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As I open my email each morning, I am overwhelmed by the number of blogs that over the years I must have subscribed to. Much like cleaning out my closet--or maybe my email inbox--I always put off the task unsubscribing to many of these. But, occasionally, something catches my eyes, and I jot down a comment, or statistic that I think is worth sharing.

As I was reading a few articles at Infosecurity Magazine, a few things stood out.

  • Data breach incidents involving the loss or theft of data-bearing devices increased per record cost by as much as $18 per record.
  • Data loss resulting from a malicious or criminal attack yielded the highest cost at an average of $246 per compromised record, followed by system glitches and employee mistakes resulting in an average per record cost of $171 and $160, respectively.

The same data shows malicious or criminal attacks as the most frequently encountered root cause of data breaches by organizations. To continue on:

  • Forty-four percent of respondents stated the main cause of data breach was a malicious or criminal attack against the organization.
  • Thirty-one percent of organizations say employee negligence (a.k.a. human factor) and 25 percent say system glitches were the main causes of the data loss.
  • Almost two thirds of those attacks were made possible by the use of weak, default, or stolen passwords. Finally, insider and privilege misuse accounted for nearly 16% of the breaches. The latter normally took months or years to discover.

Probably the most eye opening statistic that I uncovered according to Financial Computer, Inc., nearly 60% of Small Business that suffered a major cyber attack closed within 6 months. Other studies show that only3 out of 4 of businesses typically recover from a crippling data loss that lasts more than ten days.

Is your organization prepared? How confident are you? Are you prepared to bet your company’s future on it?

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