Employee Spotlight: Bob Smith, Senior Sales Consultant - Business Solutions


Bob Smith is a Senior Sales Consultant in our Business Solutions division. He is based in Atlanta, GA. Bob may be new to the team, but his sense of humor and experience in the technology field make him an invaluable member of our family! Learn all about Bob in our latest Employee Spotlight: 

What is Your Experience In?

I have experience in IT, solutions, application development, ERP solutions, and infrastructure services. I’ve also sold a lot of services on Business Process Outsourcing. I hope that my experience in these areas will help me be successful at V-Soft Consulting. I’m excited to be here!

What Do You Consider a Fulfilling Work Day?

To me, a fulfilling work day includes being able to set up client appointments, get some responses from clients, and setting up new meetings. Of course, creating new sales cycles is also always a great day. If I can cover these areas in one day, that’s very rewarding to me.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Potentially in a senior management role, if I hit my goals. I’m new here, but I’m very excited to work with the V-Soft team and see where this new role takes me!

What Do You Like the Most (So Far) About V-Soft?

So far, I like the friendliness and the user-friendly approach we have here toward solutions. Working with lots of different people, and meeting the new teams has been great. Everyone has been very kind and helpful, from marketing to IT. I like that we all have a common cause, which is to grow the company.

What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?

I like playing sports, basketball, and any other type of outdoor activities. I love going to the movies as well.

Do You Have a Fun Fact About Yourself?

I like to make jokes. I have a good sense of humor and I don’t take myself too seriously.

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