling design for a large building and evaluates how the cabling system will hold up over time, eliminating the need for costly changes in the future.
  • The middle. Using their project management skills, the RCDD oversees the project to be sure their design is installed with safety and precision.
  • The end. Once the project is complete, the RCDD will sign off for recognition that the design and installation were done correctly. This is the key!

RCDDs are meticulously trained to follow industry standards and best practices, which puts them in high demand for indispensable cabling projects around the globe. The RCDD label is recognized industry-wide signifying superior cabling design expertise. Professional RCDDs are held by electrical engineers, architects, interior designers, telecommunications consultants, data network designers, and several other industry specialists.

What You Should Know About RCDDs

  • RCDDs help provides scalable, flexible, impending transport systems.
  • RCDDs continue their education program to accommodate new and emerging technologies.
  • RCDDs have access to networks that with private information from ITS professionals, global resources, and subject matter experts (SMEs).
  • RCDDs adjust to building disciplines (i.e., mechanical and electrical) to determine the present and future needs of appropriate telecommunications specialties and services.
  • RCDDs are categorized separately from the competition because of their globally-recognized credential.

Trust the proven knowledge of an RCDD. Becoming RCDD certified is not a one-and-done deal. Technology is ever-changing and keeping up with the innovation of the industry is crucial. All RCDDs continue their education throughout their career to keep up with new emerging cabling technology.

These credentials provide your business with an avenue to get a leg up on the competition. Regardless of the business type, having an RCDD on your staff offers you professional advantages. Cabling systems are complex and it’s becoming more common for larger, private and government jobs to require someone with an RCDD designation as part of the bidding criteria before being accepted. RCDDs are independently tested, proving their absolute knowledge of codes, standards and best practices in the ICT industry. They have the knowledge of both design and project management – so you get a two-for-one savvy employee. Uncertified designers usually do not possess this expertise.  Hire smarter with an RCDD! 

Seeking information on how you can become a Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD), click here!  

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