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ServiceNow Utah Release Highlights

ServiceNow Utah Release Highlights

ServiceNow upgraded Utah Release is packed with several exciting new products and features, along with functional applications. These features and products will be extremely useful for businesses that need help automating their processes. ServiceNow Utah Release will also help in simplifying the user experience. However, with the new features, ServiceNow also focused on fixing the existing products.

Let’s look at the highlights of the ServiceNow Utah release to learn more.

Customer Experience

  • Install Base Foundation: ServiceNow Utah Release supports installing bases for complex products with database linking base product models. Add-on products and services are sold to customers. Installs Bases for complex products with a database linking base product models offered, add-on products and services sold to customers, and the specifications of individual items purchased by customers and provisioned for an account or installed at a customer location.
Solving customer queries with ServiceNow CSM

Field Service Management

  • Task Bundling: It helps improve the efficiency, workload, and backlog of the dispatchers. This is done by putting together similar tasks from different work orders into a single trip. It helps reduce travel costs, time, and carbon footprints while increasing service margins.
  • Intra-day Schedule Automation: It automatically reschedules work to respond to real-time field updates. It also eliminates the guesswork for dispatchers. It helps to ensure that the schedule gaps are closed and reschedules meet contractual obligations. On the other hand, it also ensures that both the technicians and customers stay informed about any changes that take place within the system. This provides a better and improved experience for everyone.
  • Equipment Scheduling: Support more detailed scheduling needs that include specialized equipment and cut down on delays caused by waiting for equipment. This will speed up the time it takes to finish a job.

IT Service Management

  • Digital Portfolio Management Enhancements: In the ServiceNow Utah release, the ITSM interface is simplified and now popular KPI groups can be mappable to the user portfolio. ITSM has integrated DevOps flow metrics to provide operational insight and inform business-critical decision-making.
User experience in ITSM

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Enterprise Asset Work Management: The new features in the ServiceNow Utah release will allow companies to improve asset reliability. This can be done by examining the past performance and trends of work orders to make future allocation and buying decisions.
  • Enterprise Asset Maintenance: Automate the regular maintenance plans for physical equipment across all locations to extend the life of enterprise assets. This also encompasses maintenance paperwork for audits and inspections.
  • Enterprise Asset Reclamation: Automate the recovery and retirement of corporate assets upon employee turnover. This enables businesses to identify which assets may be redeployed, repaired, retired, disposed of or returned to inventory.

Software Asset Management

  • Software Asset Management Succes Value Builder: With this functionality, businesses can receive insight into unused ServiceNow software asset management capabilities (SAM). With the software asset workspace, businesses may create, assign, and monitor the completion of new value-building tasks.
  • Containerized Software Licensing: Handle license compliance for software deployed on containers and installed on-premises, in the cloud, or using Docker and Kubernetes. Determining the licensing compliance status of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server products placed on containers and actively monitoring usage to generate remedy options when license compliance is not met.
  • Software Contracts Renewal Calendar: By using a single calendar, companies can gain visibility of all software contracts and entitlements that are up for renewal and about to expire. With this capability, businesses may dive deep into contract and entitlement data to better plan for SaaS and on-premises software renewals. In addition, contract and renewal management automates renewals across all stages of purchasing.

Hardware Asset Management

  • Hardware Asset Procurement Workspace: Monitor and handle asset acquisition from a single, centralized location. With this function, businesses may monitor crucial processes and swiftly provide services.
  • Pallets for Inventory: Companies can effectively manage the inventory by associating assets to a pallet for bulk updates. Users can determine the precise position of assets in a warehouse by using the aisle and space characteristics of the pallets. This contributes to the fulfillment of supply chain and logistical needs by enhancing asset accountability.
  • Asset Donation Workflow: Streamline donations of assets to charitable organizations in the hardware asset workspace by adding tasks to donation orders. This lets you request, approve, plan, schedule, and properly prepare assets. It makes it easier to keep an accurate record of the documentation for charitable donations of assets.

Integrated Risk Management (GRC)

  • Operational Resilience Workspace Enhancements: Visualize relationships by adding context to data and assets that affect operational resilience across the whole enterprise. With a modern design and customizable workspace, this feature helps increase productivity and makes it easier to get around.

App Engine

  • Restrict App Creation: Restrict app creation: Improve governance by prohibiting member users from creating new apps from scratch or using templates, and limiting them to editing only the applications to which they have access in App Engine Studio.

Automation Engine

  • Stream Connect for Apache Kafka: Kafka message flow trigger is utilized to consume and process messages, and transform and insert data into ServiceNow tables. Users may also push messages using drag-and-drop data tablets and low-code flow action Kafka producer step and build.
  • Usage Dashboard Enhancements: Get total visibility into spoke utilization and licensing compliance and recognize adoption as a proxy for business value. For compliance purposes, see transactions by leading spokes, custom spokes, and licensed/unlicensed.

Now Platform - Next Experience UI

  • Theme Builder: With the new release, it's easy to make and manage branded themes to get users' interest. It comes up with themes on its own and guides you through the process. Before sending themes and image abstractions to production, preview, tweak, and fine-tune themes to match specific branding requirements.
  • Unified Theming in Mobile Apps: It helps to establish a uniform visual experience across web portals and mobile applications by keeping a single, branded motif across all user experiences.
  • AI Search: Make it simple for service delivery teams to locate the information required to quickly resolve issues. Allow better relevance and a unified search experience with sophisticated search capabilities like auto-complete suggestions, typo correction, and exact match.

Now Platform - Now Intelligence

  • Process Optimization Expansion: With more in-platform process mining options, you can do an in-depth, actionable analysis of business processes to improve business results. Use AI-powered root cause analysis and examine bottleneck and variation analyses via direct process map drill-down.
  • Workforce Optimization Expansion: Real-time visibility into performance, an intuitive interface to improve scheduling and time-off requests, and demand scenario modeling to predict scheduling requirements.

Service Mobile

Platform Security

  • ServiceNow Platform Encryption: Increase compliance with privacy policies with cost-effective encryption that applies for both ServiceNow and client-owned keys (BYOK).
  • Adaptive Authentication for Mobile Devices: You can get started quickly with secure authentication for ServiceNow instances on authorized and trusted mobile devices, no matter where you are. Context-based authentication can be used to verify mobile users' identities and close security holes.

Make use of these ServiceNow tools so that you can remain on top of the latest developments. Are you planning to upgrade to the Now Platform Utah release? Reach out to our experts today.

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