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ServiceNow Vancouver Release: Generative AI Capabilities of Now Assist

Image describing generative AI capabilities of Now Assist in ServiceNow Vancouver Release

The rise and rise of generative AI has led most businesses to look at ways of adopting it. Even software-as-Service (SaaS) providers are racing to integrate generative AI capabilities into their platforms to stay competitive in the marketplace. ServiceNow, being a pioneer in its field, had already implemented generative AI capabilities by integrating Open AI LLMs including ChatGPT. Hugging Face and NVIDIA's Large Language Models (LLMs) are now incorporated into ServiceNow's offerings, leveraging generative AI capabilities. These models have been trained to address diverse workflows, spanning IT service management (ITSM), human resources, and customer service.

However, these general-purpose large language models (LLMs) are commonly trained on extensive datasets with varying levels of quality. Consequently, there is an increased likelihood that an AI model relying on a general-purpose LLM may produce inaccurate suggestions and recommendations, commonly referred to as hallucinations. This can inadvertently corrupt a workflow and adversely impact the organization's operations.

Besides, business leaders remain apprehensive about sharing proprietary data with public LLMs. To address these issues, the Vancouver release of ServiceNow introduces Now Assist, driven by a domain specific ServiceNow LLM tailored for the enterprise. This model is meticulously optimized for precision and safeguarding data privacy.

Generative AI Capabilities in ServiceNow Vancouver Release

Now Assist, introduced in the Vancouver release, is an expanding cross-platform suite of generative AI functionalities, encompassing tasks that a large language model (LLM) can execute. These features derived from the model's initial training and architecture, include:

Case or Incident Summarization

Learn the particulars of a case or incident through the summarization generated by Now Assist. Reading the summarization allows you to access comprehensive details about a case or incident, eliminating the need for the requester to reiterate information already provided to the Virtual Agent.

Chat Summarization

Acquire insights into a chat through a summarization generated by Now Assist. Reviewing the chat summarization provides sufficient details and spares the requester from reiterating information already conveyed to the Virtual Agent.

Resolution Notes Generation

Producing resolution notes results in a concise version of the incident's resolution notes, generated by Now Assist. These condensed notes can offer valuable information to other agents who may come across similar interactions.

Now Assist in AI Search

The Now Assist in AI Search ServiceNow Store application merges search capabilities with the Now LLM generative AI model to respond to user queries. It provides actionable AI-generated summaries of pertinent knowledge articles. By limiting the context provided to the Now LLM, Now Assist in AI Search enhances the probability that the generated responses are firmly rooted in indexed content.

Flow Generation

Generate multi-step flow outlines using generative AI. Configuration is necessary to incorporate input values and data references into the flow outlines.

Now Assist in Virtual Agent

Leverage generative AI capabilities for your conversational interactions. Now Assist in Virtual Agent utilizes large language models (LLMs) to craft a natural-language conversational experience, enhancing the effectiveness of your self-service workflows.

Now Assist Products

Now Assist is available across various modules on the platform, including:

Now Assist for Creator

Now Assist for Creator incorporates generative AI skills to streamline development on the Now Platform. The features within Now Assist for Creator include:

Flow Assist - Create and modify flows through text prompts and receive recommendations for the subsequent steps in your flow.

Code generation -Efficiently write scripts by utilizing AI-generated code derived from text or code prompts, enhancing the time-to-value for applications.

Now Assist for IT Service Delivery (ITSM)

Using the Now Assist for IT Service Management (ITSM) application enables your agents to condense chat conversations and incident details, generate resolution notes for incidents to be shared with other agents, and expedite the closure of incidents.

Now Assist, harnessing Generative AI, introduces a novel capability to the ITSM application, enhancing agent productivity and reshaping the user experience. Through automated summarization of incident data and virtual agent conversations, Now Assist enables agents to comprehend IT service issues effortlessly, leading to quicker problem resolution. This eliminates the necessity of asking users to elucidate their issues, thereby creating an outstanding user experience. Additionally, Now Assist furnishes agents with resolution notes, facilitating the swift resolution of similar service issues.

This conversational interface can be accessed by agents from the Now Assist panel in Service Operations Workspace for ITSM.

Now Assist for HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

Now Assist for HR Service Delivery enhances productivity and efficiency for HR teams by providing instant summaries of case topics and chat engagement history. It facilitates self-service for employees through intelligent search capabilities. The solution empowers HR leaders to boost productivity and operational efficiency, minimizing redundant manual tasks. Employees can quickly access the answers they need, minimizing disruption to their day. HR managers benefit from streamlined handling of issues, such as payroll discrepancies or paperwork changes, as they can review instant summaries of case topics, live chat and Virtual Agent interactions, and previous resolutions and actions taken. This context equips HR teams to address problems swiftly and confidently.

Now Assist for Customer Service Management (CSM)

The latest Generative AI features in the Now Assist for CSM application, works like its ITSM counterpart. It provides concise summaries of customer service requests or chats. This empowers agents to expedite issue resolution, ultimately saving organizations time and money through the automation of manual tasks.


ServiceNow Vancouver Release marks a significant leap forward in the realm of generative AI capabilities, highlighted by the powerful Now Assist suite. While the adoption of generative AI is becoming widespread across various industries, ServiceNow stands out in integrating cutting-edge technologies, such as OpenAI LLMs including ChatGPT, Hugging Face, and NVIDIA's Large Language Models.

Recognizing the potential pitfalls of relying on general-purpose LLMs, ServiceNow takes a strategic approach by introducing a domain specific LLM tailored for enterprise use. This meticulous optimization ensures not only precision in AI-generated suggestions and recommendations but also addresses concerns about data privacy, a paramount consideration for business leaders.

At V-Soft, our team of expert ServiceNow consultants can help your organization implement or upgrade to the ServiceNow Vancouver Release instance and leverage its powerful capabilities for increased efficiency. Contact us for more information.

Topics: ServiceNow, Generative AI, ServiceNow Vancouver, Now Assist

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