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Put an end to the frustration employees feel when trying to get service from HR, and give them the service experience they deserve. No more relying on inefficient processes and tools like email and spreadsheets; deliver efficient and personalized services that span beyond HR. Discover how you can manage all things beyond HR in one single service center.

Using an integrated suite of applications designed to create the ultimate consumer-like service experience, whether it’s a simple request, or a multi-departmental process like on-boarding, employees finally have a one-stop shop to service all their needs. With ServiceNow’s HR Delivery Service, not only will you increase employee satisfaction, you will also increase HR productivity.

With ServiceNow, People Matter, First!

At the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) ServiceNow is putting people at the heart of all that they do. CDHB is one of the largest healthcare providers to more than half a million people across the Canterbury Regional area within the South Island of New Zealand. With a $1.6 billion operating budget and employing around 9,500 doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and supporting teams, supplying technology that simplifies processes and making their job more efficient is a necessity. HR processes were identified as a primary disabler for getting things done.

At ServiceNow’s Knowledge18 Conference, join Michael Frampton, General Manager of People and Capability at CDHB as he elaborates how ServiceNow is helping lead their advancement to a single integrated health system that delivers optimal care to their communities and values their people’s time. With thousands of natural disasters over the years that have affected more than 200 of their facilities, ServiceNow has been a staple in their rebuilding, making the lives of their employee’s smoother by order with query resolution, reducing transaction work, improving workflows, improving operational HR management, and simplifying their bureaucratic HR processes.

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With ServiceNow’s Employee Service Center, you can provide your employees with a single custom-branded center where employees can find significant HR information, submit and track cases when in need, and receive guidance on steps they need to take. Not only does this service boost your employee satisfaction, it lowers HR costs, inquiries and provides a consumer-like service experience.

All it Takes is Two Days!

With endless access to automated technology and apps at our fingertips, employees are searching for rapid, streamlined interactions that require less time. With the advanced modern employee experience that ServiceNow products deliver-from supporting case and knowledge management to onboarding- employee satisfaction is on the rise. Put your employees in the driver’s seat with this HR Service Management solution!

In this two-day workshop, discuss how to begin or continue your journey to transforming your HR Service Delivery strategy. This Knowledge18 workshop will discourse how to provide excellent service to your employees, talk over business value gained by customers, share testimonials of recent implementations, and propose insight to help you improving overall employee satisfaction.

Walk away from this interactive lab with best practices, tips & tricks, and a thorough understanding of how the following key HR Service Delivery areas work:

  • Catalog and skills
  • Portal
  • Knowledge
  • Roles/Users/Groups

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Go Global!

HR Service Delivery should never be limited to local processes. Not only does local HR processes create more time-consuming work for all HR departments, it creates room for human error and inconsistencies.

In 2016, Dell Technologies acquired EMC Corporation along with its extensions including VMWare, RSA Security, Virtustream, and Pivotal. To achieve success on this transition, everyone needed to be consolidated under the Dell umbrella, including all the various HR systems, workflows and processes, tools and individual applications to streamline HR operations,, but also establish a consistent and a consumerized employee experience across the global network. This was the start of an extensive global HR technology transformation project to ensure the success of Dell into the future.

Join Mairead Coughlan, HRIM Director and Jim Evans, HR Services Director at Dell Technologies at ServiceNow’s Knowledge18 conference, as they explain how they took on their Global HR transformation and why they chose ServiceNow to counterpart their workday investment and deliver top notch employee service experience. There’s no debate that moving to a HR Shared Service Model was a demand and integrating chat as a primary go-to for communication was a game changer for all factions under the Dell umbrella.

Creating a global one-stop shop employee service center for all things HR will transform your underlying HR technology infrastructure. Now is the time to eliminate the inconsistences and give your employees the HR experience they deserve.

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