What is ServiceNow's Knowledge18 CreatorCon all About?

Architects and Developers CreatorCon

Architects and Developers, come out and play! The sky’s the limit at Knowledge18’s CreatorCon. This is the center of techie activities where developers and EAs can dig deeper than ever before into technical content and hands on experiences.

Your success is at the center of Knowledge18. Through this five-day conference, you are given the opportunity to discover new ways to discover your skills and benefit from the innovations impacting your industry. Knowledge18 goes beyond having a one-track agenda- transform you, your business and all that you see in your future work!

Knowledge18: CreatorCon

Find your happy place at Knowledge18 and create all that your business desires. CreatorCon is for anyone and everyone—from beginning developers to seasoned code slingers. Success is the universal goal, and ServiceNow has constructed one of the largest learning and networking opportunities you’ll find. With over 300 breakout sessions, more than 120 hands-on labs, and 85% customer-led sessions, there is no question that you will gain every aspect of business, technology and customer service skills necessary to lead your company to lasting success.

Time is of the essence, they say. With the Now Platform, you can get down and dirty, creating at lightspeed and give your business:

  • Business Apps that brilliantly automate work
  • Create exceptional User Experiences on any device, anywhere at any time
  • Speed and Scale App development and delivery
  • Ensure security and compliance with a non-stop Cloud
  • Connect all data and processes across the enterprise

Beginning Developers

Are you new to the app development world? CreatorCon is the place to be! Get up and running building applications on the Now Platform.

Experienced Developers

The technical possibilities are endless on the Now Platform. Dive into something new and become more resourceful, sharper and skilled to build something truly awesome.

Enterprise Architects

EA’s aren’t left out of the fun either! CreatorCon offers a dedicated track mapping o how ServiceNow can fit into your complete organization architectures and support digital transformation.


Hackers Unite!

Limits are nonexistent at the CreatorCon Hackathon. Teams of all varieties- from developers to strategists- take on each other in an 8-hour pursuit for awesome prizes and unforgettable glory. Winners showcase their apps on stage and take home serious bragging rights.

The Guidelines

  • There’s no limit on what to enter, but the rules are to:
  • Create something new and fundamental on the Now Platform with no integrations
  • Extend ServiceNow solutions with powerful new features/functions or into major new use cases or create a brand-new whitespace solution
  • Bring big value for big money

CreatorCon sets the tone to let the geek flag fly high! Level up your skills at lightning speed with hands-on workshops and demo-led breakout sessions to test your own developer capabilities. Meet like-minded people and have meaningful conversations that would go right over the heads of most. There is something for everyone at Knowlege18: CreatorCon.

Want to explore all the sessions that CreatorCon has to offer? Click here, now!

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