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Boosting Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with ServiceNow CSM

Improve customer experience with ServiceNow CSM

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important goals for companies. Every organization goes to the lengths to satisfy their customers and win customer loyalty to expand their business with the goal of serving them better in the future. Many organizations are harnessing technologies and different platforms to level up their game and improve customer experience. If you are a ServiceNow user, then you must know about ServiceNow Customer Service Management, a powerful tool.

Companies have various challenges with their customers and ServiceNow CSM can help solve the biggest challenges and help your company reach its customer-oriented goals. Another important aspect is using this tool effectively will help boost your customer’s experience. How do you do this?

First, you need to understand why customer satisfaction and loyalty are important. Let’s look.

Customer Loyalty: Why Is It Important?

  • Customer loyalty comes when you provide them with consistent, positive experiences by satisfying their needs. This results in increased revenue and repeat business with the same customers.
  • Leads are important for any business and finding convertible leads comes with a lot of costs too. Apart from your current lead strategies, you can convert leads by serving your existing customers with the best. Loyal customers not only leave great testimonials but also bring in more leads for your company when they recommend your products and services to their associates.
  • Once you gain customer loyalty, they are interested in your new products and services, which helps improve your chances of making sales. Loyal customers can generate very good revenue for your business.

Influence Loyal Customers

There are many factors that can influence customer loyalty toward a particular brand. However, most of these factors are similar and relatively consistent across different industries. Let’s have a look:

  1. Value – What value is your product or service adding to your customers' life?
  2. Convenience – Is your product or service convenient to use?
  3. Service – What type of service or result are your customers getting?

To determine customer loyalty, all these elements are essential, but customers can also be influenced based on different industries and channels – Online and Offline customers.

  • Variety of Products and Services

    The different variety of products and services your brand is offering can play a key role in boosting customer experience and loyalty. For every industry, customers have several options to get the same service and here the cost and service quality make a huge difference.

  • Purchase Frequency

    If your industry offers products and services that customers can purchase regularly then there’s a higher chance of having increased customer loyalty. But even the industry with the least loyal customers can improve customer satisfaction by using strategies for customer loyalty.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Experience

Apart from the key elements, Value, Convenience, and Service, organizations can use different strategies for improving customer loyalty.

  • Provide Excellent Customer Service

    Customer service can either make or break your business. Your customer experience, whether it is positive or negative, has a direct impact on your business and brand value. Utilizing strategies to improve customer service, provide the right information, quick response time, and make customers feel valuable is essential for customer loyalty.
  • Identify and Deliver Customer Needs

    To enhance customer loyalty, an organization cannot just rely on delivering the needs, but the business leaders need to identify customers' needs. This should be a key element of the product-design process. Identify your customer base, communicate with them, ask questions, offer surveys, use predictive intelligence to anticipate the problems, and build products and services that can solve those issues to demonstrate your commitment to the customers.
  • Personalize Experience

    Get connected with your customers. Organizations can personalize customer experience on an individual level by developing a detailed customer profile. Segment the audience based on their preferences, and location, and document previous interactions to help you improve their personalized experience.
  • Be Convenient

    Your customers don’t just want the solutions to their problems or a hassle-free delivery, they need more. Avoid friction in customer experience to provide streamlined, anxiety-free interaction. Making sure you have a good understanding of your customer’s journey will help to increase convenience. To do so, ask questions like:
    • Is your signup process complex?
    • How easy is the checkout process?
    • Does your company provide support on multiple channels or is it channel-specific?

To provide a quick solution, you can use ServiceNow Service Catalogue. It reduces response time, provides a better customer experience, and streamlines service and support requests by centralizing and automating all the common support requests without needing an agent.

  • Be The Best

Easier said than done, it is highly significant to stay better than your competition, to improve customer loyalty. Identify your key competitors, and their customers, and read reviews to anticipate your competitors' strong and weak areas. Analyze and work on improving your brand to outpace them and win more customers.

  • Harness Innovative CSM Solutions Effectively

ServiceNow offers modern and ideal CSM solutions for your organization. To boost your customer experience, it is important to utilize CSM effectively. There are a variety of modules, components, and tools that can help you improve your customer experience.

  • Plan for Action

First, identify your priorities and use a visual task board, workflow, and automation to identify customer service issues. With ServiceNow CSM, you can directly assign customer service issues to the field service and departments. This also allows everyone to keep track of the issue until it is resolved.

  • Empower Self-Service Options for Customers

Utilize the power of automation and maximize the convenience of your customers with automated self-service. Utilize the service catalog to create automated solutions for common requests. This will empower your customers to get answers without having to wait in line to communicate with an agent.

  • Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation is a key component of ServiceNow CSM that allows better, faster, and more streamlined workflows. With digital automated system monitoring, ServiceNow CSM can detect errors before they become catastrophic. This allows you to stay one step ahead of your clients and resolve issues faster, which increases customer confidence and loyalty.

  • Positive Feedback is the Pillar

Feedback is important! Allow customers to contact you, welcome their suggestions, questions, and concerns, and reach out to them as well. Ask for feedback, be specific about the answers you expect, and follow up with customers by offering necessary solutions and expressing appreciation for their honest opinions and critiques.

  • Reward Your Customers

Your loyal customers need appreciation too and it can be done through various loyalty programs. Encourage your customers to keep in business with you by recognizing them. Reward them with deals, discounts, and special rewards to improve customer experience and loyalty.


Apply these best practices to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. With ServiceNow CSM, companies can enhance customer experience and brainstorm more ways to improve customer satisfaction.

ServiceNow CSM Guide

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ServiceNow CSM Guide