How ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Adds Value To Your Business

Witnessing the demand for speed, accuracy, and productivity in the overall service delivery process, intelligent automation is mandatory. To foster the digital transformation efforts of business, ServiceNow’s Intelligent automation process with its machine learning capabilities analyzes the various business environments and speeds up the overall business decision process.

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Why AngularJS Integration was a Game Changer for ServiceNow

ServiceNow with its innovative service delivery solutions brings major breakthroughs to some of the biggest challenges of the service industry. In this successful journey of ServiceNow, AngularJS has been highlighted as one of the key forces in enabling ServiceNow to deliver a one-stop solution to all the service industry problems. In this post, let’s examine in how AngularJS contributed to the successful journey of ServiceNow.

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The Biggest Customer Service Challenges Solved by ServiceNow's CSM

In the era of consumerizing service delivery processes, Service-as-an-Economy is driving the modern IT revolution. To help organizations better, ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) is helping organizations to streamline and personalize the service management process. This is a one-stop solution offering omni-channel support to manage the entire Client/Customer satisfaction sphere. 

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ServiceNow's London Release: New Features and What to Look Out For

With each ServiceNow release offering some major breakthroughs in service industry operations and delivery efficiencies. Much has been speculated on upcoming ServiceNow London version (scheduled to release in 3rd quarter-2018). To clear the assumptions on the capabilities of ServiceNow London, here we list out the new features ServiceNow London is to offer.

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What do Hackers Want from Your Business?

Why doesn’t cybersecurity get the attention it deserves? On average, 1.7 billion Americans are impacted by data breaches every year, and still, many companies have not embraced a corporate culture that includes privacy and security in their core values. We’re all familiar with the vulnerabilities of weak data security, but how many businesses really experience a data breach every year? But the real question is what do those hackers want with your information? 

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Why is the API a Key Enabler of Digital Transformation Efforts?

Digital transformation solutions though appearing to be highly beneficial, but how to modernize their legacy business systems without causing any disruptions is the challenge. Here, APIs evolved as the key enabler in conducting risk-free legacy modernization and driving businesses digital transformation aspirations.

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Understanding Cyber Threat Intelligence Significance

With increasing cybercrime losses, enterprises are investing massively in their cybersecurity infrastructure; which is projected to be $1 Trillion by 2021. Despite all these efforts, cyber attackers are taking intelligent ways to launch the attack, where many attacks went unnoticed for months. The proactive approach of enterprises to counter these attacks resulted in the evolution of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).  Here we give a detailed analysis of what Cyber Threat intelligence is and how it is going to make your organization assets secure.

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Why Selenium is Most Widely Used Test Automation Tool?

The agile process adaptation in the software development process quickens the overall software development time, time-to-delivery (TTD), time-to-market (TTM) and ultimately lowering developmental costs. To ensure quality and efficiency in the testing process, the demand for automation testing tools has increased dramatically. Of the many automation testing tools available, Selenium is one of the most widely used to test web applications.

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How Tableau Solves Data Visualization & Analytics Challenges?

Data is the key component of business logic and extracting meaningful intelligence out of the enormous amount of data. Reliable data insights is critical to make successful business decisions. The BI tool Tableau has evolved to aid businesses in gaining deeper insights in to data with the help of better data visualization & data analytics methods. In this post, we present how Tableau solves the data visualization & data analytics problems..

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How Modernizing ITSM Improves Service Delivery

Digital transformation is the key for businesses to progress in the experience-as-a-service economy. In this journey, legacy ITSM systems are the roadblocks for the enterprise. So, modernizing the legacy ITSM is a must for business to sustain in this competitive environment. Here are the benefits a business can have by modernizing legacy ITSM systems.

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