22 Reasons Why Investing in Chatbots is No Longer an Option

Chatbots are becoming more of main stream than ever before and although your industry may not appear to be adopting rest assured, your competitors will be. The leveraging of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) is driving efficiency and improvements across many aspects of business for those that invest. Review this list of 22 reasons why chatbots are changing the world we live in and why it makes sense for your company to make the move, before your competitors.

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How AI Transforms the HR Department

With HR roles transforming from passive to active strategic business partner, it is not easy to solve the challenges of a successful HR Automation plan, while maintaining a human approach. With the Artificial Intelligence ability in streamlining various business functions for the HR professional is provided the capacity to deliver innovative solutions to solve HR challenges and deliver a better experience. Here are just some of the ways AI is transforming HR to be a more powerful strategic business partner in any company.

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Key Aspects of the ServiceNow Helsinki-Kingston Auto Upgrade

The release of the ServiceNow Kingston version in January 2018 brings out the default plan of ServiceNow to close the Helsinki upgrade. The ServiceNow Helsinki users are left with the option to shift to its higher version either Jakarta or Kingston. Not performing the upgrade manually would make ServiceNow auto upgrade from Helsinki version to Kingston version. If a smooth ServiceNow upgrade is your goal it is best to be informed about following key facets we share here.

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How AI Powered Chatbots can help B2B Business

Chatbots are quite common these days; users are interacting with chatbots for their needs and businesses can’t ignore this medium anymore. Chatbots can be deployed wherever you expect a human interaction and communication in the business process.

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Improve B2C Business by Using Chatbots

Witnessing the skills and intelligence the chatbots are equipping day-to-day, businesses have been quick enough to react in adopting chatbot applications and B2C business are no exception. The BI report confirms this trend by stating, "80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020". Trying to list out the ways this application can improves B2C businesses would make the list exhaustive. Here, we list out the key ways that guide you in understanding the relevance chatbot can have for your business:

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Why Thinking Beyond Self-Service HR Portal is a Matter of Self-Survival 

HR teams have a more strategic role in overall business strategy than just serving employee requests. This fact is accepted by 73% of CEOs. But, HR teams are kept busy with repetitive tasks.Despite having an HR portal, employees felt confused about getting the right information and started emailing back queries to HR teams. To push HR as a strategic part of business, and to generate better employee satisfaction, it is required to for the HR to go beyond HR portal. Here are the ways HR can surpass the above problem and become a strategic partner:

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Does Continuous Integration Improve the Software Development Process?

The mission to bring agility in the overall software development process, has set an easy path for continuous integration (CI) to evolve. The CI process emerged as a strategic contributor in delivering business value. CI addressed the most major of code Integration challenges, where the code developed by the individual programmers is tested thoroughly and brought under one roof that is free from all errors. This ability of the CI process had a huge impact on the overall software development process life cycle and evolved as an effective software practice that enables faster and bug-free delivery of the product.

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Comparing Different Types of Mobile Application Development

Have a great idea for a product or service? It is critical to make your product or service accessible to mobile users. Once you start considering how to develop your mobile application, you will come across terms such as native app, hybrid app, cross-platform, and technologies such as Xamarin, Ionic, ReactNative etc. In this post, our mobile app development experts guide you through the development process.

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Best Practices for the ServiceNow Helsinki to Jakarta Upgrade

The ServiceNow releases come with two new versions every year due to security issues and will give support to the current versions, as well as to the last two versions. The Kingston version is expected to release in January, after which support for ServiceNow ServiceNow Helsinki update will be withdrawn and automatically upgraded to the latest version. All Helsinki non-productions instances are going to be updated to Kingston on April 23, 2018, and production instances on May 12, 2018.

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What is Continuous Integration and Why Did It Evolve?

Continuous Integration (CI) is the software development practice, where code committed by individual developers is integrated and built on a centralized server continuously throughout the development lifecycle. The main motto of continuous integration is "Fail Fast" - if something is wrong, let it fail fast and come out early - don't wait until things pile up to figure out that something went wrong. The most obvious benefit of this is that anything that breaks a stable build will be flagged immediately.

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