How to Consumerize the Employee Service Experience

In today’s workforce, employees expect consumer-grade experiences. How do you consumerize the customer service experience, while at the same time automating it to create maximum efficiency? Our ServiceNow experts have gathered a few best practices when it comes to improving your company’s employee service experience.

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Employee Spotlight: Kevin Haas, Recruiting Manager

Kevin Hass is a Recruiting Manager here at V-Soft. His experience and dedication to recruiting brings a valuable addition to our team in Denver. Along with his skills in his field, Kevin is also involved in outdoor sports. Learn more about Kevin's role at V-Soft, his hobbies, and more in our latest Employee Spotlight.

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How HR Automation Streamlines Your Business


Often, HR activities are focused in performing repetitive and laborious tasks than getting involved in actual strategic aspects of the business like streamlining. In these regards, this post showcases, how Automation of HR can make HR teams more strategic and streamline your company to increase productivity. 

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The Blockchain Revolution: Real Deal or Fad?


It seems to depend on who you listen to if Blockchain, the engine behind Bitcoin, is just another fad soon to be gone or a real, viable technology that will transform business as we know it. Here I share a more in-depth view of blockchain and some summarizations that may change your perspective.

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Lack of HR Automation Can Lead to Employee Turnover?

HR automation is one of the hottest topics in human resources as of late, but does it matter? Is it required to improve employee satisfaction? Here we share some of the benefits of HR automation and how not leveraging HR automation might increase employee turnover and potential loss of quality employees.

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What is Blockchain and Does it Matter?

If you are reading this article, it’s probably because you have heard the term Blockchain and are wanting to learn more about it. Perhaps you already know something about it and are interested in learning about more use cases and where it’s applicable. I want to separate the reality from the hype – which is no easy task.

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How to Create an API Developers Will Want to Use

Just like beehives, APIs connect all the parts of your 'hive' to streamline your business. Great APIs are the key to becoming a main player in the “new era” of software. APIs provide the agility developers need to innovate. Companies worldwide are looking to develop APIs, but if they fail at winning over developers, their services are not likely to last. In this blog, we consult with API experts on how to best create APIs that developers will actually want to use.

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The Rapid Rise of Chatbots: Why On-Demand HR Matters

The future of employee experience relies heavily on the ability of chatbots — bots that conduct real-language conversations with human users via an interface such as a company's HR portal or Slack — and the fact that they can act as 24/7 guides to HR policies, answer questions, and create ticket requests for those questions they cannot answer. But why is easy access to key HR policies so important? ServiceNow conducted a survey at their 2017 HR Tech Conference and Expo to find out.

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The Most Common API Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Designing an API can be difficult, and it’s sometimes hard to know if you’re doing things right. How do you know you’re not making mistakes when building out your API? The real key to any good API is to keep it simple, intuitive, and scalable. Lucky for you, we’ve consulted with some API experts to gather some of the most common API mistakes so you can avoid them while you’re designing the best API!

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Why Implementing Chatbots Has Never Been More Relevant

Implementing chatbots has never been more relevant than it is today. People use instant messaging more than any other internet activity, including email, browsing the web, etc. In addition to this, social networking giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Slack have opened their programs up to developers and businesses to build chatbots. These platforms have given businesses an opportunity to better reach their target audience. The ecosystem is evolving in such a way that it is imperative that businesses have chatbot presence in certain industries.

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