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How AI Powered Chatbots Can Help B2B Business

How Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbots can help B2B Business.jpg

Chatbots are beginning to be quite common these days; users are interacting with chatbots for their needs and businesses can’t ignore this medium anymore. Chatbots can be deployed wherever you expect a human interaction and communication in the business process.

Historically chatbot have found a dominant impact on B2C businesses, it should also be understood that they carry equal significance in B2B business too. There are many reasons that a B2B should consider an externally facing chatbot alongside an internal one. Externally facing chatbots converse with your customers. Internally facing chatbots serve your employees. Here we present the ways artificial intelligence chatbots can push B2B business efficiency and margins to greater heights.

Effective Data Mining

Sales and marketing teams constantly battle around the data to figure out the most qualified leads. Due to lack of accuracy in data, sales and marketing teams end up in the blame game “marketing team fails to provide quality leads and marketing teams say sales don’t follow up the leads”. The intensity of the fight is high in B2B businesses, where the data volume is too high. This clearly projects the trouble of the organizations lies in mining quality data from a huge heap of data.

Moreover, it is not possible for the human marketer to manually mine the data and organize as per the organizational trends in a timely manner. This indeed is time consuming for marketing reps, keeping aside all their tasks. The B2B chatbots frameworks have can automate the process of data management and helps to map the data as per the organizational trends.

Smart Lead Generation

Gathering leads is one the primary targets of marketing teams and their efforts are centered around it. The key to lead generation is generate better experiences for the visitors/prospects. Here, B2B chatbots study the visitor interactions then map the visitor’s journey, create behavior analytics and finally creates a profile for the visitor based on the calculating the probability of the visitor transforming in to a lead. This way marketers or sales teams can easily locate the qualified leads and helps to retain the existing customers by generating tailored responses.

80 Percent of all Marketing Executives Predict Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Marketing by 2020."


Also, based on the behavior analytics, in the next visitor’s visit an artifical intelligence powered chatbot takes the initiative to engage with the visitor and cater the help the visitor is looking for. This way, enterprise chatbots exhibits the abilities to transform the visitor into a most qualified lead by:

  • Generating immediate responses
  • Offering personalized experiences
  • Avoiding wait times for getting the info easily from vast ocean of information
  • Better engagement at any given time
  • Interacts with user and gathers data by avoiding the need for lead generation forms.
  • Offering content/landing pages based on the customer behavior data.
  • Get fast, easy access to documents or information without having to search for it in an expansive library.

AI strategy powered chatbots solutions can offer more agility to the overall inbound strategy of the B2B business.

Brings Agility to The Sales Process

The buyers’ persona is the key to sales activity. The chatbots, based on visitor’s interactions with the company and by tracking their social profiles activities, can generate behavior patterns and buyer’s persona map. By applying predictive analytics, sales teams can isolate the quality leads from the sales pipeline. This way The AI B2B chatbots helps the sales teams to develop tailored interaction approaches to each lead, which increases the chances of transforming quality leads in to customers.

This proves that AI powered chatbots have a strategic role to play in delivering innovative ways to the sales process challenges. Gartner research, states that 30 percent of B2B companies are supposed to have AI solutions to supplement their sales processes.

Ease and Up-to-Date Tracking of Communications

Up-to-Date Tracking of all Chatbot Communications

These applications are very effective in recording the communications happening between customers and the bot. These conversations will be analyzed by the bot and provides you deep insights in to the customer behavior and helps to decide what exactly is customer looking out for or if there’s anything you need to improve. Also, improve communication between users, departments, and locations by an automated bot being able to announce news, changes, or updates.

Smartens Administrative Tasks

Focused on the more administrative tasks, business chatbots are helping you document your time sheets, keeping you on track with all your assigned tasks, or even reminding you of meetings or events coming up.

Plot Insights with Ease

Things like stock prices, your website’s page views, or amount of contacts created the previous day are only a few examples of an Insight Bot.

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