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Exploring New Features from ServiceNow Vancouver Release

ServiceNow Vancouver Release

ServiceNow introduces version upgrades twice a year, aiming to enhance the overall performance of the platform. These upgrades usually incorporate new modules, applications, or improvements, along with fixes for existing products. Typically, ServiceNow code-names every release based on the name of a city. The latest update is called the Vancouver release. In this blog, we will explore some of the new features and products that the ServiceNow Vancouver release has to offer.

ServiceNow Vancouver Release Features and Products

Task Intelligence for ITSM

The ServiceNow Vancouver release has introduced a new application, Task Intelligence for ITSM. It uses machine learning for setting up, deploying, and tracking solution-based models.

Highlights of Task Intelligence for ITSM include:

    • Defining the purpose of an incident prediction model, configuring its prediction preferences and behavior, training it with your data, and deploying it to predict and recommend incident fields.
    • Tracking and monitoring the performance of a deployed model.
    • Utilizing incident field information to facilitate incident categorization and reduce agent handling time.
    • Editing, training, and redeploying a model based on its performance results.

Key Features of Task Intelligence for ITSM

Instant Prediction Model - Develop and implement incident prediction models tailored to specific solutions for anticipating fields in new IT service incidents. With these models, administrators have the flexibility to determine when predictions should be made, what information to predict, and which data to utilize for these predictions.

Edit and Retrain - Modify a previously trained and deployed incident prediction model by adjusting its configurations. Review the updated training results and proceed to redeploy the model.

Monitor - Monitor and assess the effects of your incident prediction models over time, including the total number of predictions and the breakdown of predictions utilized and not utilized by your agents.

Benefits of Task Intelligence for ITSM

Task Intelligence for ITSM enables agents to resolve issues faster, minimize error rates, and enhance service quality and overall experiences for both customers and agents.

Financial Services Operations

The integration between ServiceNow and the Equifax spoke provides access to crucial details regarding a customer's credit history, fraud alerts, digital identity verification, transaction screening, and other pertinent data. This integration is a new feature introduced in the Vancouver release.

Highlights of ServiceNow and Equifax spoke integration include:

    • Retrieve customer details, including their credit history, credit score, and any fraud alerts associated with their profile.
    • Expedite lending decisions by assessing the creditworthiness of a customer.
    • Ensure the accuracy of customer information by verifying their identities.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The Compliance Case Management application is introduced as a new feature in the Vancouver release. It facilitates the reporting, investigation, and resolution of compliance cases, including complaints or breaches. Additionally, users can submit compliance requests, such as policy modifications, clarifications, or inquiries, and have them addressed by the compliance team.

Highlights of Compliance Case Management include:

    • Report, examine, and address a compliance case or event, such as a complaint or breach.
    • Submit a compliance request, whether for a policy modification, clarification, or inquiry.
    • Acquire operational insights into the present status of compliance cases and requests through the Compliance Case Management landing page.
    • Enhance your compliance management with a fully customizable workflow tailored to your organization's needs.
    • Obtain thorough insights into your compliance case through the comprehensive 360-degree compliance case view.

Key Features of Compliance Case Management

Reporting - Use the Compliance Case Management application to report any infringement of the organization's policies or guidelines. This proactive approach helps minimize and prevent potential adverse regulatory actions that may have repercussions on the company's financial standing, reputation, and growth.

Raising A Compliance Request - You can raise a compliance request asking for advice or guidance regarding the organization's policies and guidelines. Through seeking clarification, guidance, or approval, you play a role in fostering a culture of compliance within the organization.

Create Case Tasks - Create case tasks to conduct investigations, gather evidence, and perform assessments for reported compliance cases. The Compliance Case Management application offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating, assigning, and tracking these case tasks.

Compliance Case Management Workspace - Access a holistic summary of all your compliance case-related information within the Compliance Case Management workspace. This dedicated workspace empowers you to initiate cases, requests, and address issues seamlessly.

360-Degree Relationship Visualization - Use the 360-degree compliance case view to explore the relationship between your compliance case and the key areas identified during its life cycle. The key areas include regulations, citations, impacted areas, related areas, entities, and case tasks.

Data Separation Application

As part of Strategic Portfolio Management, the new ServiceNow Data Separation application introduced in the Vancouver release allows organizations to control access to sensitive data by implementing access based on hierarchical lens structure and its leaf nodes.

Highlights of Data Separation Application include:

    • Establish a hierarchy for Data Separation in ServiceNow® Strategic Portfolio Management by employing a lens hierarchy and its leaf node to control data access.
    • Activate Data Separation selectively on specific entities and their related counterparts as required.
    • Map user groups with different levels of the lens hierarchy to grant access in a hierarchical fashion.
    • Employ the sn_ds.ds_privileged_user role to access restricted data from any business function across the organization, even when Data Separation is enabled.

Key Features of Data Separation

Data Separation Hierarchy - Utilize a lens hierarchy and its leaf node to establish the Data Separation hierarchy, controlling access to sensitive data for specific users within an organization.

Enable Entities for Data Separation - Enable Data Separation for chosen entities such as Demand, Project, Resource Plan, and Cost Plan based on your requirements. Additionally, you can enable Data Separation for selected entities related to Cost Plan Breakdown and Project Task.

User Group Mapping - Map user groups with different tiers of the lens hierarchy to grant access in a hierarchical fashion.

Privileged User Role - Administer comprehensive governance by leveraging the sn_ds.ds_privileged_user role to access any record based on the existing Access Control Rules (ACLs) the user possesses, even if Data Separation is enabled.


These are some of the new features and applications that ServiceNow has introduced in the Vancouver release. There are lot more exciting features including generative AI capabilities in the new release. To learn more about the enhancements in Vancouver release you can connect with our team of experts. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, V-Soft empowers organizations to smoothly upgrade their ServiceNow platform, staying aligned with the latest releases to address their distinctive business needs.

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