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How Can You Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Your Business?

How AI Transforms the HR Department

Artificial intelligence has become a part of each of our lives and is quickly becoming indispensable. No matter the industry, all businesses are asking the same question: How can AI help us?

According to data shown form Google Trends, searches for “machine learning” – a prevalent application of AI that enables machines to operate and learn from data inputs- have escalated over the last several years. There’s no question that businesses are eager to utilize this technology, that promises to increase efficiency and productivity.

Breaking through the hype around artificial intelligence and machine learning is a big deal when discovering where AI can be implemented and leveraged. We’re here to clear things up and explain some realistic, beneficial ways businesses can use AI.

Improve Team Productivity

The use of artificial intelligence to assist organizations to get their projects done faster and more efficiently is the greatest benefit so far. The most documented operation where AI makes the largest impact is productivity. With the minimization of repetitive tasks, 65% of employees and workers have access to better quality data due to AI technology and machine learning, according to Ricoh Europe reports.

Productivity is essential for your businesses success and utilizing the advancements of AI will excel your production and quality of work is in all facets. Your teams are spending less time on “low-level tasks” and allotted more time on tasks that require more critical thinking and multiplying value to your business.


With less time being spent on tedious tasks, you have more time to spend on areas that require analytical and innovative thinking. With the power of technology, you have tons of data that would have taken you weeks to compile, but with machine learning it was curated in 5 minutes. AI will perform all the data analysis that is a hassle for you to do- it will pinpoint opportunities, trends and themes- allowing you more time to apply the data and creativity, resulting in higher performance than accustomed to.

In real-time, artificial intelligence is prestige in deciphering large amounts of data sets and determining pre-programmed decisions based on input results. These AI algorithms operate at speeds the human brain is not capable of ultimately improving decision making.

The best use of AI is to compile, decipher, record and execute decisions based on large amounts and a variety of metrics.” -Ernesto Carrizoza, Movement Marketing

Building Relationships and Enhancing Customer Communication

Improving how we service customers while simultaneously lowing the cost is a fundamental goal for all business no matter the size or industry. With Chatbot technology already in the works for various relation services- which will continue to grow with further development- the development of customer service data and natural language processing into one-on-one customer service can reach unpredictable lengths.

Infinitely more cost effective than staffing a 24-hour customer service team, AI- based customer service is a service that does not sleep. It answers questions, pulls necessary documents, makes friends and can build a relationship, never making the customer wait.

Streamlining Processes and the Customer Experience

The human resource industry is the prime example on how leveraging artificial intelligence, people analytics and automation to enhance the employee experience and make strategic hires and overall business decisions. This technology is being used to recruit, retain, and shift employees with more efficiency.

HR technology is leveraged by nearly every organization in some capacity. There’s no question that AI will continue to improve our ability build a cohesive company culture and more credible brand by new processes on identifying talent and developing a customized work environment to meet employee and customer needs. Many brands focus on live programs, using AI to create voice-activated content for attendees at live events, tradeshows and conferences. Information such as session content, FAQs and How To’s can all be programmed and utilized but customers who ask questions for customer responses. This type of chatbot or application can translate to any point-of- purchase scenario.

The problem I see with bots and AI is that everyone is trying to automate the entire process. Instead, I suggest taking small components and using AI to make it easier or streamline that one piece. The ‘out of the box’ AI platforms are not one-size-fits-all solutions.” - Gary Henderson, DigitalMarketing.org

Enhance Marketing Performance

Advertisers no longer need to go with their gut when deciding on marketing messages that will catch the attention of consumers. A well-rounded AI application- programmatic advertising- possess algorithms used to analyze online behavior so advertising campaigns can be enhanced to maximize conversions. AI platforms calculate the best combinations that work across Google and all social media platforms. By merging the science and art of content creation, marketers can make strategic decisions that deliver quantitative results.

Artificial intelligence has become an essential part of the technology industry and leveraging AI for business can be beneficial in many ways. Paving the way business gets done better than ever before. This application of AI is creating a more effective world creating jobs, making safer workplaces, and empowering employees to be more successful at their jobs.

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