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Top 10 Desires of Hiring Managers

So, you’ve got a job interview lined up and you’d like to know how to impress your interviewer? Fortunately, many interviewers have already answered that question.

Polls are frequently conducted among hiring managers asking what they’re looking for in candidates. The results of those polls are certainly useful to you, the interviewee. Here are the top 10 desires of hiring managers.

1. Leadership ability

If you have leadership experience from previous work, accentuate your best accomplishments. Mention your personal leadership style, how you lead by example, love to mentor others, and continually look to enhance your leadership skills. If you do not have leadership experience from previous employment, make sure that you conduct yourself with an aura of self-confidence during the interview. Some interviewees may forget, but if you have had any leadership roles within volunteer organizations, then highlight your experiences.

2. Good communication skills

Good communication starts with the introduction! Look people directly in the eye, smile, and offer a firm handshake. Be sure to avoid the “ums” and the “uhs” while speaking to the interviewer. Maintain a proper and open posture with eye contact throughout the interview and answer all questions as succinctly as possible. It is always very important to follow up after the interview with a thank you letter within 24 hours.

3. Eager to learn

Emphasize your willingness and desire to learn new things. This is an especially good quality in high tech, where required skills are constantly evolving. In some cases, certain technologies become obsolete and professionals who are skilled in those technologies need to learn new disciplines. You may demonstrate this eagerness by mentioning your involvement in User Groups, Industry Associations, or other volunteer endeavors within the industry.

4. The ability to think outside of the box

During the course of your interview, cite a situation in your professional history when you had to think outside of the box and the end result was something successful. This is especially germane in proving your value to the organization by showing how you addressed a problem or issue with a new innovative solution which saved time, money, or increased profitability.


5. The ability to make a good first impression

The obvious way to convince someone that you can make a good first impression is to actually make a good first impression. Ensure that your handshake is firm and, once again, that you are smiling. Dress appropriately for the position. Ask yourself this question, “If I said I was a CEO, would people believe me by the way I dress?” Professional attire is always better than casual attire to show you are taking the interview seriously and are a professional in your industry.

6. Intelligence

Your intelligence is best conveyed by how you speak. You don’t need to sound like William Shakespeare, but if you throw in a cool phrase or a thousand-dollar word every now and then, you’ll find that people will be impressed. Use your vocabulary to demonstrate your knowledge on a particular subject. If you are the subject expert they need, prove it by using language specific to the industry.

7. Passion

Make sure you leave the interviewer with the impression that you’re enthusiastic about your work. Speak with a subtle tone of excitement as you talk about your work history. Emphasize how much you've enjoyed some of your previous assignments and what it was about those particular tasks that motivated you to succeed.

8. Being a team player

Always emphasize teamwork when talking about your professional history. It’s important that you tell your interviewer that you were part of a team and that you worked well with the team. Using word phrases like “we accomplished” and “as leader of my team” help drive home the point of your ability to operate within a team environment. Never discuss issues you may have had with other team members or a previous manager, as you want to appear as part of a solution and not someone who may be difficult to get along with.

9. Technical skills

If technology is your interest, hobby, or outright love, be sure to use lots of “geek speak” during the interview. However, if you use words that the interviewer doesn’t understand, be prepared to explain what those words mean if you’re asked to do so. If you are an IT expert in a special field, be prepared to explain in detail how you have used an application and explain the nuances of its use.

10. The ability to follow process

Make sure you talk about the procedures you were required to follow at some of your previous jobs. Let the interviewer know you followed those procedures without hesitation. You may also mention times you improved a process that helped the company overall to be more efficient.

When preparing for an interview, take some time to evaluate the examples you can provide to your interviewer to exemplify these traits as a part of your daily work routine. You’ll be sure to impress your interviewer and land the job.

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