Improve B2C Business by Using Chatbots

Improve B2C Business by Using Chatbots.jpgWitnessing the skills and intelligence the chatbots are equipping day-to-day, businesses have been quick enough to react in adopting chatbot applications and B2C business are no exception. The BI report confirms this trend by stating, "80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020". Trying to list out the ways this application can improves B2C businesses would make the list exhaustive. Here, we list out the key ways that guide you in understanding the relevance chatbot can have for your business:

Interactive Quick Responses

No customer likes to be kept waiting in the IVR queue waiting for the customer service representative to understand their problem. Moreover, it is not possible for human customer service executive to attend two or more calls/requests at a given time. If more requests are to be processed at a given time, then more human executives have been recruited; which is a costly affair. The only solution here is a chatbot.

One chatbot can confront any number of customers and answer questions round the clock. If the chatbot feels it is not capable of answering the question to the user’s satisfaction, it can escalate it up to a live agent. This way chatbots are very effective for the businesses of all scales.

(For an in-depth look at how chatbots improve customer experiences in the restaurant industry)

Transactional Bots

Some banks are even using chatbots to help you do your online banking without having to access the bank’s website. Instead, you just chat with a bot to get whatever information you need out of it, 24/7.

Digital Assistants

Chatbots can assist to schedule meetings or appointments based on the availability of attendees.

Superior Customer Experience and Engagement

It is rich experience and engagement the key to gain or retain customers, this is the open secret to the successful business. It is observed in many of the research findings that customers are sensitive, and they wish to discontinue bond with the brands with even one bad experience. Furthermore, humans are subjected to emotions, possibilities are that lack of control may spoil the customer experience.

When asked which technologies will most improve the customer experience, 40% of sales and marketing leaders cited Virtual Reality (VR) and 34% believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the biggest game-changer"

Oracle Report on Can Virtual Experiences Replace Reality?

To generate better customer experience, customer persona is the key. Based on the customer interactions, chatbots (with machine learning capabilities,) organize customer data, develop behavioral analytics reports and build profiles for each customer. These reports aid marketing teams to develop personalized marketing plans based on the customer personas; thereby delivering a personalized customer experience.

Leads Sales from the Front

Chatbots staying online 24/7 is a significant advantage when you have a product to sell. Not everyone is confined to wanting to research something between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., so the option to get assistance whenever there is a need is substantial.

Close to 80% of the sales teams are using some form or the other AI tools as a part of process improvisation. Data is key to sales success. The customer analytics reports help the sales teams to analyze the customer behavior patterns and accordingly strategize sales efforts. Thus, chatbots leads the sales teams from the front by creating a tailored sales approach customer. This ability stands key for E-Commerce businesses to escalate sales to great scales.

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