How Modernizing ITSM Improves Service Delivery

Modernizing ITSM Improves Service

Digital transformation is the key for businesses to progress in the experience-as-a-service economy. In this journey, legacy ITSM systems are the roadblocks for the enterprise. So, modernizing the legacy ITSM is a must for business to sustain in this competitive environment. Here are the benefits a business can have by modernizing legacy ITSM systems.

Streamlines Service Delivery and Communication Workflows

ServiceNow research discloses that businesses having legacy ITSM systems are causing staff time waste close to 12 percent, (like writing back and forth emails). Thereby leading to bad user experiences. The ITSM modernization with AI-powered dashboard integrated tools like chatbots or voice assistants streamlines the communication process in the service request processing. Here, to get the work done, the users need to text or talk to the bot in the natural language and place their request.

These applications can be interfaced with various chat interfaces that are peripheral to the ITSM platform. These applications interact with the back-end business systems and get the job done. The intelligent dashboard itself understands, categorizes, assigns and follows up the service request till it gets resolved. Here users need not keep checking the portal to track request update. The modern ITSM platform prompts users if any progress in user’s request ticket is observed. This way modernized ITSM saves time streamlines workflows and improves the communication process in the service management process.

  Increased uptime driven by the elimination of service outages, saving $3 million over three years through reduced P1 incident impact and management effort."

- Forrester

Enhanced Project Management (PM) Abilities for ITSM

Project managers often lose most of their valued time in task assignment and checking the work status by either by checking portal or writing emails. Instead, the AI-powered PPM tools and dashboards are capable of reading through the user requests, categorizing and assigning to the respective person. The interactive dashboards provide deeper insights into the status of the teamwork as well as each team member's progress.

Getting a mobile and enterprise chatbot application integrated with the ITSM platform further assists the managers in getting project development analytics reports, anytime and anywhere. This reduces the manager’s time in traversing through the huge list of catalog items of the portal. This way, the modern ITSM application process can quicken the decision-making process, reduce PM costs, and increase time to market (TTM).

Consumerized Experiences for ITSM Customers

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The intelligent ITSM dashboard offers actionable insights and intuitive experiences to the users by providing great ease in pursuing their requests. The modernized ITSM platform’s strong analytics abilities help users to:

  • track performance effortlessly,
  • get real-time insights to understand the evolving trends, and
  • get suggestions on prospects for the continual improvement.

The outcome of this would be improved transparency and relationships across the teams. Above all this aids the businesses to deliver consumer-like experiences to the users. This, in turn, would result in an increase in the productivity of the workforce. The research by Forrester on Total Economic Impact Of ServiceNow reveals that "Improved end-user productivity and satisfaction results in saving of $1.3 million by reducing 45,000 hours of waste annually from the service and incident request process."

Improved Knowledge Management

In the legacy ITSM locating the right piece of knowledge article in the huge knowledge base article isn’t an easy task, as the information is not organized properly. The digitally transformed ServiceNow’s ITSM Knowledge management, can assists the IT personnel suggest knowledge articles to solve user’s issues quicker and allow employees to look up information on topics themselves. By offering smart self-service help, service request processing costs and time of IT personnel’s can be saved significantly.

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