ServiceNow's London Release Elevates HR

In the globalized business environment, most of the business leaders expect HR to be a strategic business partner. In this scenario ServiceNow has been crucial in transforming HR to be an active business partner from being a passive business entity. To enable HR to foster the global aspirations of the businesses, ServiceNow London comes with some interesting features.

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Employee Spotlight Louisville: Melissa Barnett

This month we are hosting our Annual Charity Golf Scramble. This year's cause has directly impacted one of our own family members. Proposal Manager, Melissa Barnett participated in a Little Pink retreat last year. Melissa told us about Little Pink Houses of Hope as we were deciding on which charity to partner with. It was an easy decision from there. Melissa has been kind enough to share her story with us.

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How ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Adds Value To Your Business

Witnessing the demand for speed, accuracy, and productivity in the overall service delivery process, intelligent automation is mandatory. To foster the digital transformation efforts of business, ServiceNow’s Intelligent automation process with its machine learning capabilities analyzes the various business environments and speeds up the overall business decision process.

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SIA Names the Largest IT Staffing Firms

This annual ranking in it's 23rd year of the top staffing companies across the United States for 2018 highlights 143 companies that generated at least $100 million in US staffing revenue in 2017. Added together, these firms generated $83.6 billion in such revenue, making up 58.6% of the market by our estimates.

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How to Prevent Phishing from Compromising Your Business

With no knowledge, employees are tricked to undoubtingly giving access or sensitive data to hackers seeking to harm your business. Phishing (fish-ing noun) is a cybercrime where targets are contacted via telephone, text message or email by someone acting as a legitimate institution to convince people into providing sensitive data like personally identifiable information, credit card and banking details, passwords, etc. But with the right knowledge, you can recognize these cyberattackers without having to dig for answers.

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Will my Replacement Worker be Plugged in?

As technology advances the fear of workers being replaced has never been more real. The truth though is a bit different as technology is helping business become more productive and allow workers to focus on what they do best. Here we highlight how tech is changing the conventional workplace but the majority of the transformation is quite positive as you will see. 

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The Easy Guide to Cybersecurity Insurance for Your Business

Hacks, breaches, and network outages present more than just technical issues, and these potential consequences can lead business owners to adopt more sensible approaches to preventative measures and response plan security. Preventative measures help secure network defenses and employ security best practices, like cybersecurity insurance as part of your businesses response plan is a necessary safety net to ensure your businesses recovery after a cyber attack.

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Why AngularJS Integration was a Game Changer for ServiceNow

ServiceNow with its innovative service delivery solutions brings major breakthroughs to some of the biggest challenges of the service industry. In this successful journey of ServiceNow, AngularJS has been highlighted as one of the key forces in enabling ServiceNow to deliver a one-stop solution to all the service industry problems. In this post, let’s examine in how AngularJS contributed to the successful journey of ServiceNow.

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Intelligent Mobile Apps: Driving The Future of Mobile App Development

With experience-as-a-service taking over the modern IT revolution, questions have been raised on the capabilities of mobile apps. Putting an end to all these discussions mobile apps adopted advanced AI capabilities and evolved as more intelligent mobile applications. Intelligent mobile apps can go beyond the traditional service solutions to serve business users faster and more effectively while ensuring personalized user experiences.

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The Biggest Customer Service Challenges Solved by ServiceNow's CSM

In the era of consumerizing service delivery processes, Service-as-an-Economy is driving the modern IT revolution. To help organizations better, ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) is helping organizations to streamline and personalize the service management process. This is a one-stop solution offering omni-channel support to manage the entire Client/Customer satisfaction sphere. 

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