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Explore the New Features of ServiceNow Quebec Release

New and Improved Features of the ServiceNow Quebec Release

With every release, ServiceNow has been reinventing itself to solve existing service delivery challenges, predict challenges, and offer smart solutions. This way, ServiceNow helps its clients be more resilient for the future with service delivery solutions  that are efficient, competitive, and successful. The same is true in the ServiceNow Quebec release. ServiceNow Quebec offers intelligent solutions to build businesses for the future.

AI Search

To improve search results accuracy across every ServiceNow module and provide intelligent search experiences, ServiceNow Quebec offers the AI Search application. This application improves chatbot efficiency manifolds with better user experiences while providing information with greater accuracy.

Business Continuity Management

To ensure business continuity in crisis, ServiceNow offers the business continuity management application to strategically organize business functions by performing impact analysis and guides with appropriate strategy.

Continuous Authorization and Monitoring

The seven staged of the risk management framework are formulate, classify, select, employ, access, authorize, and monitor. The continuous authorization and monitoring  application offer a consistent approach to handle risks proactively and intelligently, which in turn promotes better business decisions.


The Entity View Action Mapping (EVAM) application accepts data from various sources and streamlines data collection from distinct data sources and displays data in a single view. Users are free to choose the desired data template (like grids and cards) to view data.

Health Log Analytics

To reduce the impact of issues, it is important to identify issues proactively and intelligently. This is what the health log analytics application does. It uses machine learning to predict anomalies in the data logs, performs root cause analysis thoroughly and sends alerts to IT teams to handle issues before they happen. This not only reduces risks, but also decreases the meantime to repair and improves the efficiency of IT operations management.

Instance Scan

This application scans the ServiceNow instances based on the defined configurations or business needs to detect security, performance, functionality, release, and upgrade issues.

Platform Encryption and Key Management Framework 

This new application facilitates improved security to data in all ServiceNow instances with strong encryption, access control, key protection, and key life cycle mechanisms. With this framework, one can manage cryptographic operations effortlessly. Management Framework is available in the Now platform for free with Quebec release, whereas Platform Encryption is a paid feature in all other releases.

Localization Framework

ServiceNow offers its services in various languages, to localize services localization framework provides services for translation of content using distinct modes. This framework automates almost all the manual tasks involved in the translation process. Users can view the number of translation service requests and their status.

Operational Resilience

The pandemic has taught us how unexpected events can impact business with hardly any time to alter their operations to stay resilient. This problem can be answered with ServiceNow Operational resilience.

Businesses can define their key business services in this application. This monitors critical business operations and services thoroughly to predict risk and vulnerabilities and lists them in the dashboard along with solutions and recovery plans.

Process Optimization

This application facilitates businesses to assess the effectiveness of the business processes with AI based automation solutions. By integrating ServiceNow Performance Analytics and continual improvement capabilities, the process optimization application explores new opportunities to enhance the efficiency of the processes.

Workforce Optimization for Customer Service

Customer Service Agent Using ServiceNow CSM on computer.

Customer Service Management works with a high volume of requests all the time, to handle requests effectively, it is important to automate workflows and make intelligent utilization of the customer service workforce. This is what the ServiceNow Quebec release offers in the form of workforce optimization for customer service application. Customer service managers can have better visibility into the overall customer service agents’ operations in a single dashboard. The dashboard simplifies the manager's job to manage various customer service operations like channel management, shifts, schedules, KPIs, coaching, and performance.

Regulatory Change Management

To achieve higher efficiency in compliance and regulatory management, the regulatory change management application administers forthcoming regulatory amendments, provides structured flows to evaluate applicability, and studies the impact of any changes.

UI Builder

UI Builder is a web user interface that makes it easier to build and customize web pages for workspaces or portals effortlessly using the ready-to-use and tailored components, layouts, and themes.

Universal Request

To optimize resolution time of a service request, ServiceNow universal request application offers a framework to raise request, provide consistent ticketing experiences across departments, enables accurate assignment of tickets to the right team, and transfers tickets among departments as needed.

Safe Workplace Applications

Two employees wearing masks

Contact Tracing

To stop further spread of disease, the contact tracing application provides mechanisms to identify potential contacts who got in touch with the infected person. This application congregates data from Wi-Fi logs, employee work times, and self-reporting data. This application sends notifications to the team members of the infected employee and permits them to self-report if they have been in touch with the infected person. This application gathers information about infected persons and their status and ensures this data is secure.

COVID-19 Global Health Data Set

To be proactive in handling employee safety, the COVID-19 Global health data set applications bring together information about infected cases based on their region around the globe. Using a geolocation map, the user can monitor the number of cases around them and be cautious. This helps businesses be proactive to handle the pandemic before it affects the workplace.

Employee Health Screening

Before entering the workplace, the employee health screening application records the health data of the employee and screens data that mentions if the employee is following safety standards such as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves. Based on this data, employee entry is approved or denied. Organizations can validate their compliance requirements to ensure a healthy workplace. Admins can monitor employee requests in the workplace and manage employee compliance. Similarly integrating the ServiceNow CSM platform to employee health screening enables, organizations to plan customer entry into the workplace.

Employee Travel Safety

To ensure the safety of employees travelling for business, the employee travel safety application allows managers to monitor the employee's destination for COVID-19 data, employee health data, and personal health data of the person or team the employees plans to meet with. Based on this information, a safety assessment is completed and the travel request is approved or denied.

Employee Readiness Core

This application organizes information into a single record by gathering information from various ServiceNow safe workplace apps and emergency response apps data. This consolidated data is used to decide whether or not an employee can return to the workplace.

Enterprise Employee Experience Pack

To enable employees to stay informed about safety aspects in the workplace, the enterprise employee experience pack app provides structured flows for an organization to run campaigns and other information flows across the enterprise. Using ServiceNow Knowledge Management capabilities, employees are sent information to stay safe in the workplace.  

Health and Safety Testing

This manages and monitors employee health testing activities. An employee can provide data like date of testing, location, and test type. Based on the test results, the health and safety testing app guides management to plan activities to protect other employees, by sending notifications to people who were in contact with the infected person and protect the privacy of the infected employee.

Safe Workplace Dashboard

The safe workplace dashboard facilitates a consolidated view of the safety readiness of the workplace and employees for the return-to-workplace.

Vaccination Status

Facilitates the HR department to monitor the vaccination program of an organization. This includes gathering vaccination data, report vaccination status, and ensure the privacy of users. Employees can report vaccination status either through a ServiceNow chatbot or SMS. Organizations can manage entire vaccination information using the vaccine administration management application.

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

This application allows organizations to manage all the PPE inventory data in a centralized application.

Workplace Safety Management

In a single dashboard, this application organizes the workplace safety management activities like managing shifts, room reservations, workplace activities, cleaning schedules, and so on.                                                        Podcast Workplace

Emergency Response Management applications

Emergency Exposure Management

This application locates the employees who have been in touch with an infected person, based on the meeting data, Wi-Fi logs and job locations. Based on this data, emergency exposure management enables organizations to identify potentially affected people and direct emergency response teams if necessary. 

Emergency Outreach

The emergency outreach application facilitates organizations to reach out to employees continuously by sending notifications (SMS or mobile app) and other means to enquire about the safety of employees.

Emergency Response Management

To avoid potential community spread of the virus, this application assists the respective federal agencies to strategize, organize, and deploy teams to ensure accurate and effective emergency response management.

Emergency Self Report

This application streamlines emergency response flows. In the application dashboard, infected employees can report and update the organization on their health status using an emergency self-report application. Managers can monitor the status of their team members and plan the employee's return to work.

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