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the IT Company Intern Survival: Week 1

Sales Mtg Nov 2016.jpg
Sales Mtg Nov 2016.jpg
When I stopped into V-Soft for my 1st time I had the chance to meet a group of highly professional and dedicated individuals and it was then,  I realized I was not in Los Angeles anymore. As I woke up at 4AM to depart from Los Angeles on my way to Louisville, Kentucky for my 6AM flight across the country I felt a combination of anxiety, happiness, stress, uncertainty and joy. While I had accepted my V-Soft Consulting internship earlier in the year I only began my preparation for the move-in day a month prior as any 20 year old college student, even one from Yale, might do.

Preparation is the Key to Success

Moving to a new state and the preparation required to succeed for the first day of the job is something I knew I needed to address. Moving away from what you're used to can be challenging and daunting, especially for a summer intern.
I developed a strategy prior to move-in day that I hoped would serve me well, and it did for the most part.
  • Establish a solid communication network with your boss.
  • Fully develop your commute plan.
  • Prepare your wardrobe for the office dress code.
  • Sufficiently understand/research your role in the company
  • Finally, keep an open mindset.

I think the open mindset could be most important. Sure, getting there matters each day as it took me a day or two to line out transportation but in the end I must be open to to whatever the culture and direction my new home, V-Soft Consulting, chose to direct me.


Welcome Home to Kentucky

As I arrived at Bellarmine University where I would reside for the next nine weeks, the vast expanse of green land, humid and rainy weather, and people wearing either UK or U of L hats established the foreign and new environment I had stepped foot in. I was not in Los Angeles anymore.

(For ya'll foreigners UK is the University of Kentucky and U of L is the University of Louisville. Two NCAA basketball powerhouses within an hour of one another where you can be sure every person either "bleeds blue or bleeds red.")

Walking through the airport there is no denying this is horse country, home of the Kentucky Derby and the most famous racetrack in the world, Churchill Downs.

Getting to Work

Since my new temporary home is a short distance from the Downtown area, the commute to the V-Soft office located on the other side of the city proved as a sufficient challenge with a 30 minute drive. As a testament to the saying “stuff happens,” the day prior to my first day at work my carpool plans fell through and I was caught facing the need to use TARC transportation., the bus service that runs through the Louisville metropolitan area. It took longer than expected and to say I was nervous about getting to work is an understatement.
Fortunately, after contacting my amazing co-worker Casey, I worked out a new carpool arrangement where I would arrive to the office at nine a.m. the following day. I was able to successfully secure car pooling with some other interns and it all worked out.

My First Day

As I talked with the 22 other Yale students who had arrived in Louisville for the Bulldogs in the Bluegrass internship program the night before our first day, we all discussed how we envisioned the first day at the office, the personality of our bosses, & the office environment we would be situated in. Finally, with my notebook in hand and ironed, button-down shirt tucked in, I embarked on my first day of work with an open mind and open heart.
To my great delight, Casey, a second year employee at V-Soft who works in the marketing department, was my key liaison who showed me the reins with her positive attitude, go-getter mentality & strong sense of community that really created a welcoming environment during my first day at work. Within the first several hours, I was already settled into my new desk with coffee in hand, notepad on my desk, & ready to take on whatever came my way.

My Survival in the 1st Week

As the week progressed I got to meet with my two bosses whom were sharing me during my internship. (the marketing & recruiting departments) Both Doug & Michael created an open communication and positive setting where I could offer ideas as part of the V-Soft family. This while learning from hands-on work experience taught me the skills necessary to succeed at an IT company.
When I met back at Bellarmine with my fellow classmates, I discussed how I was very happy with my first day at work and looked forward to each one during my stay here. As a result of the combination of living with several other classmates in this amazing city, V-Soft’s vibrant working environment filled with amazing employees and my preparation before my first day of work, my first week at Louisville Kentucky (where I have difficulty distinguishing which pronunciation is correct) is nothing less than amazing.

this Intern's 1st Week Lessons

S...L...E...E...P | If I wasn't clear that word is sleep. Having to wake up each morning and stay engaged at the office for 8 hours straight is better done getting a good rest the night before. Sure, I was happy to catch up on my "House of Cards' watching but I paid the price the next day.

Office Chatting | There's a fine line between casual conversation and getting back to work. I think everyone happily has a brief distraction from the day's work through personal conversation, The reality is though we're here to work and the secret is knowing when to stop the chit chat.

Process & Task Management | I've been given some long range goals while maintaining daily tasks. Some of these tasks add up to the longer term objectives but not all. Making sure daily activities include working toward the overall objectives is a change from sitting down and knocking out a paper or assignment.

About Bulldogs in the Bluegrass


For the past 16 years, Bulldogs in the Bluegrass has changed not only the lives of Yalies, but the entire Louisville community.

Why Louisville, Kentucky, you might ask? You’d be surprised. Wide-eyed interns arrive in May and leave 10 weeks later Citizens for Life.

Bulldogs in the Bluegrass

Bulldogs in the Bluegrass brings Yalies together for life long friendships, connects students to the local Yale community and provides community networking with all the best that Louisville has to offer. But, don’t take our word for it. Check out what former Bulldogs have to say here.Come see why 40 Yale graduates have chosen to return to Louisville to begin their careers by visiting the Bulldogs in the Bluegrass website to learn more: BulldogsintheBluegrass.com

Finally, a special thanks to Bellarmine University for letting us live there during our summer internships. Great folks and a very gorgeous campus.

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