What Not to Miss at the ServiceNow Knowledge18 Conference

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Knowledge18 is a one-stop event at the intersection of now and next. It is the next installment of ServiceNow’s immense five-day conference with over 300 breakout sessions and 120 hands-on labs to put you and your company on the path to lasting success. This year’s conference will be held in Las Vegas, NV from May 7 through May 10.

According to the Knowledge18 website, 15,000 attendees are expected to be at Knowledge18, presenting conference-goers with a great deal of opportunities for networking and talking to the pros in their fields. Get inspired by industry visionaries and get enthused for the future of work. Here’s what not to miss at the Knowledge18 conference.

Knowledge18 Sessions

Your success is at the center of Knowledge18. The networking and learning opportunities you’ll find translate into real-world results, and the breakout sessions at Knowledge are what it’s all about. To help you gain insight from a ServiceNow provider, many of these sessions are led by real ServiceNow customers. With 120 hands-on labs guided by one “guru” per 20 attendees, coming with questions and leaving with answers is how Knowledge18 enables you to master best practices that would take months to learn on your own. Here are a few sessions you don’t want to miss:

Improve HR Efficiency by Building a Culture of Knowledge

In this session, hear from Elisabeth Shelby and Andrea Brown, Manager of Global HR Solutions Knowledge Management, to develop strategy behind why building a culture of knowledge is important from day 1. Dive into details on how ServiceNow has changed the way they manage documentation, employee interactions, improve HR efficiency and overall employee satisfaction by providing them with the services they need.

Automate Your Business Processes for the 21st Century

Stephen Sikora hosts this session that will help you learn how a combination of unordinary ServiceNow capabilities and custom ServiceNow applications can turn your company processes a full 360 degrees for the better. Increase customer satisfaction by solving issues faster!

The AEGIS ServiceNow team was approached to see how we could help him run his business – challenge accepted and off we went. Within a short time his shop was almost fully automated. See what we did for our Legal Department along with other groups within AEGIS.”

-Stephen Sikora, Senior Credit Analyst

Goodbye Customization. Hello Jakarta!

The Jakarta release will introduce a whole new perspective to you company! In this breakout session, Stanley Toh will teach you how removing customization baggage and embracing new faster features will reduce maintenance effort and testing time spent on individual upgrades in the future. Walk away from this session with a brand-new way to modernize IT service management.

From SharePoint Processes to Consumer Friendly ServiceNow Applications

Are you needing a technology that’s configurable, flexible and easy to use? Speaker, David Hulsman maps out his organization’s journey of migrating dynamic workflows to a new platform, all while providing impeccable employee service to over 40,000 associates and successfully migrating over 100 processes that resulted in increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Fundamentals of Application Development (2-Day Course)

In this hands-on 2-day course, you will utilize ServiceNow Application development processes to create an award-winning Loaner Equipment application developed to implement features for “shippable product” at the end of each content section. Digitize your business with these intelligent apps!



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Knowledge18 is the biggest event of the year for ServiceNow and could be a pivotal path to success for your business! Get inspired by industry visionaries at this five day conference and walk away with the right knowledge to make 2018 bigger and better than ever.

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