Why Selenium is Most Widely Used Test Automation Tool?

The agile process adaptation in the software development process quickens the overall software development time, time-to-delivery (TTD), time-to-market (TTM) and ultimately lowering developmental costs. To ensure quality and efficiency in the testing process, the demand for automation testing tools has increased dramatically. Of the many automation testing tools available, Selenium is one of the most widely used to test web applications.

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How Tableau Solves Data Visualization & Analytics Challenges?

Data is the key component of business logic and extracting meaningful intelligence out of the enormous amount of data. Reliable data insights is critical to make successful business decisions. The BI tool Tableau has evolved to aid businesses in gaining deeper insights in to data with the help of better data visualization & data analytics methods. In this post, we present how Tableau solves the data visualization & data analytics problems..

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How Modernizing ITSM Improves Service Delivery

Digital transformation is the key for businesses to progress in the experience-as-a-service economy. In this journey, legacy ITSM systems are the roadblocks for the enterprise. So, modernizing the legacy ITSM is a must for business to sustain in this competitive environment. Here are the benefits a business can have by modernizing legacy ITSM systems.

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How to Choose the Best Business Intelligence Software for Your Business

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are the key to fostering the business decision process. To capitalize the market scope of BI, many organizations came up with a unique set of BI skills. Here we have researched the key prospects to consider in choosing the right BI software for your company.

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Cyber Security for Business Facts That Every Manager Should Know

Cyber crimes victims are not limited to individuals as government and businesses are the top targets in today's world. PricewaterhouseCoopers research states that “on an average per day 117,339 security incidents are happening”.  A Forbes study reveals that by 2021 cybersecurity expenditures will reach one trillion dollars. It is important for every business to understand cyber security and its components to reduce the potential for cybercrime attacks. 

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Top 5 Enterprise Chatbot Applications for Customer Service

With 85% of the customer service interactions to be automated by chatbots (as per Gartner), chatbots are expected to play a significant role in innovating customer service department functions. The AI powered enterprise chatbots  are effective in delivering customer service solutions by increasing the service delivery speed, at reduced costs, efficiency and with less human errors. We've done the research for you and found the top 5 enterprise chatbot applications that excel for customer service.

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Why is Investing in an AI Voice Assistant a Smart Choice for Your Business's Future?

With an increase in demand for the conversational commerce,  AI voice chatbots have evolved as the next tech to transform business.  As voice assistants like Alexa and Siri gain wider acceptance in the home voice chatbots for business are becoming the next step in evolving tech for customer service, board rooms, and HR. Here you get 20 reasons why an AI enabled voice chatbot will give your business a competitive edge. 

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How Can Digital Transformation Evolve Pharmaceutical Companies?

With two-thirds of the world’s population being internet users and 60 percent of usage from smartphones, it is obvious that consumers look out for digital experiences. These trends show that digital transformation for enterprises isn’t an option anymore. Despite of this, most of the pharmaceutical companies are still hesitant to prefer digital transformation. This is due to the fear of potential risks that may occur in the migration process. To assist pharmaceutical companies in the digital transformation journey, we present the prospects that will help them to understand: “how digital transformation adaption can be a game changer”.

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Why Appium is Preferred Over Other Mobile Test Automation Tools?

Mobile automation testing evolved as a crucial facet of the robust Mobile software development process ensuring the overall development process to deliver superior quality solutions, under the controlled time cycles and cost schedules. While there are many types of mobile test automation tools available, with its exceptional capacities, Appium evolved as the best. Here we will explore what abilities make Appium very unique.

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Mulesoft's Mule 4 Vs Mule 3 Release, Why Upgrade?

To foster enterprise’s efforts in total Digital transformation, Mulesoft’s latest launch Mule 4 release is offering some interesting integration solutions at a low cost and simplified way, compared to it's prior version Mule 3 release. Here we discuss, why migrating to Mule 4 is more beneficial and what are the differences between the Mule 3 release and Mule 4 release.

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