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ServiceNow ITSM: The Key To Improving Government Service Delivery Efficiencies

Digtal Governance by ServiceNow

The impact of digital transformations isn’t restricted to the private sector, it has huge impact on the public sector too. With engagement preferences profoundly driven by smartphones, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and social media, it is high time for government agencies to modernize their service delivery with better public engagement strategies. On the other hand, legacy IT and service delivery infrastructure has become a huge setback for governments in ensuring improved service delivery experiences. ServiceNow has transformed many organizations with innovative service delivery solutions, irrespective of industry. Explore how ServiceNow ITSM changes the game for government agencies in driving efficient and personalized service delivery experiences.

Why Governments Should Consider ServiceNow

Not all people are knowledgeable on government policies or laws. So, often government agencies are flooded with public enquires on issues like tax filing, legislation, judicial questions and so on. The traditional resolution process involves a lot of repetitive tasks for the public and government employees. This process makes the public wait days if not weeks for answers and usually requires multiple trips to agencies to get  the information they need.

Regardless of positioning, agencies are spending billions to serve the public better, and even then, agencies still don’t have enough workforce to solve public issues. Thereby leading to public dissatisfaction, unhealthy public-government relationships and poor governance. This is where the need for a digital service delivery platform such as ServiceNow comes in.

This is what government agencies can expect with digitalization of service delivery:

  • Predict citizens interests and trends.
  • Omnichannel engagement: Engage with the public on the platform they're already on.
  • Provide access to government services and policies 24/7.
  • Improve agility and responsiveness with better data management.
  • Extract intelligence from vast amounts of public data.
  • Add transparency for public issue resolution.
  • Increase security with a secure digital infrastructure.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with easy-to-use platforms.

How ServiceNow ITSM Transforms Government Efficiency

State Capital Building Using ServiceNow Automation to increase citizen engagement.

The US Federal Government represented our biggest deals in the quarter, accounting for a fifth of our total net-new ACV (Account Current Value). This was our largest federal quarter ever. We're becoming a critical strategic partner to the US Federal Government as it modernizes its IT infrastructure and moves to cloud-based services and platforms.

John, CEO, ServiceNow.

ServiceNow has transformed many industries with innovative service delivery solutions. Here's how ServiceNow can transform government agencies.

Innovate and Streamline Service Delivery

Legacy service management systems waste government employees' time with repetitive tasks like writing back and forth emails for every public inquiry or internal communication. This results in lack of transparency in service workflows and leads to poor experiences for both employees and the public.

To modernize the government’s traditional service delivery process, ServiceNow ITSM comes with AI-driven solutions and interactive dashboards. The service and communication workflows (requests) are streamlined and consolidated into a single dashboard with a cloud solution, i.e., portal. In the dashboard/web portal, government officials can track the status of public and employee requests. Citizens can even check the status of their requests of any government department in a single window, vastly improving the user experience. 

Most importantly, citizens need not worry about which department or official they need to submit their request. The intelligent dashboard understands, categorizes, assigns, and follows up with the service request until it gets resolved.

Omnichannel Support: Reach People Where They are

To offer personalized experiences to the public, the ServiceNow hybrid cloud platform is interfaced with messaging platforms, mobile applications, and chatbots that are peripheral to the ITSM platform. This enables the government to reach people where they are and serve their interests. These applications interact with the back-end business systems and get the job done. Users don't need to check the portal to track request updates. The modern ITSM platform can use chatbots or mobile apps to alert users if there is any progress. Modernized ITSM saves time, streamlines, and improves the communication workflows in the service management process.

Chatbot Integration for 24/7 ConnectivityCan Chatbots Help Governments Improve Service Delivery

Almost 250,000 public sector workers could lose their jobs to robots over the next 15 years."

- The Guardian

In the portal, people must go through a catalog of options to get their information which requires some knowledge of the portal structure. To make navigating these portals easier, chatbots (text or voice) have the capability to handle any number of citizen requests and respond back to them with the appropriate information. Many government agencies around the world have implemented chatbots to improve the user experience. This way chatbots help governments improve service delivery effectiveness.  

Text based chatbots allow people to interact in any language. The voice assistant integration with  the ServiceNow platform can be useful for people with disabilities to interact with government agencies through natural voice commands.

(Check out the 12 Global government agencies that use Chatbots)

Predict Public Trends: ServiceNow PA

Performance Analytics provides a real-time view of our IT KPIs to make smarter decisions that drive customer satisfaction, improve quality, and keep employees engaged."

Chris Bedi, CIO, ServiceNow

Governments have huge amounts of data sitting unused in databases. This is due to a lack of tools or legacy tools. Agencies are failing to utilize this data to make better decisions and serve the public in a more personalized way. 

The ServiceNow Performance Analytics (PA) module gathers, analyzes, and organizes real-time data contextually to drive better intelligence. This allows governments to align departments and make data-driven decisions. By using predictive intelligence, ServiceNow PA studies user interactions across platforms and predicts trends to offer personalized services and experiences. Thereby increasing the citizen-government relations.

In short, ServiceNow PA helps agencies to:

  • Predict Trends
  • Improve Resource Utilization
  • Align Service Objectives with Goals
  • Continue Service Delivery Enhancement

Educate and Engage Citizens

The ServiceNow knowledge management module enables agencies to easily upload and manage helpful articles that provide answers and can speed up the resolution process. The public doesn't have to wait for officials to offer guidance in resolutions. Policies, tax filings, or any appropriate government information can be made available. This empowers governments to stay transparent to citizens and improve public trust.

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