The Biggest Customer Service Challenges Solved by ServiceNow's CSM

Customer Service Professional answering user requests with the help of ServiceNow CSM portal

In the era of consumerizing service delivery processes, Service-as-an-Economy is driving the modern IT revolution. To help organizations better, ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) is helping organizations to streamline and personalize the service management process. This is a one-stop solution offering omni-channel support to manage the entire Client/Customer satisfaction sphere. 

CSM comes with a portal that acts as a single window clearance for any sort of Clients/Customers issues; like, report an incident, place a new request, get queries addressed, and so on. The CSM portal provides a birds-eye-view on the current usage of the services and thereby promoting better capabilities to make informed decisions for the clients or the customers.

 Pain Points in Customer Service Management

75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live customer service agent.”

 Harris Interactive Survey

Below are the most common pain points that an organization can experience in achieving getting better customer service at limited budgets with fewer efforts:

  • Customer service teams receive increased volumes of service requests across multiple and disjointed engagement/communication platforms.
  • The support is hindered due to the usage of various disconnected systems, manual processes and having to address the same issues day-after-day.
  • Pressure to reduce operational costs.
  • The support team’s incapability to skillfully locate the issues and effectively resolve them is resulting in the least customer satisfaction and frustration.
  • Getting deep insights into the reasons why people are contacting the customer service are limited.
  • Cross-company investigation of customer problems, collaborative analysis, and problem-solving is messy.

Marching Towards Solution

The stop-at-once solution for all the above points is the attainment of ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management solution.

ServiceNow illustration Customer Service Management Improvement Process

Figure: Customer Service Management Improvement Process

The ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) goes beyond traditional customer service solutions to serve customers—consumers or businesses—faster and more effectively.

The omni-channel support capability provides customers with a choice of choosing contact options of their choice (chatbot, mobile app, voice assistant, portal and so on). The CSM keeps the customer relaxed of the routing process, by quickly routing the issue to appropriate expert teams. Using an online intelligent customer service portal, one can automate, recurring requests, deliver solutions via a knowledge base, and provide customers with a community of experts.

CSM analytics provide deeper awareness of service trends and can aid in locating common issues to be automated. In case of customer request demanding information from various departments, The CSM process conducts a cross-company investigation by coordinating with respective departments, traces out the root cause of the problem, and derives the solution. Doing this manually is time consuming and costing process.

Servicenow Dashboard to Monitor And Predict Service Trends

Figure: Dashboard to Monitor And Predict Service Trends

 What ServiceNow CSM Offers for Your Business?

  • Case Management: This application is single channel reach out for external customers/clients.
  • Intelligent Routing: Auto routes the tickets based on various defined factors.
  • Omni Channel: A Single Channel for external clients/customers.
  • Accounts, Contacts, Products, SLAs, Entitlements: Holds all the engagement details of the customer/client in one place.
  • Self Service Portal: A Web page part of CSM that enables customization with ease.
  • Knowledge Base: Holds list of knowledge articles for the external clients/customers.
  • Communities: This application engages, connects and collaborates with the employee, external clients/customers, partners, and prospects
  • Field Service Management: This application addresses the end-to-end management of tasks that need to be performed.
  • Connection with Other Departments: Part of field service management to manage the field service persons.
  • Issue Resolution: This feature addresses the issues reported by external clients/customers.
  • Voice of the Customer: This feature collects and analyzes client views about the services and in turn addresses the Client/Customer Satisfaction issues.
  • Visual workflow and Automation: This feature enables users to set up workflows and automation process and workflows more visually.
  • Agent Intelligence: To create cases easily by auto-detecting the category, priority, and assignment

Benefits with ServiceNow CSM

90 percent of respondents confirmed that CX is one of the CEO’s top three priorities.”


Of many benefits the ServiceNow CSM offers, here is the list of some key benefits that adds direct value to your business:

  • Engage Customers across Channels
  • Offer solutions online
  • Deliver better Customer Service
  • Deliver proactive service
  • Reduce service costs
  • Monitor Service patterns
  • Improve the quality of service delivery
  • Streamline operational process

If you are keen on knowing how ServiceNow CSM can be beneficial to your specific problems, please get in touch with our ServiceNow experts  for a free consultation.

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