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5 Reasons an AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP) is Fundamental to Your Cloud Migration Process


Amazon Web Services has remained at the top of the cloud industry for years, knocking out both Google and Azure. As the adoption of AWS continues to rise, companies around the world are redefining their path to success. The needs for faster and more agile solution development combined with the abundant growth of technology solutions accessible from AWS and AWS Managed Services Provider Partners, brings many questions for companies wanting to elevate their business. Where do you begin? How do you stay competitive? Here’s how AWP MSP Partners are a vital component to putting your company in the right position to take advantage of the AWS Cloud.

Don't be Intimidated by Business Transformation

Adopting a cloud-focused strategy requires changing the dynamic of your company’s culture and IT approach. It may seem worrisome at first, with concerns about how specifics roles and departments will be impacted by the new processes, but AWS MSP’s are very careful with making the integration seamless.

AWS MSP Partners have their testimonies of cloud transformation journeys, and each has the insight of their experience, skills, and solutions. AWS MSP’s elevate enterprises by driving key outcomes with problem resolution and initiative support to migrate from current systems to AWS and progress workloads through every stage of the cloud implementation journey.

Cloud Adoption:  Plan & Design > Build & Migrate > Run & Operate > Optimize

AWS MSP’s can provide cloud adoption roadmaps on design services and additional resources to boost confidence and become clear on expectations. One of the biggest benefits MSPs can offer is the assistance with navigating and implementing the fundamental changes while educating your organization and employees about the values of the cloud. Your trusted partner is there to support you with resources and techniques to utilize from start to finish.

Keep the Same MSP from Start to Finish

Sticking with the same provider through your entire migration process is a big deal. All AWS MSP Partners are highly skilled at providing full life-cycle solutions to all customers. With deep expertise on AWS, APN Consulting Partners are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your business objectives. They will establish a deep understanding of your environment and needs and proactively revamp your AWS workload. Having these capabilities enables enterprise customers to focus their efforts and dive deep with one provider, rather than having to engage multiple providers at different steps of the journey.

AWS MSPs Adapt as Your Challenges Grow

Maximum security and compliance for assignments and applications on AWS is the most critical step for many customers, specifically customers in Healthcare, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Government and other industries alike. These high monitored industries have their own security protocols and policies that grow over time. Security automation and implementation practices are a key component of next-generation MSP practices. Many AWS Managed Services Providers build practices tailored to customer needs based on their industries. These MSPs build their practices, assembling platforms that fit with AWS security best practices.

Interested in recommendations and best practices to build a robust cyber security approach for your company? Click here!

Smart Investment for Embracing Automation

The world has gone digital and completely embraced technology in all facets. Companies that ride the wave instead of going against the grain can respond to customer requests and quickly anticipate their needs- gaining a competitive edge. A key factor in the success of your business is the ability to concisely develop, test and deploy new services and features to users.

There are many benefits to reap from embracing automation including saving your staff time and effort. But there are numerous advantages beyond employee time management. Here are a few things your company should consider when exploring the plus sides of automation:

  • Reduced personal hours
  • Reduced error
  • Operation stability
  • Customer consistency
  • Reduced costs and overhead

Transform Your Business While Saving Costs

AWS MSP Partners do so much more than keeping your services running. They consistently monitor usage, performance, and patterns to spot opportunities to save you money, increase performance, and take advantage of new software and services as they are released.

An AWS Managed Services Provider uses cost management tools to determine which areas your company can potentially save money by utilizing Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs), or even analyzing which test and development instances you may not need to have on at specific times throughout the day.

How is this maintained? Every partner has frequent meetings with customers to review details on usage and performance, while proactively developing cost optimization strategies to cut cost and increase performance.

Amazon Web Services MSP Partners understand that success begins and ends with people. Maintaining success means that your company culture on the inside is displayed in your business processes on the outside. This requires your employees, from leadership to support staff to all be on the same page during the migration process.

It’s proven that teamwork makes the dreams work and engaging an AWS MSP from beginning to end of your cloud adoption journey will give you’re the resources and techniques you’ll need for seamless workflows. You’ll gain the benefits that come from using leading technology solutions without having to invest additional times, money and resources.
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