Employee Spotlight Toronto: Ron Trentini

Ron Terintini is the Business Development Manager for V-Soft Consulting Toronto's office.

To celebrate our successful merger with Toronto-based IT Staffing company Lintex Global Staffing, this month's employee spotlight features Ron Trentini, the manager of Talent Strategy of V-Soft's new Toronto Office. Ron tells us how tech is changing the way IT recruiting operates and why he loves Toronto.

How long have your worked for Lintex (now V-Soft) and describe your role.

I've worked for Lintex since 2009 and my role now is director of public sector business development and talent strategy- On the biz dev side I acquire clients.  I'm also putting together talent strategies for those clients.

When we’re out there trying to prospect we try and learn the clients' tech environment. What they're doing now and gauge what they'll do in the future and pipelining rosters. By anticipating our clients' future needs we can continue to add to our roster. It's something we've really focused on and is a big buz in the industry because of emerging technologies. IT is so fast and there are rapid changes for what clients want. We really build a roster based on their needs and future needs: X amount of technicians and caliber of candidates and have those people in the data base in order to deliver that solution.

What is your past experience in?

Before Lintex I worked for another IT Staffing company  for 2 years and before my career in IT Staffing I was licensing fitness equipment. It was lots of fun- completely different clients and the days were different too.

What do you hope the Acquisition will add to the Toronto Operations?

Truthfully, with the  extension of services, before we were a staffing company and that's what we did. V-Soft is much bigger and we now have more products: managed solutions, business solutions apps and mobile development that we can now deliver. There is a demand for it and as a smaller niche business we didn't have the team or talent to offer those capabilities before. This merger will increase revenue generation and our client base.

What Do You Consider a Fulfilling Work Day?

I'm one of the people who want to be busy. I can't spend the day twiddling my thumbs. I need to accomplish something and it feels good to meet requirements.

As a kid I was competitive and I think I bring that to the workplace as well. If a client needs X resources and it's a difficult role, it's so fulfilling to deliver. We bust our hump and the client is happy, It's been a productive day. Recently we spent 4 days of our time to find really difficult roles. We were very happy to say  we had couple of people presented. It's rewarding to satisfy clients.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

I like my role now, I guess the easiest response is with the V-Soft merger to me personally opens up the rainbow -the growth pattern to growing individually within this industry. There is more room to advance. In this current role I've grown revenue to a point we haven't' seen before and with the new extension of services- I can grow globally. There's more potential for managerial executive roles I would love to eventually work on corporate strategy and operations maybe domestic strategy here in Canada.

What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?

I'm a sports fan, that's how I exercise. I  play soccer, football, volleyball, and I jog, I like to stay active. Me and my wife are also huge movie and TV fanatics. We take in our fair share of movie watching. During a long weekend we can sit and watch a few seasons of Breaking Bad!

What is a Fun Fact About Yourself?

I never call anybody by their real names. I give everyone I know a nickname including everyone here in the office.

What do you love about Toronto?

There are tons of nationalities in tech and that is reflected in Toronto. Canada is open to all kinds of countries and people so Toronto is a very eclectic group. It's  very warm and embraces other cultures and people. On any street corner at any  time of day, it's filled with different nationalities.  If you need directions anywhere people are so willing to help and will have a 20 minute conversation with you!

Also, the weather is not what people usually think. We only have two "bad" months of winter in January and February and then we get 3 other seasons. Spring and Fall are awesome!

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