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ServiceNow's London Release Elevates HR

HR Professionals discussing about ServiceNow London features

In the globalized business environment, most of the business leaders expect HR to be a strategic business partner. In this scenario ServiceNow has been crucial in transforming HR to be an active business partner from being a passive business entity. To enable HR to foster the global aspirations of the businesses, ServiceNow London comes with some interesting features.

Case and Knowledge Management

The Case and Knowledge Management ServiceNow application allows you to standardize the documentation, interaction, and fulfillment of employee requests. This is aimed to improve the overall HR efficiency and makes it easier for employees to get the services with ease.

HR Case Management: Auto-Case Management

HR case management is offered through auto-case management in ServiceNow London. This comes with strong support of machine learning framework – agent intelligence- to improve the HR issue handling capabilities. The agent intelligence makes use of predictive intelligence models to aid the virtual-HR to automatically generate solutions by itself. The virtual-HR is provided with a database of repetitive issues and respective solutions, to aid faster resolution. To understand better the issue of the user, the virtual-HR analyzes parameters, like, keywords in the subject line or body of the email. Based on this, the issues are routed accordingly or suggested with a knowledge base article.

The auto-case classification of HR Case management is active by default if the agent intelligence and the HR-service delivery services are active. To avoid this automatic categorization, go to HR administration window in the properties and unselect the Enable HR Case auto-categorization dialogue box. To learn how to enable auto-categorization of HR cases management click here.

Better Knowledge Management Through Knowledge Blocks

To aid better knowledge management, ServiceNow London release comes with the knowledge blocks concept. ServiceNow defines Knowledge blocks as, “reusable pieces of content secured by user criteria that you can add to knowledge articles in a knowledge base. The user criteria controls which users can read or not read the block content in an article or a search.”

These knowledge blocks come very handy for the HR department in faster resolution of the employee requests, without having employees to reach out to the HR. Using knowledge blocks with the HR Service Delivery, the job of writers is made simpler in submission of knowledge base articles. The knowledge blocks encourage the users with right knowledge article to solve issues by self. In the case of virtual assistants- like chatbot- these can further assist the virtual assistant to understand better the issue of the user and suggest the right solution.


In case of offices located in different demographics one global HR policy for all doesn’t suit, as the policies change with respective country rules. For example, tax policies, holiday calendar and so on. In such a case, knowledge blocks enable the HR to cater knowledge articles or content to the user based on their demography.

To learn the technical implementation of it, click here.

Secure Data with Encryption

ServiceNow London provides encryption support to secure the HR document as well as the employee document information. ServiceNow London ensures security in the HR service delivery process through:

  • Restricted Caller Access
  • Encryption Support, and
  • Edge Encryption security features.

To study in detail about this process, click here.

Synonym Dictionary to Enhance Search Scope

Each user uses a different search word even though the intention of search is the same. In such a case, it is not possible to predict and include all the search key words in the process of extracting knowledge article. To avoid this overhead ServiceNow London comes with HR Synonym dictionary. With more synonyms in the service delivery dictionary this increases the probability to get the search results that are close to user expectations. This boosts up chatbot capabilities as well or other AI based tools. 

To study in detail about HR Synonym dictionary, click here.

Employee Service Center

HR professionals discussing about Employee Service Center

The disengaged employees costs in the US estimating to be $450 billion to $550 billion annually, states Gallup Research. ServiceNow London to aid HR in improving employee-organization engagement following are the new features it offers.

Best Content Delivery Solutions

Our employees love the fact that all of their benefits and company information is right at their fingertips.”

-HR Manager, Midwestern Technology Company

To improve the employee-HR engagement ServiceNow London aids the HR process with automated content delivery and automation methods. Here HR can send continuous stream of updates that are specific to an employee or to a group of employees. This way HR can generate personalized experiences.

By the usage of predictive intelligence, workforce analytics reports are generated to help HR get to deep insights about each employee. This analytics helps the HR to improve skills of the employee by suggesting video tutorials or articles. Like in the previous ServiceNow releases, the HR can even conduct mass emails to keep employees updated on latest company news or conduct campaigns.

 Learn more about Content Delivery and Content Automation.

On-Demand HR Services with ServiceNow's Virtual Agent

It is observed that more than 70% the HR team’s time is consumed in answering repetitive requests. The complexity of this grows with number of employees. To avoid this ServiceNow London comes with a full-fledged virtual HR agent (chatbot or voice assistant) capabilities to serve employees better 24/7. Getting virtual assistant on a mobile app can be a great differentiator in the service delivery process, as the organizations can stay connected with employees anywhere anytime. One virtual agent can take any number of questions from any number of employees on behalf of human HR agent and answers most of all the requests. In ServiceNow London, this can be available with HR Professional and HR Enterprise packages.

Want to learn to set up the virtual agent? Click here

HR Integration

Integration Solutions

To validate the employee’s biography provided in the resume, validating the employee details is a must. Often companies tie up with external agencies to perform background checks. This requires sharing of details with the third-party agency. ServiceNow London supports to conduct a smooth and secure integration with external agencies. The dashboard enables the HR agent to trace the status of background check process and in detailed reports of the check results.


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