ServiceNow Performance Analytics - Where's the Value?

Often times I get asked by customers, “Why do I need Performance Analytics (PA) when ServiceNow comes with plenty of reports?”  It’s a fair question and goes to the heart of any analytics discussion. Here I will share the power of PA for you to consider as you have likely already made the investment, why not turn your ServiceNow capabilities up if you can find the value? 

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V-Soft Cares Fifth Annual Golf Scramble Update

Such a great turn out we had for our Fifth Annual V-Soft Cares Golf Scramble, hosted at Valhalla Golf Club. Each year V-Soft Cares aims to benefit a different charity; in recent years, the scramble has focused on raising funds for cancer patients and research, to honor founder Purna Veer’s late mother. Thanks to all our charitable sponsors and players we were able to raise money to help the families of cancer patients through Little Pink Houses of Hope.

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How to Get Your UX Design Process Right

The UX design process is a highly agile process. So, achieving the right balance between the UX design requirements and user experiences is the biggest challenge. In efforts to achieve this resulted in companies to look out for “what constitutes to the best UX design process?”. To help companies to get best-in-class UX design, here are steps that need to be followed.

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A Definite Cybersecurity Check List for Employees

Cyber attacks aren’t just restricted to businesses alone as individuals are often the prime target of hackers, as they are not equipped to defend themselves and lack budget to have experts protect them. As the first line of defense, to assist employees in defending themselves, here is a checklist to reduce vulnerabilities that attackers exploit.

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The Most Common Cyber Crimes Attacking Your Business

 Why doesn’t cyber security get the respect it deserves? On average, 1.7 billion Americans are impacted by data breaches every year, and still, many companies have not embraced a corporate culture that includes privacy and security in their core values. Cyber security surveys affirm that 92% of business desire to have a well-designed cyber security plan, but only 20% are successful in executing one.  So how are these cyber criminals attacking your business? We have the answer. 

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How a Strong API Approach Accelerates Business Process Automation Efforts

Business process automation is no more option in the era of digital transformation. Though many solutions have been evolving to conduct smooth business process automation, they fall short due to lack of deep domain knowledge. In this process, to ensure a smooth and secure business process automation the API evolved as one of the best solutions. 

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Is ServiceNow Performance Analytics Right for Your Business?

Organizations are engaging ‘Data Scientists’ to work on the performance analytics manually to enhance service delivery efficiencies. To enhance service delivery capabilities ServiceNow comes with a customizable live module called performance analytics (PA), which adds value to the organizations in terms of analytics and helps in continual process improvement.

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Employee Spotlight Toronto: Ron Trentini

To celebrate our successful merger with Toronto-based IT Staffing company Lintex Global Staffing, this month's employee spotlight features Ron Trentini, the manager of Talent Strategy of V-Soft's new Toronto Office. Ron tells us how tech is changing the way IT recruiting operates and why he loves Toronto.

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Can ServiceNow's IT Business Management Solve the Challenges of IT?

The ServiceNow ITBM is about managing IT-as-a-business on its own. Strategic utilization of the IT can help the business to achieve meaningful outcomes in terms of strategy, planning, client/customer service, financial visibility, and modeling. ServiceNow ITBM offers unique ways to solve the challenges of IT and scale up the digital transformation efforts of businesses.

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Ransomware: Is Your Business a Ransom Target?

"Local company pays ransom of $150,000 to stop hackers from exploiting their clients and deleting all files." This is the headline we'll never see yet it happens all the time. Why do we not hear about it?  Because the last thing a business wants the public to know is they were hacked and for customers to lose confidence in their company. Here we walk you through the maze of ransomware and how your business can defend against these cybercriminals.

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