How to Identify the Need for Software Integration Solutions

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For the businesses to stay relevant and competitive in this globalized world, digital transformation is imperative. Also, most of the business systems possess disparate systems and applications. Based on the functional needs, the need for integration of these disparate systems would be required. In such cases, the system integration concepts come into the picture. The key to implementing system integration process requires having a precise understanding of when to look out for software integration. Here, we assist you with situations that necessitate you the need to look out for software integration solutions..

What is Software Integration?

Software Integration is a process of merging two or more diverse software systems either mono-directional or bi-directional so that data/functionality flows between that system smoothly.

CIO White Papers defines Software Integration as the process of aggregating diverse sub-systems to combine to form one coherent multi-functional system. It involves conjoining the system and the software applications to act as a whole.

Software Integration tools

While there are many integration tools for software integration, most robust tools are listed below:

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Why the Need for Software Integration?

The need for software integration happens in many cases, the key aspects are listed below:

1. Merging Different Systems

In a case where an organization may have to exhibit a specific functionality of a business need, which needs for integration various disparate system functionalities aimed at a specific business need.

2. Integrating Legacy Systems with New-age Applications

In the digital transformation process, most companies look for solutions to modernize their legacy systems either by a total transformation of their systems, or by integrating their legacy software systems with modern applications. If total transformation or migration is your choice, then software integration tools ensure smooth and secure practices for migration.

The hard case of integration solutions is with legacy airline systems, which can’t take the risk of total digital transformation of their legacy systems, as the case of risk is very high. In this case, airlines legacy systems opt to go for software integration.

3. Need for Multi-Functionality

To understand the need for software integration better, consider the case of HR automation process. For example, let say our organization bought HR management system for HR operation and that is built on ServiceNow. For employee attendance, we have biometric attendance system which developed in Java. The HR system’s payroll module depends on employee attendance. So, if we want the complete system to be automated, then the attendance system must talk to the HR system. That’s why integration is required.

Software Integration

Cases Where Software Integration Can Help Your Company

Following are the cases that necessitate the need for the companies to look out for the software integration solutions:

  • Needs Multiple Data entries into multiple systems
  • Spends a lot of time/manpower to maintain the data in multiple systems
  • Due to Multiple systems, human interaction chances of mistakes are more
  • The data doesn’t flow timely manner from one system to another
  • Want data to reflect on another system quickly or frequent basis
  • Customers want to use company systems (this requires the use of API & Connector)
  • Having Complex business domain like Finance, banking, insurance, Travel, Healthcare, Telecom, and Retails etc. Complex domain has more chances of integration than simple domain like Education and Entertainment
  • Does your employee need to do duplicate work due to entering data into multiple systems?
  • Say, your systems are integrated, but are very slow, not seamless, downtime is more and information is not secure
  • You are applications are from different vendors, then chances are more for integration
  • Do your customers need to interact with your system and they want to integrate your system with their system
  • Do you wish to transform your business with a Mobile Enterprise Integration solution?

If you are looking out for more knowledge on the software system integration and its solutions implementation issues, then speak to us for a free consultation.


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