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How VERA 2.0 Uses the Five Senses

VERA Five Senses

With the freedom of choice at its core and compatibility to over 900+ Z-Wave Certified Devices, the technology is made to work for you, not the other way around. From board room meetings to monitoring systems, VERA can immediately pull market and industry information, and then display it on the screen, instantly connect to platforms for video conferences or video interviews with candidates overseas, and even lower the blinds of your office for better presentation light.

VERA Has Five Senses

Think – Using Artificial Intelligence, VERA can take in data from a number of different sources (verbal commands, connected IoT devices, domain-specific databases, ServiceNow portals historical interactions and more) and learn and make intelligent responses by using the data.

Feel – VERA can be connected to industrial/manufacturing environments through IoT technology so all appliances and machines are connected. VERA can “feel” the temperature, acceleration, vibration and more of connected machines.

See – Using OCR, VERA can see what is in front of her. If you need to know if the conference room is empty, VERA can look and find out. She can also identify how many people are in the conference room or identify objects in a photo. VERA’s seeing feature can also help identify and organize receipts for expense tracking using V-Soft Lab’s Expense Tracking App.

Hear – VERA can listen and understand voice commands. She can also be programmed to speak multiple languages.

Speak – Using Google Speech VERA can answer questions and respond in a conversational way. She can also be programmed to speak multiple languages.

Outside of being able to work around the little things, VERA is a staple accommodation for all HR services. With real-time monitoring of IT and operational systems, you have the power to customize which notifications are delivered to your HR staff and your IT teams. The tasks pile up daily in the world of HR, and the help from your virtual assistant, VERA, can lessen the load. Using Voice as a Service (VaaS) or Voice as a Platform (VaaP), VERA can create service tickets and change the dynamic of how work get done.

In the Board Room (Enterprise / Executive)

VERA can be used as Virtual Assistant for offices and executives. Making work easier by using OCR to recognize if a meeting room is being used or identify who is in the meeting room. VERA can also work as conference assistant managing the webcams and conferencing systems and take meeting notes and create action item reminders or add in more attendees during the meeting.

By being connected to all databases across an enterprise VERA can take complicated queries like “VERA, what is our profit for Q1” -Where profits can mean anything- and go through all the appropriate data to formulate the correct response.

Field Services

By using VERA with IoT connected devices in the field, field workers can monitor their machines consistently. VERA can also store diagrams and blueprints for machines which will be used to solve any problems. VERA can predict machine malfunctions based on IoT data and knowledge from machine manuals – and escalate to humans based on criticality.

With the ServiceNow Platform

ITSM: VERA can cut resolution times of IT requests by more than 50% using ServiceNow’s Automation combined with VERA’s artificial intelligence. VERA can detect routine requests and complete them without a human agent while on the flip side identifying and escalating requests to human agents while also prioritizing by urgency. 

CSM [Similar to ITSM]: VERA can cut resolution times of IT requests by more than 50% using ServiceNow’s Automation combined with VERA’s artificial intelligence. VERA can detect routine requests and complete them without a human agent while on the flip side identifying and escalating requests to human agents while also prioritizing by urgency. 

HR Portal: VERA NLUs can be used to automatically process and extract insights from documents which can include Resumes, Resource Manuals, and other documentation. In some cases this can mean being able to take a complex and long document sources and itemize details, extract most relevant information, match specific workflows to specific parts of the document that are relevant completely autonomously.

Analytics: VERA deep-learning networks provide superior analysis of information that is a perfect complement to traditional analytical tools. This means predictive analytics used to support various decision making and reporting activities can now be more accurate.

Sciences (Biopharma)

VERA can request various lab diagnostics and equipment information that helps her reserve equipment, understand the equipment location, and extract a complex understanding of if the equipment can be used to perform their work. VERA is drastically reducing the overhead required to support these activities and allowing scientists to complete their work faster.

Smart Appliances

VERA can support the entire troubleshooting process from problem assessment to solution. VERA provides instructions to the user in the form of interactive diagrams, dialogue, while autonomously processing and consolidating answers from a diverse set of data sources. VERA processes questions and responds with answers in an authentic and intelligent way, empowering a digitization of the troubleshooting process with Artificial Intelligence. 

The future of AI is at the sound of your voice. Setting up your devices and hubs from your business for automation is the first step to them running on their own, with little assistance from you. Control different devices and attributes, create, or seek information with just a few voice commands with VERA’s built-in intelligence with machine learning. With controllers customized to your business automation network VERA gives you the power of voice; to “speak into existence” by a single command.

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