HR Automation That Will Turn You into a HR Hero!

HR teams are kept busy with repetitive tasks. Despite having an HR portal where service relationships are precise and automated, employees find themselves feeling puzzled about finding the right information, resulting in back and forth inquiries with HR teams.

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Mobile Apps vs Mobile Website - Which is Better?

Smartphone usage is at all time highs and only growing vs desktop or laptop computers. Businesses have been quick to react to the change and get websites that are responsive to mobile. Mobile-friendly websites just mimic the mobile appearance, but not its abilities. This fine line is easily noticed by users, where the trend to prefer the users focus shifted to mobile apps over mobile-friendly websites, leaving companies to prefer the mobile app along versus the mobile-friendly website. Here we showcase how mobile apps enable true mobility over mobile-friendly websites or responsive websites.

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How Hybrid Cloud Can Scale Up Your Business Margins

The digital aspirations of the enterprises are demanding innovations to drive operations at a much faster rate. In this process, cloud technology (public and private) evolved as a game changer and many companies have been quick to adopt this technology. Despite existing (public and private) cloud technologies having many positives, they faced difficulties in serving certain business logic implementations. This gave scope for the raise of hybrid technology, which evolved with combined abilities of the private and public cloud technologies.

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How to Get Machine Learning Abilities on Mobile Apps

Machine Learning (ML) on mobile apps not only sounds futuristic, but also brings in some intelligent business applications use cases associated with its implementation. However, it is good to be aware that it also carries hard-hitting challenges in its implementation process. Here we discuss about the challenges and strategies to get machine learning capabilities on to mobile.

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Employee Spotlight: Carly Schoenenberger, Account Manager

Carly Schoenenberger is an account manager in our Madison, WI office. Her dedication to her role makes her a vital part of our V-Soft family! In her free time, Carly enjoys a variety of outdoor activities. Learn more about Carly in our latest Employee Spotlight:

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Re-Invent HR Automation for Your Business at Knowledge18

Time is of the essence and very few of us have tons of time to invest in what could be so simple. Are you tired of managing and updating multiple HR Portals and having no insight to what resources are being utilized by employees? Imagine if you could manage all things HR in a one-stop shop service experience to better service your HR department and employees.

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How to Identify the Need for Software Integration Solutions

For the businesses to stay relevant and competitive in this globalized world, digital transformation is imperative. Also, most of the business systems possess disparate systems and applications. Based on the functional needs, the need for integration of these disparate systems would be required. In such cases, the system integration concepts come into the picture. The key to implementing system integration process requires having a precise understanding of when to look out for software integration. Here, we assist you with situations that necessitate you the need to look out for software integration solutions..

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Applications of Machine Learning in Mobile Apps

Machine learning is being adopted far and wide in almost all the products and services right now. But most of the time we hear about it being applied to business’s backend - like Predictive Intelligence, anomaly detection on video streams, credit card fraud, etc. But Machine Learning has very interesting applications inside a mobile app as well. Here we present the practical applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on mobile apps:

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22 Reasons Why Investing in Chatbots is No Longer an Option

Chatbots are becoming more of main stream than ever before and although your industry may not appear to be adopting rest assured, your competitors will be. The leveraging of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) is driving efficiency and improvements across many aspects of business for those that invest. Review this list of 22 reasons why chatbots are changing the world we live in and why it makes sense for your company to make the move, before your competitors.

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How AI Transforms the HR Department

With HR roles transforming from passive to active strategic business partner, it is not easy to solve the challenges of a successful HR Automation plan, while maintaining a human approach. With the Artificial Intelligence ability in streamlining various business functions for the HR professional is provided the capacity to deliver innovative solutions to solve HR challenges and deliver a better experience. Here are just some of the ways AI is transforming HR to be a more powerful strategic business partner in any company.

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