How ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Adds Value To Your Business

Project manager going through the Intelligent automation dashboardWitnessing the demand for speed, accuracy, and productivity in the overall service delivery process, intelligent automation is mandatory. To foster the digital transformation efforts of business, ServiceNow’s Intelligent automation process with its machine learning capabilities analyzes the various business environments and speeds up the overall business decision process.

Challenges of the IT Industry

Here are a few of the pain points that forces IT leadership to build intelligent automation processes.

  • Loads of unpredictable and poorly managed outages.
  • Errors in categorization and routing is manual activity. Thereby resulting in longer resolution times.
  • Errors in forecasting performance of services resulting in a breach of KPI targets.
  • Unable to find accurate benchmarks in the industry and keep up with it is a challenge. This is resulting in wrong solutions and direction.

The ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Process

ServiceNow has launched the Intelligent Automation Engine to address the challenges to a successful IT department resulting in improved service delivery and customer/client satisfaction. ServiceNow’s Intelligent Automation Engine comes with non-stop cloud service that is empowered by the strengths of machine learning. This makes the Intelligent Automation Engine accurately route the requests, predict outages along with performance prediction and comparison of service levels with peers. The ServiceNow research reveals that 89% of the CIO’s find a great benefit with machine learning in the digital transformation journey.


Components of Intelligent Automation Engine

  • Agent Intelligence: This component helps in accurate categorization and routing
  • Operational Intelligence: This component helps in predicting outages
  • Performance Analytics: This component helps in predicting the performance of service
  • Benchmark: This component helps in benchmarking the service performance with the peers in the industry

Workflow of ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Process

 ServiceNow Intelligent automation process

Figure: Working of ServiceNow's Intelligent Automation Engine

The key features of ServiceNow's Intelligent Automation Platform:

  • Creates and defines the solution definition very precisely.
  • Review solution coverage, distribution, precision statistics and effectiveness of the solution.
  • Configure class precision, coverage values and how often the class predicts the output.
  • Excludes class from solution training: Excludes class from predictions in terms of planned retirement or other foreseen outcomes


To aid businesses to enjoy better the fruits of intelligent automation process, formulating clear strategy on implementation aspects of intelligent automation process is crucial. 

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