Top 10 Ways HR can be Prepared for Future Challenges

10 Key Aspects to Prepare HR for the Future

Legacy HR systems have remained HR deprtment to be only passive entities. To meet future needs, businesses are expecting HR department to undergo digital transformation to evolve as a strategic partner in the overall business strategy. Also, digitally powered employees are demanding HR to deliver personalized services. HR teams are adapting intelligent automation solutions, to stay relevant to these future needs. Here, we discuss the 10 principles that are must for an HR department to stay relevant the future needs...

Stepping Towards Future

Technology and Talent (employee) are the key to the success of the business at any given time. Never the late, (irrespective of the type of business/industry) companies have realized that the employee (right talent) is the true competitive edge of any company. Reflecting this thought PwC’s “The future of work 2020” report states that, by 2020 HR department is expected to renovate to “People and Performance” and for ensuring better management of employees, the Chief People Officer (CPO) role is expected to evolve.

To deliver best-in-class employee engagement services, companies are adopting consumer-focused employee experience models. As a part of this, HR departments have been heavily relying on intelligent automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence and its derivative concepts like Machine Learning, Predictive Intelligence, Deep Learning, chatbots, Voice Assistants and so on.

The best part of AI-driven solutions for HR is, its ability to conduct the HR automation while maintaining a human approach. These technologies are benefiting HR by automating all the repetitive tasks of HR processes, thereby the enabling HR to focus on more strategic processes.

Keys to Building HR's Future

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To keep the HR automation strategy effective and future-ready, we present 10 keys an HR department should consider having to stay relevant to the future needs:

  1. Get best-in-class global employee service center
  2. Get fully robust global Knowledge base center
  3. Better Management of shared HR Services
  4. Conduct predictive analytics on a regular basis to study employee skill gaps, strengths, learning patterns, and performance gaps, employees are facing
  5. Leverage workflow capabilities to improve the speed to deliver
  6. Accelerate and conduct HR service delivery in more natural ways and by usage of Chatbots or Voice assistants
  7. Delivering personalized employee service experiences on any device anywhere.
  8. Ensure the Employee Service Index is high
  9. Interactive Onboarding through chatbots
  10. Adopt Consumer-centric employee experience model

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Incorporating the above discussed points in the overall HR automation strategy would for sure turn in to a HR Hero.  While there are many landmarks HR can gain from the above points, we list some key points:

  • Better workplace environment 
  • Greater transparency and improved employee-organization relationship
  • Reduced employee turnover costs
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Agility in HR administration
  • Streamline your business and stay ahead of your competitor

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