3 Game Changers: Invest in Human Resources!

It may come as a surprise when your employees feel dissatisfied with the quality of Human Resources processes. Manually filling in repetitive information on various documents, wrongfully documenting Paid Time Off or benefits requests, and not being able to promptly communicate with others in the HR department makes employee satisfaction difficult to reach. Human Resources should be viewed as a long-term investment- they evaluate workforce needs, productivity, and prepare plans for future growth.

There’s no question that HR strategy should maintain a more structured approach to dealing with employee satisfaction. Being that employee dissatisfaction is a key component in Employee Turnover, companies are losing thousands of dollars in productivity wages. Instead of losing, win! Invest those thousands of dollars into these 3 HR game changers.

The Function of a Human Resource Department is to:

  • Handle prior recruitment
  • Onboard new employees
  • Manage hiring documents
  • Oversee employee training
  • Approve/deny Paid Time Off requests
  • Administer healthcare and benefit options
  • Terminate employees when necessary

Onboarding Simplified

Filling out repetitive information on multiple documents is prone to human error and terribly time-consuming. No employee looks forward to filling out the same information on tons of documents. Using a cloud-based solution, you can automate all processes, integrate all third-party systems all while giving your employee the convenience to monitor status updated on a single dashboard. This paperless solution is not only cost-effective, but it eliminates the need for any printing/scanning and is a one-stop repository for all documents.

Tracking Paid Time Off and Requests

No more jumping through calendars and spreadsheets. Implementing a single tool to track paid time off requests will eliminate HR and employee frustration. Streamline company processes into a single easy-access, desktop-and mobile-enabled platform. The Time Off Tracker Application is a platform where all employees can submit a time of requests and the Administrator can designate various time-off categories and policies.

With this solution, management can make approvals from anywhere at any time, leaving no room to miss deadlines. The application also provides a feature to send out email confirmations to employees and their managers regarding all approval statuses.

Instant communication with Chatbot

Instant Communication with ChatBot

Waiting for a returned email can take days, and departments aren’t always available to take phone calls. Chatbots have paved the way for employees to ask simple questions, such as “How much PTO do I have?” without having to email or call and HR staff member. If your company provides this information online, the Chatbot will redirect employees to where they can find what they’re looking for and assist them with any technical questions they may have. Talk about convenience!

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Whether you’re working with internal employees or at a consulting firm with external clients, your Human Resource roles are crucial to your business success. Nowadays achieving companies need to be adaptive, quick to change direction and remain customer-centered. Human Resource Departments play a strategic role in managing employees, workplace culture, and environment.

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