22 Reasons Why Investing in Chatbots is No Longer an Option

Chatbots are becoming more of main stream than ever before and although your industry may not appear to be adopting rest assured, your competitors will be. The leveraging of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) is driving efficiency and improvements across many aspects of business for those that invest. Review this list of 22 reasons why chatbots are changing the world we live in and why it makes sense for your company to make the move, before your competitors.

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How AI Transforms the HR Department

With HR roles transforming from passive to active strategic business partner, it is not easy to solve the challenges of a successful HR Automation plan, while maintaining a human approach. With the Artificial Intelligence ability in streamlining various business functions for the HR professional is provided the capacity to deliver innovative solutions to solve HR challenges and deliver a better experience. Here are just some of the ways AI is transforming HR to be a more powerful strategic business partner in any company.

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Key Aspects of the ServiceNow Helsinki-Kingston Auto Upgrade

The release of the ServiceNow Kingston version in January 2018 brings out the default plan of ServiceNow to close the Helsinki upgrade. The ServiceNow Helsinki users are left with the option to shift to its higher version either Jakarta or Kingston. Not performing the upgrade manually would make ServiceNow auto upgrade from Helsinki version to Kingston version. If a smooth ServiceNow upgrade is your goal it is best to be informed about following key facets we share here.

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How AI Powered Chatbots can help B2B Business

Chatbots are quite common these days; users are interacting with chatbots for their needs and businesses can’t ignore this medium anymore. Chatbots can be deployed wherever you expect a human interaction and communication in the business process.

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Where to Play at the ServiceNow Knowledge18 Conference

Knowledge18 is the largest gathering of service management professionals ready to provide you with your next ServiceNow installments, with a variety of topics and over 200 breakout sessions. This year’s conference will take place in Las Vegas, NV from May 7 through May 10. With approximately 18,000 attendees and over 200 sponsors and exhibitors, Knowledge18 is providing conference-goers with endless opportunities for networking and chances to talk with to the pros in their field. Outside of work, make room for play around Las Vegas. Here’s a guide of some amazing things to experience while in the lively city.

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Improve B2C Business by Using Chatbots

Witnessing the skills and intelligence the chatbots are equipping day-to-day, businesses have been quick enough to react in adopting chatbot applications and B2C business are no exception. The BI report confirms this trend by stating, "80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020". Trying to list out the ways this application can improves B2C businesses would make the list exhaustive. Here, we list out the key ways that guide you in understanding the relevance chatbot can have for your business:

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Best Practices for Managing Offshore Teams

Many software firms today utilize offshore teams of developers to provide a more cost-effective option to U.S. based clients seeking a solution to programming challenges. Managing offshore teams comes with its own set of challenges, but can also be very rewarding in ways that can enrich your life as a project manager.  Here experienced Porject Manager, Barney Edwards, details the best practices in managing global teams.

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What Not to Miss at the ServiceNow Knowledge18 Conference

Knowledge18 is a one-stop event at the intersection of now and next. It is the next installment of ServiceNow’s immense five-day conference with over 300 breakout sessions and 120 hands-on labs to put you and your company on the path to lasting success. This year’s conference will be held in Las Vegas, NV from May 7 through May 10.

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Employee Spotlight: Lorie Gironda , Senior IT Recruiter

Lorie Gironda is a Senior IT Recruiter in our Chicago, IL office. Her experience and passion for recruiting is a huge asset for our Chicago team! In her free time Lorie enjoys spending time with her kids. Learn more about Lorie in our latest Employee Spotlight:

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Security Predictions for 2018

Security breaches reached an all-time high in 2017. The list of sophisticated, far-reaching breaches grew almost daily last year, and these breaches impacted millions of people globally. Security’s mission is to protect, detect, and respond. However, it’s remained the same for many facets of business, from payment systems to IoT Devices. The last 10 years has shown huge improvements in protecting and detecting, yet our response to security is one of the most neglected aspects when it comes to breaches. The complexity and volume of cyber-attacks will only increase in 2018, so how can you prepare? We consulted a ServiceNow expert to get their best predictions for 2018 security tips for the enterprise.

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