Employee Spotlight: Konrad Konarski


Konrad Konarski is V-Soft's first AI and IoT practice lead. Konrad comes to us from IBM's Watson division and has experience leading Fortune 500 company's Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things strategies. Find out why he believes V-Soft is in the perfect place in the emerging tech market.

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Why are RCDDs in High Demand?

RCDDs are known for their prestigious perceptive knowledge and skillset. By the time RCDDs are well into their first certification year, they are an essential part of every stage of the building project- from start to finish. Their certification guarantees that your systematic cabling design will be completed by the best in the industry.  Cabling distribution systems are complicated and require knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully install large cabling distribution systems. This is where Registered Communication Distribution Designers step in. 

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A Step by Step Process for Mule 3 to Mule 4 Migration

MuleSoft’s latest launch Mule 4 offers some interesting integration solutions for businesses at a low cost and simplified way, compared to its prior version Mule 3 release. Migrating from Mule 3 to Mule 4 should be carried out with utmost care. So to assist businesses in secured migration process here we discuss in detail on how to conduct migration process from Mule 3 to Mule 4…

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Wrangling the Digital Future

If the future is about technology, that means every company to a large degree is going to become a technical company in some fashion. No matter your industry, technology will play a determining factor in your competitiveness and long-term success. Will your company be at the forefront or will hesitation keep you from success?

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Why is Having an RCDD So Important for Your Business?

Cabling distribution systems are complicated and require knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully install large cabling distribution systems. This is where Registered Communication Distribution Designers step in. Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) specialize in the design, integration, and implementation of ICT, related designs and designing cabling systems for new buildings or changes to existing infrastructure. But why is having an RCDD so important? We have your answer! 

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ServiceNow Performance Analytics for Improved Project Management

Most companies are focused on implementing an agile methodology in project management and deliver project management efficiencies at optimized costs. Despite all these efforts and defining a vast list of KPIs, the challenge is increasing project management costs and reduced PM efficiencies. To scale up the project management efficiencies at optimized costs, ServiceNow Performance Analytics (PA) comes with strong project performance tuning strategies.

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Will The Chatbot Replace or Improve the Mobile App?

With the rise in user’s inclination to on-demand services and human-like conversational experiences, questions are raised upon the (need of / requirement for) mobile apps over chatbots. Putting an end to all these discussions mobile apps adopted advanced AI capabilities and re-positioned themselves proving their competency.  So, here we discuss why mobile apps don't get replaced by chatbots, instead accommodates chatbots within them for higher business use cases.

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ServiceNow Performance Analytics - Where's the Value?

Often times I get asked by customers, “Why do I need Performance Analytics (PA) when ServiceNow comes with plenty of reports?”  It’s a fair question and goes to the heart of any analytics discussion. Here I will share the power of PA for you to consider as you have likely already made the investment, why not turn your ServiceNow capabilities up if you can find the value? 

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V-Soft Cares Fifth Annual Golf Scramble Update

Such a great turn out we had for our Fifth Annual V-Soft Cares Golf Scramble, hosted at Valhalla Golf Club. Each year V-Soft Cares aims to benefit a different charity; in recent years, the scramble has focused on raising funds for cancer patients and research, to honor founder Purna Veer’s late mother. Thanks to all our charitable sponsors and players we were able to raise money to help the families of cancer patients through Little Pink Houses of Hope.

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How to Get Your UX Design Process Right

The UX design process is a highly agile process. So, achieving the right balance between the UX design requirements and user experiences is the biggest challenge. In efforts to achieve this resulted in companies to look out for “what constitutes to the best UX design process?”. To help companies to get best-in-class UX design, here are steps that need to be followed.

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