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What is VERA 2.0?

What is VERA 2.0 image

VERA 2.0 is the next level of enterprise communication designed as a Virtual Assistant that uses AI to analyze multi-dimensional data from several sources. This multi-platform voice-enabled service interacts with any system. Whether you’re creating or seeking information, VERA 2.0 has built-in artificial intelligence (AI) with machine learning. AI technology allows VERA 2.0 to interact with any enterprise system via voice.

“She’s Alive”

You no longer have to go to a computer, type an email, or click through files... VERA is changing the way service gets done. Change the culture of your office and advance productivity with the VERA voice assistant AI pyramid. Customized to your needs, configured to engage on your ServiceNow platform or any other enterprise system, VERA can accomplish anything with a single voice command, but now does more thanks to AI. 

Designed for versatility, VERA can provide support from simple to complex tasks. Aside from being a cost-effective solution to your business automation, from training, dashboards, day-to-day administrative tasks and supporting HR VERA has the power to resolve pain-points like alerting you about IT malfunctions, troubleshooting, and pulling reports for meetings.

The story behind “She’s Alive” is that the VERA Chatbot is now an advanced technology conversation agent. With AI capabilities and the ability to link devices using Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

VERA 2.0 has 5 Senses

Hearing VERA can listen and understand voice commands. She can also be programmed to speak multiple languages.

Seeing – Using OCR, VERA can see what is in front of her. If you need to know if the conference room is empty, VERA can look and find out. She can also identify how many people are in the conference room or identify objects in a photo. VERA’s seeing feature can also help identify and organize receipts for expense tracking using V-Soft Lab’s Expense Tracking App.

Feeling – VERA can be connected to industrial/manufacturing environments through IoT technology so all appliances and machines are connected. VERA can “feel” the temperature, acceleration, vibration and more of connected machines.

Thinking – Using Artificial Intelligence, VERA can take in data from a number of different sources (verbal commands, connected IoT devices, domain-specific databases, ServiceNow portals historical interactions and more) and learn and make intelligent responses by using the data.

Speaking – Using Google Speech VERA can answer questions and respond in a conversational way. She can also be programmed to speak multiple languages.

What Pain-Points Can VERA 2.0 Solve?

Training, dashboards, and managing different systems are all potential issues within the enterprise. VERA puts together these pain points through voice-enablement and allows users to simply request information via their voice. Anyone can use VERA, no matter your skill level.

Features of VERA 2.0

  • Usability to the system
  • Streamlines complex training
  • Multi-lingual
  • Touchless UX
  • Screenless UX
  • 24/7 access to real-time data



Voice Assistants Help Simple Statements Deliver Complex Tasks

With VERA’s voice-enabled features, complex tasks can be completed without even needing to touch a computer or phone. 

Some things you can ask VERA include:

  • “VERA, what is our profit for Q1?”
  • “VERA, do I have any approvals?”
  • “VERA, how many critical incidents breached SLA?”
  • “VERA, create an incident for me.”
  • “VERA, search knowledge base articles for…”
  • “VERA, update my beneficiaries address.”
  • “VERA, what percentage has our service fleet been on time this year?”
  • “VERA, pull up all info on IT staffing from 2017.”
  • “VERA, show me the fill rate for the Chicago market.”
  • “VERA, troubleshoot boiler number five.”
  • “VERA, how much PTO do I have?

VERA 2.0 Gives a Voice to Your Platform

VERA’s agnostic platform gives it the ability to work with any legacy or cloud-based system. It is truly the speed of sound, translated into the speed of work. The zero-touch User-Interface (UI) allows even the least tech-savvy employees to create tickets and request PTO.

Learn more about VERA 2.0 here 

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