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10 Ways ServiceNow ITSM Improves Business Service Delivery Efficiency

Businesses with legacy IT Service Management systems are wasting close to 12 percent of IT staff time, according to a ServiceNow survey. Businesses have been spending their resources on innovating their service delivery. To assist businesses in successfully adopting digital transformation and to innovate service delivery, the ServiceNow platform comes with fully automated and intelligent IT service management (ITSM) solutions. Here are the 10 ways ServiceNow ITSM solutions can benefit your businesses.

1. Streamlined Service Delivery

ServiceNow research discloses that businesses with legacy ITSM systems are wasting about 12 percent of staff time with redundant tasks like writing back and forth emails. Thereby leading to bad user experiences. The ServiceNow ITSM includes AI-powered dashboard integrated tools like chatbots and voice assistants which streamlines the communication process in the service request processing. With these features, users can text or talk to a bot to place their request.

"Increased uptime driven by the elimination of service outages, saving $3 million over three years through reduced P1 incident impact and management effort.”


These applications can include various chat interfaces that are peripheral to the ITSM platform. These ServiceNow applications interact with the back-end business systems to get the job done. The intelligent dashboard itself understands, categorizes, assigns, and follows up with the service request until it gets resolved. Users don’t have to check the portal to track request updates. The modern ITSM platform prompts users if there is any progress.

The intelligent ITSM dashboard offers actionable insights and intuitive experiences for users by making it easier for users to pursue their requests. The ServiceNow ITSM platform’s strong analytics abilities help users to track performance effortlessly, get real-time insights to understand evolving trends, and get suggestions on prospects for continual improvement. This way ITSM saves time, streamlines workflows, and improves the communication process for service management.

2. Hassle-Free Incident Management

ServiceNow Incident Management streamlines the process of restoring services following any unplanned outage or disruption. This allows IT to capture an incident through a self-service portal and prioritize chat, email, phone, and incoming events based on agreed service level targets. Incidents can be automatically routed to the appropriate resolution group.

3. Informed Decisions with Organized Data Strategy

Data is key to business strategies, but it is estimated that most of the companies fail to utilize their data to extract useful information from huge data chunks. This is due to a lack of structured mechanisms to store and organized data. The ServiceNow platform can be integrated with enterprise systems to measure data proximity and integrate all data sources to ensure data agility and receptiveness. This ability combined with voice assistants study the user’s interactions and develop a behavioral map of users which in turn can be used to cater content to the user’s needs.

4. Optimized Workflows

Often tracking work status requires managers to consistently check portals and communicate with teams everyday, instead of focusing on more strategic tasks. In this case, to avoid wasting time with continuous follow-ups, voice assistants- just with a command- can alert team members about the status of an issue on a regular basis until the issues are resolved. Other than instructing the voice assistant to create the ticket, managers don’t have to bother with assigning or routing tasks (Like categorizing, prioritizing and assigning). Voice assistants are optimizing workflows, keeping users free from managing complex workflows involved in the service management process.

5. Reduced Coding Costs and Time

ITSM enables your organization to modernize service delivery on a robust enterprise cloud.  ServiceNow ITSM provides a powerful platform for ITIL processes. This can reduce costs, improve your business’s agility, lower risks, and boost IT innovation. Here are a few ITSM features that reduce coding costs and time:

  • Enterprise-grade cloud and security
  • Codeless configuration
  • A single system of record
  • Inherent mobile apps
  • Guided setup
  • Real-time dashboards and benchmarks

6. Improved Connectivity Through Mobile and Chatbot Integration

Most enterprises understand that their business must be mobile friendly to compete in today’s market. Mobile app integration can help enterprises deliver services on the fly. Internally, in the case of employee portals, employees who use a mobile portal require some knowledge of the portal structure to get to the information they need. To make navigating these portals easier, chatbots (text or voice) have the capability to handle any number of requests and respond back to them with the correct information. Integrating a mobile app and a chatbot can help businesses improve service delivery effectiveness.

7. Painless Project Management

Project managers often lose most of their valued time in task assignments and checking task status by monitoring portals or writing emails. Instead, AI-powered PPM tools and dashboards are capable of reading through user requests, categorizing, and assigning tasks to the respective person. The interactive dashboards provide deeper insights into the status of work as well as each team member’s progress.

Getting a mobile and enterprise chatbot application integrated with the ITSM platform further assists managers in getting project development analytics reports. This reduces the manager’s time in traversing through the huge list of catalogs in a portal. This way, the modern ITSM application process improves the decision-making process, reduces project management costs, and increases time to market (TTM).

8. Simplified Change and Release Management

Change and Release management can reduce the costs and risks of ongoing changes with capabilities (for example, an intuitive change calendar, dynamic risk and impact calculation, and change collision detection.) With the ServiceNow Change Advisory (CAB) Board, CAB meetings are simplified and able to change managers easily.

9. Enhanced Knowledge Management Solutions

The ServiceNow knowledge management module enables businesses to easily upload and manage articles that provide answers and can speed up the resolution process. Anyone looking for information doesn’t have to wait for officials to offer guidance in resolutions. All complex information can be made available with a simple search. This empowers the business to stay transparent to employees and improve trust.

10. Robust Security and Risk Handling

Backed by AI capabilities, voice assistants can bring you a lot of analytics data on services and delivery efficiency patterns. These analytics drive businesses to improve services and processes. Predictive intelligence and machine learning capabilities integrated with a voice assistant platform can observe trends and make recommendations proactively to the managers or team members. Examples include fixing issues that are hindering business processes, enhancing efficiency, or predicting service or process-related issues. Because the workforce will be notified before an incident happens, they will be prepared to handle the issue effectively. This feature is especially useful for predicting security issues.

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