HR Automation Transforms Onboarding in 5 Easy Steps

While service relationships are precise and automated within the IT institution, service relationships in HR are often disorganized. Using manual processes for onboarding like alternating multiple emails for communication, make it difficult to keep track of statuses and progress. These 5 step onboarding solution can transform HR service administration and management capabilities by spreading IT service models into HR.

Steps of HR Automation Solution

Manually filling in repetitive information on various documents is prone to human error, and difficult for the employee to complete in a timely manner. With a cloud-based solution for HR Onboarding, you can integrate of all third-party systems, and automate all processes while giving the Client the convenience to monitor all status updates and changes on a single dashboard.

HR Automation Step #1:  HR enters a basic form with all preliminary employee information.

HR Automation Step #2: Based on department, location, office, etc., criteria documents will be assigned to the employee. HR can select any extra documents from lists if needed.

HR Automation Step #3: Employees will receive the credentials to navigate to the onboarding form on the HR portal. Information filled on this form will auto-populate on all designated onboarding documents.

HR Automation Step #4: Employees will simply sign the documents based on each due date. All completed documents are then saved under his or her profile for their record.

HR Automation Step #5: Benefits and payroll are also automatically done from the portal, reducing the HR Manager’s work load. From there, HR can approve benefits and payroll with 1-click.

The biggest pain point is the time it takes to onboard a new employee. No employee looks forward to filling out multiple documents with the same information. Paperless onboarding is not only a cost-effective solution, but you can monitor and update all tasks on one dashboard. This eliminates the need for any printing/scanning and is a one stop repository for all documents.

The system addressed all of our pain-points ... now a fortnight’s worth of work can be done in three days at the same time as having things more organized.”

-HR Manager, Large Manufacturing Company

The Benefits of HR Automation

Benefits/Differentiators HR:

  • Paperless onboarding process
  • Cost-effective solution with low monthly payments
  • Better KPI tracking for improvements
  • Can have all communications in one location
  • One stop repository for all documents
  • Automated change management with one click approval
  • Monitor and update all tasks on one dashboard
  • Chat-based clarifications

Employee HR Automation Benefits

  • Easy to complete tasks – No printing/scanning
  • No need to fill in the same information on multiple forms
  • Self-service (real time changes, modifications, requests, etc.)
  • Easy to use portal
  • Can raise HR cases via portal, email, phone, chat, virtual agent
  • Easy access to information through knowledge base
  • Global search for all activity (articles, cases, etc.,)
  • Chatbot can fulfill most common requests

Easy Steps to HR onboarding as illustrrated by a person writing gears on a whiteboard

In all, the onboarding system is automated with HR conveniently entering preliminary information and providing access to employees for self-service. The dashboard allows employees to fill out their information on an individual form, enabling everything else to auto-populate. Not only is this an exceptional experience for the employees, this process saves lots of time and effort on both ends.

Completed documents are saved automatically, in efforts to avoid any data loss. Benefits and payroll are automated by only lifting a finger with one-click approval, all while remaining secure. Many routine solutions can be provided by a resourceful Chatbot as well; not only providing information but also action.

Onboarding requires a lot of paperwork. The real cost comes from the time invested with back and forth communication, managing the completion of all paperwork, and all administrative aspects. With this HR Automation tool, you can transform HR service administration and management capabilities, while effortlessly meeting the expectations of HR support and customer service.

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