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Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your ServiceNow Investment

How to improve your ServiceNow ROI?

Organizations are increasingly turning to digitized solutions with the aim of streamlining their operations and providing improvised customer service. For many small, medium, and large-level businesses, ServiceNow has become a go-to platform. With its centralized system, companies can manage various service requests and automate workflows.

ServiceNow has so much potential, and its features, applications, configurations, and tools are full of possibilities. When IT leaders start with ServiceNow implementation, they usually have a list of objectives that they expect to achieve through the platform such as: Saving time and focusing on value-added tasks, streamlining communication among teams, providing actionable data, and much more. But with any new technology, challenges are likely to arise and sometimes companies fail to get the most out of their ServiceNow investments.

It is important for the teams managing ServiceNow to follow some common practices that can help them optimize their ServiceNow investment. These steps can help ensure that your team is using the platform to its full potential and help you maximize efficiency and ROI.

Here are some practices that can help your teams optimize your ServiceNow investment.

1. Adopt and Support the Best Practices

ServiceNow is a huge platform, and it has various tools and applications. Once your organization chooses ServiceNow, you need to ensure you are maximizing the value that you are getting by adopting the platform. Adopting the best practices after ServiceNow implementation is the best way to get more out of your ServiceNow investment. Develop and start documenting a process for the routine review of your ServiceNow instance. Make sure that your ServiceNow tools and applications are updated and not outdated. Analyze your ServiceNow instance’s reviews to identify the areas of improvement.

Identify which workflow requires more efficiency and find out the best possible ways for integrating different products with the platform. Another important aspect of fully utilizing your ServiceNow products is understanding its capabilities and training the users so that they can use all the potential ServiceNow features and functionalities.

2. Maximize Automation Capabilities

To get the most out of your ServiceNow investment, business leaders should focus on automation, as it is an important and powerful tool. ServiceNow has incredible automation capabilities that allow you to streamline and simplify your organization’s workflow by reducing manual errors, repetitive data, and saving cost and time. Fully utilizing ServiceNow’s automation capabilities can be very helpful.

Companies can create automated workflows and automate manual tasks. List out all the tasks small or large, easy or difficult, and analyze what are the tasks that can be automated. In many cases, the simplest tasks are also completed manually, which prevents companies from fully utilizing their investment in ServiceNow.

3. Use Centralized Platforms

You can completely utilize your ServiceNow when you start understanding and harnessing the integrated platform. ServiceNow provides a central platform that allows you to manage IT, customer service, and other important tasks and processes. With the help of the unified platform, companies can automate processes and workflows across the organization to improve work efficiency and improve customer service.

With ServiceNow, companies can integrate with other systems and applications and enhance their experience of working on a unified platform. This allows them to experiment more with what types of applications, processes, and systems they can integrate with the platform for a more streamlined workflow. This will allow companies to fully-utilize the unified platforms and maximize their ServiceNow investment.

4. Analyze User Feedback

Once your company has started harnessing ServiceNow, the most important thing to do is get feedback on the instance, tool, or application from the users. Get feedback on your ServiceNow system from your employees to ensure that the platform is adding value for your business. The feedback can be taken through various surveys, focus groups, or business leaders who can also have face-to-face conversations with the users. Incorporate the feedback, and analyze it to identify the scope of improvement such as adding new features to the existing system, improving user experience, or fixing bugs. This will allow you to target the focus areas and eventually help companies get the value of their ServiceNow investments.

5. Get Analytics and Measure the ROI

After implementing ServiceNow for your company, the next crucial step is to track and measure the ROI to get insights into how it is performing and whether you are getting the value of your ServiceNow investment or not. Use analytics to track how ServiceNow is serving your company and how the implementation is impacting the

  • Cost Savings
  • Customer Service and
  • User Experience

Analyze the data to determine how successful your ServiceNow implementation was and what are the various adjustments that are needed to improve the overall workflow and ROI.

6. Avoid Over Customization

When companies adopt anything new, with the intention of getting the most out of those applications, tools, or platforms, they want to make the best use of it all. With ServiceNow, companies have the vision of saving costs, reducing time, streamlining processes, and much more. However, too often the vision does not fit well with the technology they start putting into action and there is a gap between the vision and technology.

Companies try to bridge this gap by customizing or implementing features that aren’t the right choice for their objectives. These unwanted features and customizations don’t fit with the upcoming updates as well. Instead, they do more harm than good and affect the system.

7. Seek Expert Help

Maximizing ServiceNow investment is not a one-time process. It is about continuously working and analyzing how the system is working and seeking room for improvement. Due to the lack of expertise and time, companies often do not get value for their investments and if that’s the issue with you, seek expert advice.


What else can you do to get the most out of your ServiceNow investment? To get a better experience with the platform, you can:

ServiceNow is an amazing platform, but all technologies come with their challenges. Whether you’re struggling with adoption rates, customizations, strategies for expansion, or something else entirely, we can help you overcome these challenges and get the most out of your investment.

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