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A Beginner's Guide to ServiceNow IT Workflow

With the IT industry booming, so many companies are quickly moving towards digital transformation and in the process, they are replacing outdated, manual practices with digitized solutions. Business leaders are changing their perspectives and switching to technologies that are capable of handling everything.

If you are planning to switch to technology to manage your company’s IT Workflow and streamline your business goals, ServiceNow is probably the best solution for you. ServiceNow is a powerful platform that offers ready-to-use solutions, workflows, products, and tools for an organization to manage and streamline IT Workflow. With ServiceNow’s existing tools, your IT team can develop customized applications and modules according to business needs.

Let us uncover everything you need to learn about ServiceNow IT Workflow.

ServiceNow IT Workflow

ServiceNow’s IT Workflow helps automate multi-faceted processes that materialize between teams, applications, and systems to achieve business goals. With end-to-end automation, you can improve the processes, and make them more efficient and effective. It helps companies take benefits of operational resilience's benefits and increase staff adaptability.

How it Helps

ServiceNow helps unite IT, risk management, and security operations on a single platform to deliver customer-centric priorities. With a high range of modules and products, ServiceNow can streamline your IT Workflow.

  • IT Service Operations Optimization

    Solve key IT challenges and optimize your IT services with ServiceNow. Optimization is an important aspect of any operation or process. Without optimization, it is hard for companies to grow and save time or money. With ServiceNow, companies can create a compelling, modern IT service experience.

    This gives companies the ability to run automated digital operations securely, which allows users to predict issues and take necessary actions to prevent them. Not only does ServiceNow optimizes your complete IT service operations, but it helps to increase productivity, and deliver scalable services.

  • Return on Investment

    For any company, return on investment (ROI) is an essential factor. Investing in products that can help your organization improve productivity and enhance customer and employee experience is a key to success. You can get the most out of your ServiceNow investment too. ServiceNow IT Workflow focuses on maximizing your priorities and other initiatives. It helps companies modernize their PMOs and measure company value. It allows you to manage investments across the organization by planning, prioritizing, and tracking work that is aligned with your company’s goals.

  • Security, Risk, and Cost Management

    Another vital factor for IT Workflow is automating the workflow across IT to manage resilience, all in real time. It helps reduce and manage any type of risks and security threats to your IT. It also reduces all types of costs such as hardware, software, and cloud-related costs, which can weigh down your company’s progress.

Top Products to Empower IT Workflow

ServiceNow offers a high range of useful products that can help empower and strengthen your IT Workflow and help IT teams become more productive and efficient. Here are the top products you can choose to enhance your IT Workflow.

  • IT Service Management

    ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) is a modern service management solution for your company to help transform the impact, speed, and delivery of IT services.
  • IT Operations Management

    ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) allows organizations to deliver high-performance business services. It improves overall visibility and optimizes all the operations that take place in an organization’s IT.
  • Strategic Portfolio Management

    Another strong product to empower your IT Workflow is Strategic Portfolio Management, which helps you plan, prioritize and keep track of all the tasks and operations that are aligned with your business goals.
  • IT Asset Management

    ServiceNow IT Asset Management is another powerful tool that works on cost optimization and helps companies improve work efficiency. It increases visibility so that companies can monitor the full IT asset lifecycle.
  • ServiceNow DevOps

    ServiceNow DevOps is a magical wand for your development teams that provides new and innovative methods for building and delivering high-end software. It simplifies and scales up the development-related operations of your enterprise while minimizing risks.
  • Security Operations

    ServiceNow Security Operations or SecOps helps quickly identify, prioritize, and respond to a variety of threats, incidents, and vulnerabilities based on insights and risks.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    This focuses on monitoring, optimization, and automation, allowing companies to respond to various business-related risks in real time.
  • Telecommunications Service Operations Management

    This is a product that comes in handy when you want to monitor the health of your telecom network. It streamlines your response with the help of machine learning.
  • Operational Technology Management

    This ServiceNow product works wonders for IT workflow. It safeguards the operational technology systems using digital workflows. These workflows respond quickly to possible threats to keep the operations going smoothly.

Types of IT Workflows

ServiceNow has a high range of products that can help you keep up with the IT Workflows, however, it is necessary to single out the type in which you are interested. There are three major IT workflows offered by ServiceNow.

  • Customer Workflow

    The Customer Workflow goes beyond Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as field service to scale up your IT operations. It enables organizations to deliver the best possible IT services to satisfy customers, improve customer experience and drive customer loyalty.
  • Employee Workflow

    Employee Workflows allow companies to create connected and engaging experiences for their employees so they can get everything they need, whenever they need it. It works both ways; it keeps the employees busy with valuable work and enhances their work experience, while also focusing on other tasks that can be automated.
  • Creator Workflow

    Finally, Creator Workflows are particularly important. This allows you to quickly build cross-enterprises and digital workflow applications with the help of a low-code platform that requires little to no knowledge of coding. This means, your employees with minimal coding experience can also build useful applications that can be utilized in your organization.


Companies can connect their enterprise through these digital workflows with the single, unified, Now platform. For more insightful blogs on ServiceNow, stay tuned with us!

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