21 Ways Chatbots Can Help Your Business (That Aren't Customer Service)

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Chatbots are most well known for being customer service aids, or being able to answer someone's questions about a specific product or service. But did you know that they are much more capable than just that? Here is a list of 21 different chatbots that you can use for your business.

  1. CRM
    CRM Bot can help you take notes, check client contact information, set up appointments, and upload related documents so that you won't have to search for that said client or vendor in your integrated CRM.
  2. Help Desk/Ticket Creation
    Phone not working? You can jump into a conversation with a Service Management Bot and let it know that you can't make or receive phone calls. If you'd like to see an example of ticket creation with a bot in action, check out this video we did of our own personal chatbot, snowBOT.
  3. Human Resources
    Whether you need to call in sick, schedule time off, submit your time sheets, or check your time off balance, the HR Bot can provide all of your Human Resources needs. The HR Bot is even able to access a company's Knowledge Base to answer questions about policies, benefits, and how-to guides.
  4. Time Clocks
    Don't want to deal with the hassle of punch cards or spreadsheets? Utilize a Time Clock Bot to let them know you're at work, on lunch, or headed home.
  5. Printing
    Quickly submit photos or documents to a Printing Bot to get it printed at the printer of your choice without having to fight drivers.

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  6. Finances
    A Finance Bot will be able to notify you of any spending on your account, balance alerts, and give you information about specific transactions. Perfect for those who use company cards.
  7. Expenses
    Similar to a Finance Bot, an Expense Bot helps you store your receipts, expenses, mileage, and other pertinent information that you can be reimbursed for by the company.
  8. Company-wide Updates
    Have employees all around the country (or world)? Use an Update Bot to alert them of time sensitive or important company information. 
  9. Travel
    What flights are available to Fiji on December 2nd? A Travel Bot will help you coordinate schedules, book arrangements, and keep track of all of your travel details whether it be for business or pleasure.
  10. SCRUM
    Allows your employees to have quick stand-up reminders without having to meet in person (or via teleconference). The SCRUM Bot can ask you basic questions, such as: "What did you do yesterday?" or "What will you be doing today?"
  11. Scheduling
    Rather than searching through multiple calendars to make sure that all participants of a meeting or event are available, the Scheduling Bot can do that research for you in seconds and tell you the most optimal times for all attendees.
  12. Events
    Register for an event, get your ticket, get updates on the event, and stay up-to-date with the latest changes. The Events Bot can even provide you with directions, nearby amenities, and coupons for participating businesses.
  13. News Alerts
    If your company relies on news articles (or if you just enjoy being current), you can set up a News Bot to send you daily stories as well as breaking news.
  14. Analytics
    Receive up-to-date analytics reports from Google and other analytics pages. Analytics Bot is also able to answer any questions you may have regarding said report, such as traffic source, click through rate, and more.
  15. Personal Assistant
    Have trouble remembering things or just need a place to dump all of your thoughts? The Personal Assistant Bot is there to be your electronic To-Do List. It can remind you of deadlines, phone calls that need to be made, and the status of any standing projects.
  16. Food & Delivery
    For those days where you just can't get away from your desk, the Food & Delivery Bot is there to order your lunch to your specifications, arrange for delivery, and even pay for services.
  17. Legal Document Review
    If you're not fluent in Legal Lingo, the Document Review Bot will translate it into plain English. It can also provide advice to simple questions or direct you to someone who can answer more detailed or sensitive topics.
  18. Marketing
    Effortlessly manage your multichannel marketing campaigns with the Marketing Bot. Whether it be LinkedIn, Instagram, AdWords, or any other platform, the Marketing Bot will record and update you on any statistics as well as generate reports.
  19. Recruiting
    Upload or receive candidate resumes while providing an immediate confirmation to the candidate. The Recruiting Bot can answer any relevant question about job roles and company information, saving recruiters time and energy.
  20. Stock Market
    The Stock Market Bot sends live notifications of any changes in a company's stock.
  21. Dictionary
    Stuck on a word and not sure what it means? Hop over to your Dictionary Bot to get the answer. Similarly, you can utilize a chatbot as a thesaurus to find synonyms or antonyms of specific words.

Are you curious about how a chatbot can get your business to the next level? You can reach out to one of our experts for a no-pressure discussion. You can even do so over lunch, on us. Learn more here.

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