How Hybrid Cloud Can Scale Up Your Business Margins

The digital aspirations of the enterprises are demanding innovations to drive operations at a much faster rate. In this process, cloud technology (public and private) evolved as a game changer and many companies have been quick to adopt this technology. Despite existing (public and private) cloud technologies having many positives, they faced difficulties in serving certain business logic implementations. This gave scope for the raise of hybrid technology, which evolved with combined abilities of the private and public cloud technologies.

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How ServiceNow Can Prevent Cloud Sprawl Across Your Company

Let’s face it, you’re a busy person. You have an abundance of tasks on a day to day basis. It’s hard to be all places at all times keeping track of every move being made and every download being done. As a business, you’re under a ton of pressure to deliver services, and FAST—but it can take weeks or even months to administer a new environment. As a result, employees often turn to On-Demand cloud services that are outside of IT's control. However, unauthorized cloud services can cause security risks, compliance issues, and runaway costs.

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5 Tips for Developing a Great API

The tech world is one that is constantly growing and changing. In recent years, this has been especially true for the embedded software industry. Developers are now required to start working at higher levels of abstraction—which means they have to design great APIs (application programming interfaces,) that allow software to be reused. In this blog we’ve gathered five tips for developing a killer API to help in your embedded software industry needs.

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4 Biggest Barriers to Being an Early Adopter into the Cloud

Human beings tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. Even if you aren’t intending to, things like books and DVDs can easily pile up in your personal space. In a business space, this translates into physical papers lying everywhere—easily lost—as well as digital files taking up tons of space on computers. What’s the solution to this? The cloud! Businesses who have become early adopters into the cloud have been able to reduce the amount of stuff they have occupying their space by sending it to the cloud. But still, with all of these benefits, businesses are hesitant to adopt the cloud. In this blog we’ve outlined some common concerns with cloud integration and given solutions for them.

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An Expert’s Implementation Guide to ServiceNow's Project Portfolio Suite with Financials


V-Soft uses several custom ServiceNow applications to meet our business process needs (and those of our clients). Here we go into depth on a few of those ServiceNow implementations with initial reference points to help you follow.

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An Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Have you ever put any thought into how simple it is for humans to understand language? Just think: in everyday conversation, we convey our thoughts through a series of sounds that make up a language. How our brains are capable of translating so much unstructured data into useful information can be unfathomable.

Language does not come as naturally for machines; it takes a considerable amount of programming for them to understand even basic statements. So how do they do it? With NLP.

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The 4 Secrets to Creating a Great API


Having a successful API is more than just offering an add-on to an existing function; it can be an enabler that improves your business strategy. If your API is designed well and easy to use it can turn your service into a powerhouse platform. Here are 4 secrets to having a great API.

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Introducing Jared Mucciardi, Columbus, Ohio’s New IT Source

V-Soft Consulting is ever expanding; now we are reaching out to the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Jared Mucciardi is our newest addition to the staff augmentation and solutions field, and we couldn’t be more proud of him and his accomplishments. Read more about Jared and what he brings to Columbus area businesses.

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Employee Spotlight: Don Eiling, Sr. Business Development Manager

Don Eiling is our Sr. Business Development Manager. Don connects clients with quality resources and solutions. One of his main goals is helping the organizations we partner with achieve their business goals.

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Mobile Application Security Issues and Measures to Mitigate Them

The world now is at the pinnacle of the smart phone revolution, where each and every service you need can be accessed with the smart phone in your pocket – be it banking, shopping, health care, education and more.

As these app-based services become more prevalent and widely used, the number of people looking to exploit and abuse you and your business is growing bigger.

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