How Can ServiceNow­® Help Public Universities?

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Ensuring that your IT systems are functional and online 24/7 can be a difficult task. Paired with that are the costs of services, complex processes, and the struggle of doing more with less, colleges around the nation are struggling to harmonize their departments. ServiceNow's complete ITSM suite can be the key to easing these pains -- and no, you don't have to be a multi-million dollar company to reap the benefits of the platform.

Whether your university struggles with keeping track of support tickets, device management, admissions, or answering thousands of questions from students and faculty alike, ServiceNow has a solution for you.

ServiceNow: Helping Modernize Colleges

Take a moment to think about your existing IT service management system. Are you completely happy with it? Is it relevant? Are you still using Excel spreadsheets and paper processes to complete your daily tasks?

It's no secret that migrating to the cloud can improve the productivity of any department, not just IT. HR departments find that a single system of record, automating the benefits enrollment process, and evaluations are helping them improve their processes while saving them up to 12 hours each week

Colleges that have multiple campuses can benefit from a cloud-based ITSM, as well. Having a single source of information across all buildings, cities, and even sometimes, countries, means that everyone is on the same page and tasks that require multiple stakeholders won't have to bounce around from location to location and risk getting lost.

ServiceNow has freed the University of Sydney to focus on its core business of research and education ... It’s a single platform that binds us together and takes out the drudgery of day to day paper pushing. In this way, it has revolutionized the way we operate.”

-  Geoffrey Brown, Director of Communications Technology, University of Sydney

Better Communication

Many colleges and universities struggle with a reliable means of communication between departments, faculty, or locations. with ServiceNow you can have everyone on the same wavelength. With improved communication, you can see benefits such as:

  • Improved incident or case tracking
  • Effective tools to any and all departments on campus
  • Getting improved metrics and reporting to learn how you can better streamline services 
  • More accurate reporting and metrics
  • The ability to create a knowledge base for any and all documentation

Another recent evolution in the ServiceNow sphere has been the rise of chatbots. Organizations both large and small are eager to have an automated, but still personable, way to answer simple questions, raise and review tickets, and even schedule meetings between multiple users - all without having to open up everyone's calendars.

Want to find out more about chatbots? Learn about V-Soft Consulting's intelligent chatbot, snowBOT, here

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Faster Resolutions

Reporting issues, service outages, and incidents has never been quicker with ServiceNow. The Self Service Catalogue capabilities mean that users don't have to send emails or make phone calls to see what the status is on a project. Instead, they can review them all in one place. 

  • Give users the ability to search for information via a knowledge base without having to submit a request
  • Manage and track open requests, or submit new ones all in one location
  • Request or order services, or suggest services not currently available

A centralized source of information helps different campuses stay in sync. In the case of Texas-based Lone Star College, each campus had different systems for their financial aid processes. If a student were to call any of the campuses, they would likely receive a completely different answer at one than the other. The colleges didn't document calls either, meaning that there was no record of a conversation if a student needed assistance or guidance.

Implementing ServiceNow gave the college system a single contact center between all of the campuses that can manage requests, generating tickets in ServiceNow. The improvements have created unison between the different locations and have improved trust in the community. 

Are you wanting to implement ServiceNow at your university? Find out what it entails with this free guide:

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