Improving ServiceNow Delivery Efficiency with Voice Assistants


ServiceNow has been driving the service revolution through innovative service delivery solutions, which in turn increase operational efficiencies of how business gets done. To offer intuitive experiences in the delivery of workplace services, integrating AI-powered voice assistants with ServiceNow is a game changer in service relationships. In this article, you will learn how voice assistants can be a game changer in the ServiceNow platform's ability to deliver services.

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Top 10 Ways HR can be Prepared for Future Challenges

Legacy HR systems have remained HR deprtment to be only passive entities. To meet future needs, businesses are expecting HR department to undergo digital transformation to evolve as a strategic partner in the overall business strategy. Also, digitally powered employees are demanding HR to deliver personalized services. HR teams are adapting intelligent automation solutions, to stay relevant to these future needs. Here, we discuss the 10 principles that are must for an HR department to stay relevant the future needs...

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State of AI on Android and iOS

 In previous posts, we explored some of the compelling applications for Machine Learning on mobile apps, and considered whether the learning/computation should happen on-device or in the cloud. In this post, we’ll explore what are the options for implementing AI based applications on Android and iOS.

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How Voice Assistants are Transforming the Way Business Gets Done

AI-powered voice assistants are efficiently transforming the world with its smart abilities in conducting natural voice based humans-technology interactions in a natural way while delivering greater efficiency at a given time. With increase in market scope for IoT, the significance for voice assistants, or voice chatbots have grown drastically. Here we discuss what makes voice assistants most relevant for the future and also discuss the transformation they are going to bring in the future.

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Types of Automated Unit Tests in Android Mobile App Development

Live and breathe "agile development" is the slogan of the most successful business solutions companies and as a part of process, the Continuous Integration (CI) process is considered one of the main support systems. Other than the continuous build process itself, the other plug-ins that we add to the process, make it invaluable. Some of these other plug-ins are: Static Code Analysis, Automated Unit Tests, Automated UI Tests, Profiling, Beta Deployment etc. In this post, we will focus more on the ‘Automated Unit Tests’ part of it, and explain it in the context of Android app development.

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12 Global Government Agencies That Use Chatbots

For ages, governments and their agencies across the world have been struggling and spending billions of dollars to find innovative ways for quick delivery of government services to the public. Observing the solutions delivered by chatbots to the business world,  some government agencies have opted to be early adopters of this technology to improve service delivery efficiencies, as well as better internal workforce management. Here we list the 12 government agencies that are early adopters of AI powered chatbots technology... 

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Ransomware Defined and How to Defend Against It

Everyone knows or has heard all those terms that strike fear in our hearts including viruses, hackers, trojan emails, phishers, and now ransomware which seems more prevalent than ever. Ransomware attacks on companies are exploding and according to the CSO are expected to exceed $11 billion in 2019, that is with a "B". Unfortunately this is largely because companies that have been 'ransomed' are willing to pay the 'recovery' fees versus letting customers become aware they have been hacked.  

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Can Chatbots Help Governments Improve Service Delivery? 

Looking at the transformation Artificial Intelligence (AI) brought to the business world, even governments agencies have been looking at AI technology for modernizing their legacy systems and to bring agility, transparency, and efficiency, in the way serve their people as well as the internal workforce. Know how AI-powered chatbots can enable government agencies to ensure better people satisfaction...

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Mobile Apps vs Mobile Website - Which is Better?

Smartphone usage is at all time highs and only growing vs desktop or laptop computers. Businesses have been quick to react to the change and get websites that are responsive to mobile. Mobile-friendly websites just mimic the mobile appearance, but not its abilities. This fine line is easily noticed by users, where the trend to prefer the users focus shifted to mobile apps over mobile-friendly websites, leaving companies to prefer the mobile app along versus the mobile-friendly website. Here we showcase how mobile apps enable true mobility over mobile-friendly websites or responsive websites.

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How Hybrid Cloud Can Scale Up Your Business Margins

The digital aspirations of the enterprises are demanding innovations to drive operations at a much faster rate. In this process, cloud technology (public and private) evolved as a game changer and many companies have been quick to adopt this technology. Despite existing (public and private) cloud technologies having many positives, they faced difficulties in serving certain business logic implementations. This gave scope for the raise of hybrid technology, which evolved with combined abilities of the private and public cloud technologies.

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