How ServiceNow Chatbots for Your Slack Group Can Increase Productivity

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Slack is a powerful tool utilized by many companies to help their teams connect, chat, and stay organized during big projects. There are lots of instant messaging systems that can be used within organizations such as Skype or Outlook’s messenger, but one defining feature of Slack is how easily it can be customized by users. ServiceNow has taken the tools offered by Slack and created chatbot apps that are drastically changing and improving how groups work together.

Benefits of ServiceNow’s Chatbots

ServiceNow chatbots work with multiple chat interfaces and can work outside of ServiceNow. Even though the bots work inside the ServiceNow portal, teams who use Slack or other enterprise chat communication tools benefit from them in the following ways:

  • Users don’t have to leave their current communication interface and log in to a different portal, navigate, and then raise tickets or ask for information. They can just use Slack to chat with a virtual agent that can take care of their needs.
  • There is no learning curve, so users can easily adopt changes.
  • All activities can happen through the same interface, which helps avoid complicated access and usability issues.
  • Admins can focus more on delivering services, instead of having to spend time training users on how to use the portal or where to find forms—the chatbot can answer those questions!
  • All the portal design difficulties become obsolete as users have a virtual assistant to guide them through the portal process.

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Other ServiceNow Integration Offerings

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ServiceNow can do more than just integrate chatbots into your company’s Slack. You can also use ServiceNow integration within Slack to:

  • Share incidents between ServiceNow and Slack
  • Notify teams when a Knowledge base article is posted
  • Integrate JIRA
  • Use bots to Pull ServiceNow information into Slack

ServiceNow is constantly finding new ways to use bots to improve the enterprise.

Learn More About Chatbots

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